Virtual Hampson Museum Project


The Virtual Hampson Museum located at showcases a series of 3D digital artifacts from the collections at the Hampson Archeological Museum State Park. All artifacts were scanned in full color with the Konica Minolta VIVID 9i laser scanner. One hundred forty of these artifacts are archived with tDAR. In compliance with the ADS Guide to Good Practice for Laser Scanning document, the archive includes raw scan files, a registered dataset, a premesh dataset, a mesh dataset, a decimated mesh dataset, images, and appropriate metadata for each artifact.

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Virtual Hampson Museum Project. ( tDAR id: 6317) ; doi:10.6067/XCV80G3MM0

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Spatial Coverage

min long: -91.132; min lat: 34.981 ; max long: -89.615; max lat: 36.213 ;

Individual & Institutional Roles

Contributor(s): Katie Simon

Principal Investigator(s): Fredrick Limp

Project Director(s): Angie Payne

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  1. Developing a 3D digital heritage ecosystem: from object to representation and the role of a virtual museum in the 21st century (2011)

3D & Sensory Data

  1. Ark_HM_0002: Small jar (2007)
  2. Ark_HM_0011: A carinated bottle (2007)
  3. Ark_HM_0031: bowl with flared rim (2007)
  4. Ark_HM_0033: Jar (2007)
  5. Ark_HM_0039: Bowl with incised rim (2008)
  6. Ark_HM_0048: A bowl (2007)
  7. Ark_HM_0055: A scalloped, flared rim Bell Plain jar (2007)
  8. Ark_HM_0060: A Mississippi Plain jar (2008)
  9. Ark_HM_0062: A plain bottle (2008)
  10. Ark_HM_0073: A bowl with incisied rim (2008)
  11. Ark_HM_0077: A plain red bowl (2008)
  12. Ark_HM_0081: A conch shell effigy bowl (2008)
  13. Ark_HM_0100: A plain bottle (2008)
  14. Ark_HM_0103: A plain bowl (2008)
  15. Ark_HM_0110: A ladle (2008)
  16. Ark_HM_0116: A long-necked bottle (2008)
  17. Ark_HM_0118: A jar with punctations (2008)
  18. Ark_HM_0129: A jar with four arcaded handles (2008)
  19. Ark_HM_0130: A wide-necked bottle with red vertical stripes (2008)
  20. Ark_HM_0149: A red bottle with three slab-legs (2007)
  21. Ark_HM_0151: A bird effigy bowl (2008)
  22. Ark_HM_0158: A Bell Plain bowl with an effigy tail element on one side. (2008)
  23. Ark_HM_0158a: A bird head (2008)
  24. Ark_HM_0173: An owl effigy bowl (2008)
  25. Ark_HM_0192: A bottle (2008)
  26. Ark_HM_0209: A bottle with four painted spiral designs (2007)
  27. Ark_HM_0217: A bird effigy bowl (2008)
  28. Ark_HM_0222: A jar (2008)
  29. Ark_HM_0226: A bottle (2007)
  30. Ark_HM_0234: A frog effigy jar (2007)
  31. Ark_HM_0238: A Walls Engraged bottle with three figures inscribed on the vessel. (2007)
  32. Ark_HM_0259: A jar (2007)
  33. Ark_HM_0272: A jar (2007)
  34. Ark_HM_0283: A bowl with notched applique on rim (2008)
  35. Ark_HM_0292: A deep bowl with two opposing notched tabs (2008)
  36. Ark_HM_0299: A jar with three sprial designs (2008)
  37. Ark_HM_0309: A long-necked bottle (2008)
  38. Ark_HM_0314: A bottle with applique elements consisting of four hands and six long bones. (2007)
  39. Ark_HM_0358: An unknown creature (possibly bobcat) effigy bowl (2008)
  40. Ark_HM_0388: A jar with two small, tirangular shaped, strap handles. (2007)
  41. Ark_HM_0393: A jar (2007)
  42. Ark_HM_0394: A bottle (2008)
  43. Ark_HM_0396: A bottle with alternating red and white stripes (2007)
  44. Ark_HM_0401: A bottle with a flared-neck and well-executed spirals (2007)
  45. Ark_HM_0414: A bottle (2008)
  46. Ark_HM_0423: A bottle (2008)
  47. Ark_HM_0424: A bowl (2008)
  48. Ark_HM_0426: A bottle (2008)
  49. Ark_HM_0432: A short-necked bottle with four, evenly spaced dimples (2007)
  50. Ark_HM_0442: A globular shaped bottle with a slightly flared mouth (2007)
  51. Ark_HM_0453: A wide-mouthed bottle with four boldly incised scrolls (2007)
