New Melones Archaeological Project--Stanislaus River, Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties, California: Phase VI; Part 3 Archaeological Inventory

Author(s): M. J. Moratto

Year: 1976


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New Melones Archaeological Project--Stanislaus River, Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties, California: Phase VI; Part 3 Archaeological Inventory. M. J. Moratto. 1976 ( tDAR id: 47092)

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Glass Ground Stone Wood

Site Name
CA-CAL-0002 CA-CAL-0003 CA-CAL-0005 CA-CAL-0006 CA-CAL-0011 CA-CAL-0013 CA-CAL-0029 CA-CAL-0099 CA-CAL-0102 CA-CAL-0286 CA-CAL-0287 CA-CAL-0288 CA-CAL-0289 CA-CAL-0290 CA-CAL-0292 CA-CAL-0294 CA-CAL-0295 CA-CAL-0297 CA-CAL-0298 CA-CAL-0299 CA-CAL-0300 CA-CAL-0324 CA-CAL-0325 CA-CAL-0327 CA-CAL-0328 Show More

Site Type
House Midden Milling Feature Oven Petroglyph Railroad

Investigation Types
Site Evaluation / Testing

Arrastra Barn Brick Foundation Bullion Mine Shaft CA-CAL-0285H CA-CAL-0291H CA-CAL-0293H CA-CAL-0296H CA-CAL-0301H CA-CAL-0302H CA-CAL-0326H CA-CAL-0329H CA-CAL-0339H CA-CAL-0351H CA-CAL-0353H CA-CAL-0356H CA-CAL-0358H CA-CAL-0361H CA-CAL-0362H CA-CAL-0363H CA-CAL-0367H CA-CAL-0371H CA-CAL-0373H CA-CAL-0377H CA-CAL-0380H CA-CAL-0381H CA-CAL-0382H CA-CAL-0383H CA-CAL-0384 / H CA-CAL-0387H CA-CAL-0388H CA-CAL-0389H CA-CAL-0392H CA-CAL-0393H CA-CAL-0394H CA-CAL-0395H CA-CAL-0396H CA-CAL-0397H CA-CAL-0398 / H CA-CAL-0399H CA-CAL-0400H CA-CAL-0407H CA-CAL-0408H CA-CAL-0409H CA-CAL-0410H CA-CAL-0413H CA-CAL-0415H CA-CAL-0416H CA-CAL-0417H CA-CAL-0419H CA-CAL-0422H CA-CAL-0423H CA-CAL-0426H CA-CAL-0428H CA-CAL-0432H CA-CAL-0434H CA-CAL-0435H CA-CAL-0436H CA-CAL-0437H CA-CAL-0438H CA-CAL-0439H CA-CAL-0440H CA-CAL-0441H CA-CAL-0442H CA-CAL-0443H CA-CAL-0444H CA-CAL-0445H CA-CAL-0446H CA-CAL-0447H CA-CAL-0448H CA-CAL-0449H CA-CAL-0450H CA-CAL-0451H CA-CAL-0452H CA-CAL-0453H CA-CAL-0460H CA-CAL-0461 / H CA-CAL-0462H CA-CAL-0463H CA-CAL-0464H CA-CAL-0465H CA-CAL-0466H CA-CAL-0467H CA-CAL-0469H CA-CAL-0470H CA-CAL-0471H CA-CAL-0472H CA-CAL-0473H CA-CAL-0474H CA-CAL-0475H CA-CAL-0477H CA-CAL-0478H CA-CAL-0479H CA-CAL-0480H CA-CAL-0483H CA-CAL-0484H CA-CAL-0486H CA-CAL-0487H CA-CAL-0488H CA-CAL-0489H CA-CAL-0490H CA-CAL-0491H CA-CAL-0492H CA-CAL-0493H CA-CAL-0495H CA-CAL-0496H CA-CAL-0497H CA-CAL-0498 / H CA-CAL-0500H CA-CAL-0501H CA-CAL-0502H CA-CAL-0503H CA-CAL-0504H CA-CAL-0505H