Cultural Resource and Probability of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, United States Air Force Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska

Author(s): Phyllys Callina

Year: 2016


This probability analysis report includes the addition of all cultural resource sites added to the Alaska Heritage Resources Survey (AHRS) and all cultural resource surveys conducted on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) and reported on between October 2011 and March 2016. It also includes updated prehistorical and historical contexts. Updates have been made to all cultural resources feature point information and the known cultural resources studies.

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Cultural Resource and Probability of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, United States Air Force Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska. Phyllys Callina. 2016 ( tDAR id: 457875) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8457875

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Dena'ina Denali Complex

Fauna Fire Cracked Rock Macrobotanical

Site Name
ANC-00042 ANC-00043 ANC-00264 ANC-00265 ANC-00425 ANC-00426 ANC-00430 ANC-00431 ANC-00432 ANC-00443 ANC-00650 ANC-00760 ANC-00787 ANC-00788 ANC-00790 ANC-00818 ANC-00819 ANC-00837 ANC-00838 ANC-00839 ANC-00840 ANC-00841 ANC-00842 ANC-00843 ANC-00844 ANC-00845 ANC-00846 ANC-00847 ANC-00908 ANC-00912 ANC-00913 ANC-00914 ANC-00915 ANC-00916 ANC-00917 ANC-00918 ANC-00919 ANC-00920 ANC-00922 ANC-00923 ANC-00924 ANC-00925 ANC-00926 ANC-00927 ANC-00928 ANC-00929 ANC-00930 ANC-00931 ANC-00932 ANC-00933 ANC-00934 ANC-00935 ANC-00936 ANC-00937 ANC-00938 ANC-00939 ANC-00940 ANC-00941 ANC-00942 ANC-00943 ANC-00944 ANC-00945 ANC-00948 ANC-00949 ANC-00950 ANC-00951 ANC-00952 ANC-00953 ANC-00954 ANC-00955 ANC-00956 ANC-00957 ANC-00958 ANC-00959 ANC-00960 ANC-00961 ANC-00962 ANC-00963 ANC-00964 ANC-00965 ANC-00966 ANC-00967 ANC-00968 ANC-00969 ANC-00970 ANC-00971 ANC-00972 ANC-00973 ANC-00974 ANC-00975 ANC-00976 ANC-00977 ANC-00978 ANC-00979 ANC-00981 ANC-00982 ANC-00983 ANC-00984 ANC-00985 ANC-00986 ANC-00987 ANC-00988 ANC-00989 ANC-00990 ANC-00991 ANC-00992 ANC-00993 ANC-00994 ANC-00995 ANC-00996 ANC-00997 ANC-00998 ANC-00999 ANC-0100 ANC-01001 ANC-01002 ANC-01003 ANC-01004 ANC-01005 ANC-01006 ANC-01007 ANC-01008 ANC-01009 ANC-01010 ANC-01011 ANC-01012 ANC-01013 ANC-01014 ANC-01015 ANC-01016 ANC-01017 ANC-01018 ANC-01019 ANC-01020 ANC-01021 ANC-01022 ANC-01023 ANC-01024 ANC-01025 ANC-01026 ANC-01027 ANC-01028 ANC-01029 ANC-01030 ANC-01031 ANC-01048 ANC-01049 ANC-01050 ANC-01052 ANC-01053 ANC-01065 ANC-01066 ANC-01067 ANC-01068 ANC-01069 ANC-01070 ANC-01071 ANC-01072 ANC-01073 ANC-01086 ANC-01113 ANC-01167 ANC-01169 ANC-01170 ANC-01184 ANC-01186 ANC-01224 ANC-01238 ANC-01239 ANC-01240 ANC-01299 ANC-01795 ANC-01983 ANC-01987 ANC-02003 ANC-02004 ANC-02005 ANC-02006 ANC-02007 ANC-02008 ANC-02090 ANC-02362 ANC-02364 ANC-02365 ANC-02568 ANC-02569 ANC-02570 ANC-02577 ANC-02578 ANC-02579 ANC-02580 ANC-02590 ANC-02593 ANC-02594 ANC-02595 ANC-02597 ANC-02598 ANC-02599 ANC-02600 ANC-02601 ANC-02602 ANC-02603 ANC-02604 ANC-02605 ANC-02606 ANC-02804 ANC-02860 ANC-02862 ANC-02895 ANC-02896 ANC-02897 ANC-02898 ANC-02951 ANC-03094 ANC-03095 ANC-03096 ANC-03097 ANC-03098 ANC-03099 ANC-03100 ANC-03101 ANC-03102 ANC-03104 ANC-03105 ANC-03106 ANC-03107 ANC-03108 ANC-03109 ANC-03110 ANC-03111 ANC-03112 ANC-03113 ANC-03114 ANC-03116 ANC-03117 ANC-03118 ANC-03119 ANC-0312 ANC-03120 ANC-03121 ANC-03122 ANC-03123 ANC-03124 ANC-03125 ANC-03126 ANC-03127 ANC-03129 ANC-03130 ANC-03131 ANC-03132 ANC-03133 ANC-03134 ANC-03135 ANC-03136 ANC-03140 ANC-03141 Show More

Investigation Types
Ethnohistoric Research Historic Background Research Methodology, Theory, or Synthesis Reconnaissance / Survey Research Design / Data Recovery Plan

Spatial Coverage

min long: -150.152; min lat: 61.041 ; max long: -149.363; max lat: 61.381 ;

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Contact(s): Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson CRM Manager

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