  52. Ark_HM_0456: A bottle with cross-hatching designs separated by a series of three parallel swirling lines. (2008)
  53. Ark_HM_0470: A bottle with a ring at the base of the neck and a disk base (2008)
  54. Ark_HM_0474: A bottle (2007)
  55. Ark_HM_0478: A bottle with three feet on the bottom (2008)
  56. Ark_HM_0483: A bottle (2007)
  57. Ark_HM_0484: A jar with a motif consisting of nested, semi-circular lines that produce a fish scale effect (2008)
  58. Ark_HM_0495: A bottle with decorations on the upper part of the body (2008)
  59. Ark_HM_0497: A bottle (2008)
  60. Ark_HM_0498: A globular-shaped bottle with four small applique handles (2007)
  61. Ark_HM_0501: A low, flared rim bowl (2007)
  62. Ark_HM_0503: A miniature jar with two strap handles. (2008)
  63. Ark_HM_0505: A crude jar with vertical incising and four transitional strap or loop handles (2008)
  64. Ark_HM_0518: A globular shaped jar with 18 triangular, arcaded handles (2007)
  65. Ark_HM_0520: A bottle of multiple compound forms resting on a notched disk base. (2007)
  66. Ark_HM_0522: A globular effigy jar representing a opossum (2008)
  67. Ark_HM_0525: A globular-shaped jar (2007)
  68. Ark_HM_0533: A jar decorated with punctations while the lower half is plain. (2008)
  69. Ark_HM_0539: An effigy bowl in the shape of a cat monster (2008)
  70. Ark_HM_0543: A bottle with an unsually wide neck with a beveled lip on the interior and a disk base. (2008)
  71. Ark_HM_0555: A jar with symbolic handles and a moderately large probe hole on the side of the vessel. (2007)
  72. Ark_HM_0557: A conjoined pair of Mississippi Plain jars (2008)
  73. Ark_HM_0575: A jar with two strap handles and considerable damage to the rim. (2008)
  74. Ark_HM_0581: A bottle with a disk base. On the base of the bottle is an incised swirl or swastika. (2007)
  75. Ark_HM_0586: A bowl with a motif consiting of three swirls formed by closely incised lines. (2008)
  76. Ark_HM_0591: A bottle with a beveled rim and an additional coil added to form the lip (2008)
  77. Ark_HM_0596: A gourd effigy jar with a number of vertical applique strips evenly spaced around the body. (2008)
  78. Ark_HM_0599: A bottle with a series of closely spaced red vertical lines. (2008)
  79. Ark_HM_0603: A crudely made jar. (2008)
  80. Ark_HM_0611: A effigy bottle representing a fish (2007)
  81. Ark_HM_0632: A Bell Plain bottle with a notched disk base. (2008)
  82. Ark_HM_0640: An effigy bottle in the shape of an old woman (2007)
  83. Ark_HM_0647: A bowl (2008)
  84. Ark_HM_0654: A short-necked bottle lacking an applied base. (2007)
  85. Ark_HM_0658: A Mississippian Plain bottle (2007)
  86. Ark_HM_0661: A bowl with a beaded applique strip along the rim. (2008)
  87. Ark_HM_0686: An unsually thick-walled, wide-mouthed bottle with shell temper readily seen. (2008)
  88. Ark_HM_0688: A miniature Mississippi Plain jar with a series of crudely-formed applique symbolic handles. (2007)
  89. Ark_HM_0692: A Mississippi Plain bottle with a very long neck. (2008)
  90. Ark_HM_0703: A bird effigy bowl from the Upper Nodena. (2007)
  91. Ark_HM_0706: A bird effigy bowl. (2008)
  92. Ark_HM_0711: A Kent incised jar with four strap-handles. (2008)
  93. Ark_HM_0714: A bottle made of a course shell-tempered paste with incising, swirls, and inverted triangles. (2007)
  94. Ark_HM_0720: A Mississippian Plain bowl (2008)
  95. Ark_HM_0722: An effigy bottle consisting of three human heads. (2008)
  96. Ark_HM_0724: A frog effigy bottle (2007)
  97. Ark_HM_0725: A bird effigy bowl with crude, bold incising over the body. (2008)
  98. Ark_HM_0727: A bottle with six broad red stripes. (2007)
  99. Ark_HM_0730: A 7-inch tall bottle with a flared neck and red stylized stripes representing four hands and fingers. (2007)