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A Cultural Resources Survey of 17.5 Miles of State Route 88, the Apache Trail, Between Apache Junction and Tortilla Flat, Pinal and Maricopa Counties, Arizona (1995)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Andrew I. Duff.

Between April 15 and June 14, 1993, Archaeological Research Services, Inc. performed a cultural resources survey of State Route 88 (the Apache Trail). The right-of-way varies from 66 to 200 feet, but construction as-builts were not available. Therefore, the Arizona Department of Transportation requested that a 200 foot wide right-of-way be surveyed for the entire project length unless clearly marked property boundaries or other right-of-way indications were present. The 17.5 mile long survey...

HAER No. AZ-14, Mormon Flat Dam, Maricopa County, Arizona: Photographs, Written Historical and Descriptive Data, Reduced Copies of Drawings (1989)
DOCUMENT Full-Text David M. Introcaso.

This Historic American Engineering Record for the Mormon Flat Dam contains photographs, dating from 1924-1988, and descriptive data concerning the dam's construction and use. Mormon Flat Dam was the first dam constructed under the Salt River Project's 1920's hydroelectric expansion program. Currently, the dam is operated by the Salt River Project for the purposes of generating hydroelectric power and for storing approximately 57,000 acre feet of water for agricultural and urban uses.

Historic American Engineering Record: Mormon Flat Dam, Maricopa County, Arizona and Horse Mesa Dam, Maricopa County, Arizona (1989)
DOCUMENT Full-Text David M. Introcaso.

Together, Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) Numbers AZ-14 and AZ-15 describe the origins, development, and expansion of power generation and delivery facilities along the Salt River to service residents of the Salt River Valley. This report, HAER No. AZ-14, presents a full narrative history of the Reclamation Service's and the Salt River Valley Water User's Association's efforts to expand the Salt River Project's hydroelectric program. It details the construction and use of Mormon Flat...