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Aquatic Exploitation in the Lower Illinois River Valley: The Role of Paleoecological Change (1986)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Bonnie Styles.

Analyses of fish and freshwater mussel assemblages from the Koster site in the lower Illinois River valley provide corroborative data for independent geomorphic studies of floodplain evolution. Increases in riverine species of mussels occur at 7300 B.P. in the middle Middle Archaic at approximately the same time as the Illinois River ceased entrenching and began aggrading. Increases in quietwater mussels, bowfin, and bullheads starting around 5700 B.P. in the late Middle Archaic are coeval with...

Boon Horizon Eleven Dataset (2010)
DATASET Andrea Boon.

Samples used in this dataset include both macro-remains (trowel recovery) and micro-remains (flotation recovery) from Units 250, 208, and 165 within Horizon 11 of the Koster Site. These data are included in the combined Horizon Eleven Macro and Micro files also preserved in tDAR. Sampling for Unit 208 and a portion of 165 was conducted using 6 by 6 foot block excavations divided into four quadrants while Unit 250 and a portion of 165 was excavated in sixteen 45.7 cm (18 in) squares. Debris...

DOCUMENT Full-Text Sarah Neusius.

This study uses faunal remains from Horizons 11-8A of the Koster Site, Greene County, Illinois, as the basis for examining subsistence change during the Early-Middle Archaic transition in the Midwest. Two related issues are considered. First, did significant changes in subsistence strategies occur? Second, what were the probable causes of subsistence change? Current evidence from the lower Illinois River Valley suggests that subsistence change is closely related to changes in settlement or...

Generalized and Specialized Resource Utilization During the Archaic Period: Implications of the Koster Site Faunal Record (1986)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Sarah W. Neusius.

Abstract - Traditionally, changes in niche breadth during the Archaic period have been depicted as involving a shift from specialized resource use during the Early Archaic to a more generalized resource use by the Middle Archaic. The faunal record from the Early and Middle Archaic levels of the Koster site does not support this scenario. Evaluation of the Koster case suggests that some modification to common assumptions about the determinants of niche breadth is in order. Not only should the...

Hill Horizon 11 (2015)
DATASET Hill Frederick.

This dataset is comprised of samples taken from the faunal assemblage excavated at the Koster Site and identified for Frederick Hill’s dissertation research (Hill 1975) as well as for the Koster Project prior to 1975. The data in this file are part of the combined Horizon 11 Macro and Micro files already, and thus, duplicate part of that file. Methods used to collect macro and micro faunal remains from the original Horizon 11 units included trowel and shovel excavation, screening through ½...

Horizon Eleven Trial Dataset (1979)
DATASET Sarah Neusius.

The assemblage used in this dataset represents part of the sample excavated from Horizon 11 in 1978 from units 161, 180, 253 and 254 and duplicates identifications otherwise included in the combined Horizon 11 Macro and Micro dataset also preserved in tDAR. All materials were collected either by trowel or by screening through ½ “ mesh. No flotation remains from Horizon 11 are included in this dataset. Trowel excavations were conducted for the Horizon 11 material, which was bagged in 18” by 18”...

Koster Site References (2015)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Scott Rivas.

A reference list of resources published on the Koster Site and Archaic occupation of the Lower Illinois River Valley

Koster Site, IL (11GE4)
PROJECT Sarah Neusius.

The Koster site is an important open-air, deeply stratified site located in Greene County, Illinois that contains deposits dating from approximately 9000 BP to the Historic period. Although twenty-five cultural horizons have been recognized, the most important part of the sequence is the well-preserved Archaic Period sequence divided as follows: Early Archaic 1 (ca. 9000 BP, Horizon 13), Early Archaic 2 ( 8700-8450 BP, Horizons 12 and 11), Middle Archaic 1 (8300-7600 BP, Horizons 10B-8E),...

Koster-N HILL Other Horizons (4,6,9AB and 12) Macro (2015)
DATASET Scott Rivas.

Combined dataset of combined Horizons 4, 6, 9A/9B and 12 from 1971-1974 excavations. All identifications are of macro remains and were done in Fred Hill's lab. Identification sheets have been transposed by S. Neusius and her students during 2015-2016 using PDFs of the Hill entry sheets. The format used generally matches that used for other Koster Horizons, except the identified materials from Hors 8A-10B that were used in Neusius' 1982 dissertation.

Koster-N Horizon 11 Flotation (2011)
DATASET Andrea Boon. Sarah Neusius.

Faunal identifications from flotation made by Andrea Boon as part of her MA thesis research. There are no other flotation bone identifications for this horizon.

Koster-N Horizon 11 Macro (2016)
DATASET Sarah Neusius.

This dataset is a combination of Horizon Eleven faunal identifications made by Sarah Neusius, Andrea Boon and Frederick Hill. It was created by Sarah Neusius and her students in late 2015 and early 2016 and modified for use by the EAFWG. The original datasets from which this is created are also stored in tDAR.

Koster-N Horizon 8A-10B Macro Indeterminate File (2015)
DATASET Sarah Neusius.

This file contains reconstructed indeterminate faunal identifications for the Koster Site Priority Horizons Horizons 8A-10B. These data were recorded by Sarah Neusius in her dissertation work and by Fred Hill and his assistants, but were not included in the Kos-N Priority Horizon file created by John Hewitt. They have been entered from notes, tallies and identification sheets available during 2015 and 2016 by Neusius and her students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Additional columns...

Koster-N Horizons 8A-10B Micro (2016)
DATASET Sarah Neusius.

This dataset provides faunal identification summaries for Horizons 8A, 8B,8D, 8E, 8F, 10A and 10B that were completed by S. Neusius when working on her dissertation. The original datasheets have not been relocated so this file has been created from the summaries in Neusius 1982 (see documents attached to this project). Because this is summary data the actual contexts within horizons are unknown, but except for the Indeterminate remains, Feature vs Midden contexts were separated. No flotation...