Hill Horizon 11

Part of the Koster Site, IL (11GE4) project

Creator(s): Hill Frederick

Year: 2015


This dataset is comprised of samples taken from the faunal assemblage excavated at the Koster Site and identified for Frederick Hill’s dissertation research (Hill 1975) as well as for the Koster Project prior to 1975. The data in this file are part of the combined Horizon 11 Macro and Micro files already, and thus, duplicate part of that file. Methods used to collect macro and micro faunal remains from the original Horizon 11 units included trowel and shovel excavation, screening through ½ mesh, and flotation, for which samples were taken from every level and feature. Hill also identified some materials from several units in Horizon 11 that were excavated in 18”X18” miniblocks, which are included in this dataset from Square’s 237, 238, 250-253, 255 and 336. Hill’s identifications were recorded on paper coding sheets. In 2015 students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania created a digital database from these coding sheets under the supervision of Sarah Neusius for use in the Eastern Archaic Faunal Working Group Project.

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Hill Horizon 11. Hill Frederick. 2015 ( tDAR id: 394421) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8ZS2XWC

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Data Set Structure

Measurement Column
Count Column
Coded Column
Filename Column
Integration Column (has Ontology)

Table Information: Hill-Hor-11-corrected030516

Column Name Data Type Type Category Coding Sheet Ontology Search
Cert BIGINT  Coded Value uncategorized Boon Hor 11 Certainty Fauna Confidence in Identification Ontology true
Taxon 2 BIGINT  Coded Value uncategorized Coding sheet for Taxon 2 (Hill Horizon 11) Eastern Archaic Resource type ontology true
Taxon 1 BIGINT  Coded Value uncategorized IUP TAXON CODING SHEET Fauna Taxon Ontology - Eastern US true
Frctr Pttrn BIGINT  Coded Value uncategorized Boon Hor 11 Fracture Pattern none true
Anml Mod BIGINT  Coded Value uncategorized Boon Hor 11 Animal Modification Fauna Gnawing Ontology true
Cult Mod BIGINT  Coded Value uncategorized Boon Hor 11 Cultural Modification Fauna Worked Bone Ontology true
Wthrng BIGINT  Coded Value uncategorized Boon Hor 11 Weathering Fauna Weathering Ontology true
Horizon VARCHAR  Coded Value Provenience and Context : Stratum Coding sheet for Horizon (Hill Horizon 11) EAFWG Chronology Ontology true
Lvl/Special Provenience VARCHAR  Uncoded Value uncategorized none none true
Axial BIGINT  Coded Value uncategorized Boon Hor 11 Axiality Fauna Dorsal-Ventral Ontology true
Prox BIGINT  Coded Value uncategorized Boon Hor 11 Proximity Fauna Proximal-Distal/Portion Ontology true
Cmplte BIGINT  Coded Value uncategorized Boon Hor 11 Completeness Fauna Completeness Ontology true
Side BIGINT  Coded Value uncategorized Boon Hor 11 Side Fauna Side Ontology true
Elmnt BIGINT  Coded Value uncategorized IUP ELEMENT CODING SHEET Fauna Element Ontology true
Marks BIGINT  Coded Value uncategorized Boon Hor 11 Butcher Marks Fauna Butchering Ontology true
Comments VARCHAR  Uncoded Value uncategorized none none true
# Item BIGINT  Count uncategorized none none true
Age BIGINT  Coded Value uncategorized Boon Hor 11 Age Fauna Age Ontology true
Brkg BIGINT  Coded Value uncategorized Boon Hor 11 Breakage Fauna Origin of Fragmentation Ontology true
Strctr BIGINT  Coded Value uncategorized Boon hor 11 Structure none true
Lateral BIGINT  Coded Value uncategorized Boon Hor 11 Laterality none true
Ft# VARCHAR  Uncoded Value uncategorized none none true
Quad/MB VARCHAR  Uncoded Value uncategorized none none true
Unit VARCHAR  Uncoded Value uncategorized none none true
Spec# BIGINT  Uncoded Value uncategorized none none true
Burn BIGINT  Coded Value uncategorized Boon Hor 11 Burning Fauna Burning Intensity Ontology true


Geographic Keywords
Green County, Illinois

Temporal Keywords

Temporal Coverage

Radiocarbon Date: 5136 to 5046 (DAMS-020639 Horizon 6A2 5091+/-45 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 6940 to 6780 (ISGS-835 Horizon 8A 6860+/-80 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 5795 to 5645 (ISGS-209 Horizon 6B 5720+/-75 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 8520 to 8370 (ISGS 292 Horizon 11 8445+/-75 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 4994 to 4896 (DAMS-020641 Horizon 6AB 4945+/-49 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 7040 to 6880 (ISGS-848 Horizon 8B 6960+/-80 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 7840 to 7420 (ISGS-210 Horizon 8E 7630+/210 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 8205 to 8055 (ISGS-337 Horizon 10B 8130+/-75 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 5540 to 5240 (ISGS-233 Horizon 6B 5440+/-100 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 5335 to 5255 (DAMS-023294 Horizon 6B 5295+/-40 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 8295 to 8145 (ISGS 336 Horizon 9D 8220+/-75 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 5262 to 5198 (DAMS-020638 Horizon 6A2 5230+/-32 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 5264 to 5190 (DAMS-020635 Horizon 6A1 5227+/-37)