CA-CAL-0506H CA-CAL-0507H CA-CAL-0508H CA-CAL-0509H CA-CAL-0510H CA-CAL-0511H CA-CAL-0512H CA-CAL-0514H CA-CAL-0516H CA-CAL-0517H CA-CAL-0518H CA-CAL-0519H CA-CAL-0520H CA-CAL-0522H CA-CAL-0523H CA-CAL-0524H CA-CAL-0525H CA-CAL-0527H CA-CAL-0528H CA-CAL-0529H CA-CAL-0530H CA-CAL-0531H CA-CAL-0532H CA-CAL-0533H CA-CAL-0534H CA-CAL-0535H CA-CAL-0536H CA-CAL-0537H CA-CAL-0538H CA-CAL-0539H CA-CAL-0540H CA-CAL-0541H CA-CAL-0542H CA-CAL-0543H CA-CAL-0544H CA-CAL-0546H CA-CAL-0547H CA-CAL-0548H CA-CAL-0551H CA-CAL-0552H CA-CAL-0553H CA-CAL-0554H CA-CAL-0555 / H CA-CAL-0556H CA-CAL-0557H CA-CAL-0558H CA-CAL-0559H CA-CAL-0560H CA-CAL-0561H CA-CAL-0562H CA-CAL-0564H CA-CAL-0566H CA-CAL-0567H CA-CAL-0568H CA-CAL-0569H CA-CAL-0570H CA-CAL-0571H CA-CAL-0572H CA-CAL-0574H CA-CAL-0575H CA-CAL-0576H CA-CAL-0577H CA-CAL-0578H CA-CAL-0580H CA-CAL-0581H CA-CAL-0582H CA-CAL-0585H CA-CAL-0588H CA-CAL-0589H CA-CAL-0590H CA-CAL-0591H CA-CAL-0634H Camp Nine Townsite CA-TUO=0666H CA-TUO-0273H CA-TUO-0302H CA-TUO-0311H CA-TUO-0412H CA-TUO-0414H CA-TUO-0418H CA-TUO-0420H CA-TUO-0428H CA-TUO-0429H CA-TUO-0430H CA-TUO-0431H CA-TUO-0432H CA-TUO-0433H CA-TUO-0434H CA-TUO-0435H CA-TUO-0437H CA-TUO-0438H CA-TUO-0439H CA-TUO-0440H CA-TUO-0442H CA-TUO-0445H CA-TUO-0446H CA-TUO-0447H CA-TUO-0448H CA-TUO-0451H CA-TUO-0452H CA-TUO-0453H CA-TUO-0454H CA-TUO-0456H CA-TUO-0457H CA-TUO-0458H CA-TUO-0461H CA-TUO-0462H CA-TUO-0463H CA-TUO-0464H CA-TUO-0465H CA-TUO-0466H CA-TUO-0467H CA-TUO-0468H CA-TUO-0469H CA-TUO-0470H CA-TUO-0471H CA-TUO-0472H CA-TUO-0474H CA-TUO-0476H CA-TUO-0477H CA-TUO-0478H CA-TUO-0479H CA-TUO-0480H CA-TUO-0481H CA-TUO-0482H CA-TUO-0483H CA-TUO-0484H CA-TUO-0486H CA-TUO-0487H CA-TUO-0488H CA-TUO-0533H CA-TUO-0534H CA-TUO-0535H CA-TUO-0537H CA-TUO-0538H CA-TUO-0539H CA-TUO-0540H CA-TUO-0541H CA-TUO-0542H CA-TUO-0543H CA-TUO-0544H CA-TUO-0545H CA-TUO-0546H CA-TUO-0547H CA-TUO-0548H CA-TUO-0549H CA-TUO-0550H CA-TUO-0551H CA-TUO-0552H CA-TUO-0553H CA-TUO-0555H CA-TUO-0556H CA-TUO-0558H CA-TUO-0559H CA-TUO-0560H CA-TUO-0561H CA-TUO-0562H CA-TUO-0563H CA-TUO-0564H CA-TUO-0565H CA-TUO-0566H CA-TUO-0567H CA-TUO-0569H CA-TUO-0570H CA-TUO-0571H CA-TUO-0572H CA-TUO-0573H CA-TUO-0574H CA-TUO-0575H CA-TUO-0577H CA-TUO-0578H CA-TUO-0580H CA-TUO-0581H CA-TUO-0582H CA-TUO-0583H CA-TUO-0584H CA-TUO-0585H CA-TUO-0586H CA-TUO-0587H CA-TUO-0588H CA-TUO-0589H CA-TUO-0590H CA-TUO-0591H CA-TUO-0592H CA-TUO-0593H CA-TUO-0594H CA-TUO-0595H CA-TUO-0596H CA-TUO-0597H