Draft: Diné Traditional Cultural Property Inventory at Fort Wingate Depot Activity


This report summarizes the inventory of Dine (Navajo) Traditional Cultural Properties (TCPs) at Fort Wingate Depot Activity (FWDA). FWDA as a whole is part of Dine Bikeyah (Navajoland) and is connected to and embedded in Dine sacred geographies. As such, it is part of a Dine traditional cultural landscape and is recommended eligible for inclusion on the NRHP as an historic district TCP. Three component landscapes at FWDA that also function as contributing elements to this historic district were identified during the TCP Inventory and are additionally recommended eligible for inclusion on the NRHP, as are the known 187 hogan sites, 107 sweatlodges, 203 livestock corrals, 329 Anasazi sites, and six shrines/offering locations. Because of the historical and cultural significance and integrity of association the Dine have with FWDA lands, their natural and cultural features and resources, it is vital that all future actions and cleanup efforts take into account Dine values, understandings, and beliefs through regular and continual consultation during the FWDA cleanup process.

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Draft: Diné Traditional Cultural Property Inventory at Fort Wingate Depot Activity. Christopher M. Moreno, Giorgio H. Curti, Dayna Bowker Lee. 2013 ( tDAR id: 427935) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8427935

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