The Grand Canyon River Corridor Survey Project: Archaeological Survey Along the Colorado River Between Glen Canyon Dam and Separation Canyon


Between August 30,1990 and May 10,1991, an archaeological inventory was completed along a 255-mile-long segment of the Colorado River corridor from the base of Glen Canyon Dam to Separation Canyon. This survey was undertaken by the National Park Service (NPS) in Grand Canyon National Park (GRCA) and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (GLCA) to provide baseline cultural resource information to the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) for inclusion in the Glen Canyon Dam Environmental Impact Statement (GCD-EIS). This Class I (100% intensive) archaeological inventory gathered basic information on the numbers, types, location, National Register eligibility, and physical condition of all cultural resources within the area that have been or potentially could be affected by the operations of Glen Canyon Dam. The Grand Canyon River Corridor Survey (GCRCS) (including the survey of the 15-mile stretch of Glen Canyon below the dam) was carried out by NPS-GRCA archaeologists, working in cooperation with archaeological staff from the Department of Anthropology at Northern Arizona University (NAU), Flagstaff.

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The Grand Canyon River Corridor Survey Project: Archaeological Survey Along the Colorado River Between Glen Canyon Dam and Separation Canyon. Helen C. Fairley, Peter W. Bungart, Christopher M. Coder, Jim Huffman, Terry L. Samples, Janet R. Balsom. 1994 ( tDAR id: 427915) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8427915

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min long: -113.486; min lat: 35.693 ; max long: -111.434; max lat: 36.946 ;

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Contact(s): Salt River Project Cultural Resource Manager

Principal Investigator(s): Janet R. Blasom

Collaborator(s): Glen Canyon Environmental Studies

Prepared By(s): Grand Canyon National Park

Submitted To(s): Bureau of Reclamation

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Cooperative Agreement No.(s): 9AA-40-07920

SRP Library Barcode No.(s): 0090770

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Contact(s): Salt River Project Cultural Resource Manager