CA-TUO-0598H CA-TUO-0599H CA-TUO-0600H CA-TUO-0601H CA-TUO-0602H CA-TUO-0603H CA-TUO-0604H CA-TUO-0605H CA-TUO-0606H CA-TUO-0607H CA-TUO-0608H CA-TUO-0609H CA-TUO-0610H CA-TUO-0611H CA-TUO-0613H CA-TUO-0614H CA-TUO-0615H CA-TUO-0616H CA-TUO-0617H CA-TUO-0619H CA-TUO-0620H CA-TUO-0621H CA-TUO-0622H CA-TUO-0623H CA-TUO-0624H CA-TUO-0627H CA-TUO-0628H CA-TUO-0629H CA-TUO-0630H CA-TUO-0631H CA-TUO-0633H CA-TUO-0635H CA-TUO-0636H CA-TUO-0637H CA-TUO-0638H CA-TUO-0639H CA-TUO-0640H CA-TUO-0641H CA-TUO-0642H CA-TUO-0645H CA-TUO-0646H CA-TUO-0649H CA-TUO-0652H CA-TUO-0655H CA-TUO-0658H CA-TUO-0659H CA-TUO-0663H CA-TUO-0665H CA-TUO-0667H CA-TUO-0669H CA-TUO-0670H CA-TUO-0671H CA-TUO-0672H CA-TUO-0673H CA-TUO-0792H CA-TUO-0793H CA-TUO-0794H CA-TUO-0798H CA-TUO-0801H CA-TUO-0802H CA-TUO-0803H CA-TUO-0804H CA-TUO-0806H CA-TUO-0808H CA-TUO-0810H CA-TUO-0811H CA-TUO-0812H CA-TUO-0813H CA-TUO-0814H CA-TUO-0817H CA-TUO-0818H CA-TUO-0819H CA-TUO-0821H CA-TUO-0822H CA-TUO-0823H CA-TUO-0825H CA-TUO-0826H CA-TUO-0827H CA-TUO-0828H CA-TUO-0829H CA-TUO-0830H CA-TUO-0833 / H Cave Shelter CCIC-1178 Chromite Prospect Shafts Claim Marker Cobble Wall Concrete Stamp Mill Cremation Cupule Petroglyphs Densmore Mine Exogene Cave Shelter Farm Machinery Flume Grade With Metal Sections Flume Headworks Foundation Pit Glass Beads Grave(S) Grove Homestead Homestead(S) Horizontal Mine Shaft Horizontal Shafts House Hull Homestead Metate(S) Mining Cabin Mining Cuts Modified Spring Multi-Component Site Portable Mortar Powerhouse Remains Prehistory Prospect Pit Quartz Tailings Railroad Ties Railroad Trestle Republic Mine Complex Schist Dam Schist Slab Wall Scott Ranch Sonora-Copperopolis Ferry Stone Cabin Remains Stone Chimney Stone Circles Stone Foundation Stone-Lined Flume Grade Stone Lined Road Grade Tailings Trash Scatter Trench(Es) Trough Vertical Mine Shaft Vonich Mine Shaft Wagon Road With Stone Walls Well Wooden Bridge Wooden Cabin Show More

Geographic Keywords
06009 (Fips Code) 06109 (Fips Code) Calaveras (County) California (State / Territory) Earthen Dam and Reservoir Melones Dam 7.5' North America (Continent) Tuolumne (County) United States of America (Country)

Temporal Keywords

Spatial Coverage

min long: -120.996; min lat: 37.634 ; max long: -119.196; max lat: 38.51 ;

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NADB document id number(s): 1360334

NADB citation id number(s): 000000141461


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