Radiocarbon Date: 7390 to 7250 (ISGS-859 Horizon 8D 7320+/-70 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 8070 to 7770 (ISGS-923 Horizon 9B 7920+/-150 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 4975 to 4863 (DAMS-020643 Horizon 4 FT 1500 4919+/-56 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 7367 to 7231 (DAMS-020632 Horizon 8C 7299+/-68 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 7195 to 7117 (DAMS-020633 Horizon 8C 7156+/-39 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 7780 to 7560 (ISGS-303 Horizon 8F 7670+/-110 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 6904 to 6798 (DAMS-020629 Horizon 8C 6851+/-53 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 8530 to 8330 (ISGS-231 Horizon 11 8430+/-100 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 5139 to 5033 (DAMS-020636 Horizon 6A2 5086+/-53 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 7474 to 7362 (DAMS-020634 Horizon 8C 7417+/-57 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 5380 to 5230 (ISGS-237 Horizon 6B 5305+/-75 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 3925 to 3775 (ISGS-329 Horizon 4B 3850+/-75 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 3060 to 2910 (ISGS-956 Horizon 4A 2980+/-70 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 5160 to 4980 (ISGS 199 Horizon 6A2 5070+/-90 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 5113 to 5035 (DAMS-023296 Horizon 6AB 5074+/-39 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 5254 to 5202 (DAMS-023021 Horizon 6A1 5228+/-26 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 7120 to 6820 (ISGS-800 Horizon 8C 6970+/-150 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 4885 to 4817 (DAMS-020640 Horizon 6A 4851 +/-34 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 8590 to 8370 (ISGS 236 Horizon 11 8480+/-110 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 5905 to 5745 (ISGS-414 Horizon 7A 5825/-80 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 7139 to 7069 (DAMS-020630 Horizon 8C 7104+/-35 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 5500 to 5000 (ISGS-198 Horizon 6A2 5250+/-250 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 7960 to 7640 (ISGS-316 Horizon 9A 7800+/160 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 7135 to 7053 (DAMS-020631 Horizon 8C 7094+/-41 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 8820 to 8640 (ISGS-328 Horizon 12 8730+/-90 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 5268 to 5170 (DAMS-020642 Horizon 6B 5219+/-49 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 5260 to 5190 (ISGS-197 Horizon 6A2 5175+/-85 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 7080 to 6920 (ISGS-809 Horizon 8B 7000+/-80 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 5208 to 5132 (DAMS-020637 Horizon 6A2 5170+/-38 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 5328 to 5256 (DAMS-023295 Horizon 6A2 5292+/-36 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 7190 to 6850 (ISGS-338 Horizon 8C 7020+/-170 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 8010 to 7810 (ISGS-229 Horizon 9A/9B 7910+/100 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 8350 to 8110 (ISGS-783 Horizon 10A 8230+/-120 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 5215 to 5065 (ISGS-235 Horizon 6A2 5140+/-75 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 5050 to 4550 (ISGS-202 Horizon 6A1 4880+/-250 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 8520 to 8340 (ISGS-230 Horizon 11 8430+/-90 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 8580 to 8360 (ISGS 1762 Horizon 11 8470+/-110 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 6820 to 6200 (ISGS-1000 Horizon 8B 6510+/-310 RCYBP)

Radiocarbon Date: 5115 to 5045 (DAMS-023020 Horizon 6A2 5080+/-35 RCYBP)

Spatial Coverage

min long: -90.582; min lat: 39.173 ; max long: -90.495; max lat: 39.265 ;

Individual & Institutional Roles

Contact(s): Sarah Neusius

Prepared By(s): Indiana University of Penn.


General Note: The Koster faunal databases loaded in tDAR were identified by several zooarchaeologists. Frederick C. Hill and his assistants identified much of the early material collected in test units dug in 1969 as well as materials from the excavation of Horizons 1-6. Hill's 1975 dissertation (see reference list associated with this project) is a primary source for this material. Sarah W. Neusius identified faunal remains from Horizons 8-10B as well as a small sample of materials from Horizon 11. Her 1982 dissertation as well as a 1986 article (see references) are the primary sources for this material. John Hewitt created the faunal file for Horizons 8-10B identifications in conjunction with his own 1982 dissertation (see references) Andrea L. Boon completed a MA thesis on a large sample of materials from Horizon 11 and reported on this research in her 2011 thesis (see references).

Source Collections

The Koster fauna remains are held by the Illinois State Museum, although some materials may remain with the Center for American Archaeology in Kampsville, IL.

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