A Cultural Resources Survey of 17.5 Miles of State Route 88, the Apache Trail, Between Apache Junction and Tortilla Flat, Pinal and Maricopa Counties, Arizona

Author(s): Andrew I. Duff

Year: 1995


Between April 15 and June 14, 1993, Archaeological Research Services, Inc. performed a cultural resources survey of State Route 88 (the Apache Trail). The right-of-way varies from 66 to 200 feet, but construction as-builts were not available. Therefore, the Arizona Department of Transportation requested that a 200 foot wide right-of-way be surveyed for the entire project length unless clearly marked property boundaries or other right-of-way indications were present. The 17.5 mile long survey corridor crosses lands owned by the Arizona Department of Transportation, and sections of Arizona Department of Transportation right-of-way across Bureau of Land Management lands. That segment of State Route 88 on Tonto National Forest lands was constructed through the provisions of a Special Use Permit issued to the Arizona Department of Transportation by Tonto National Forest.

The survey was conducted under the conditions and authority of a Tonto National Forest special use permit issued to Archaeological Research Services, Inc. on 2/17/93, Arizona State Museum general permit number 93-11, and Bureau of Land Management permit number AZ-000054 issued 10/13/90 (fieldwork authorization number PDO-93-5, 3/23/93).

The project area encompasses approximately 424.24 acres, of which approximately, 371.21 were actually surveyed when the existing paved surface of State Route 88 is excluded. The Arizona Department of Transportation requested the survey (Arizona Department of Transportation Project No. STP-952-4(1), Tracs PN 195 H3275 01C) in anticipation of a proposed pavement preservation project. Archaeological Research Services performed a Class III (Intensive Field Inventory) survey in order to locate and record any cultural resources that could be disturbed as a result of the proposed undertaking. This study provides descriptions and National Register eligibility evaluations for cultural resources encountered during the survey.

As a result of the survey, 22 archaeological sites (4 previously recorded, 18 newly recorded) and 49 isolated artifact occurrences or cultural features were recorded (or rerecorded or relocated).

This is the second revision of this document, with earlier versions completed 29 June 1993 and 15 November 1994.

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A Cultural Resources Survey of 17.5 Miles of State Route 88, the Apache Trail, Between Apache Junction and Tortilla Flat, Pinal and Maricopa Counties, Arizona, 31. Andrew I. Duff. Archaeological Research Services, Inc. Project Report ,93. Tempe, AZ: Archaeological Research Services, Inc. 1995 ( tDAR id: 405682) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8405682

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Geographic Keywords
Apache Junction, AZ Arizona (State / Territory) Basin and Range Physiographic Province Canyon Lake Central Arizona Goldfield, AZ Goldfield Caldera Maricopa (County) Mormon Flat Dam Mountain Region Pinal (County) Roosevelt Dam Roosevelt Power Canal Salt River Superstition Mountains Tonto National Forest Tortilla Flat, AZ

Temporal Keywords
1900s 1910s 1920s 20th Century Historic Prehistoric

Spatial Coverage

min long: -111.558; min lat: 33.407 ; max long: -111.333; max lat: 33.54 ;

Individual & Institutional Roles

Contact(s): Salt River Project Cultural Resource Manager

Contributor(s): Lyle M. Stone; Robert Haynes-Peterson; Scott Kwiatkowski; Gregory Woodall; Tom Wright

Landowner(s): Arizona Department of Transportation; Bureau of Land Management; U. S. Forest Service

Permitting Agency(s): Tonto National Forest; Arizona State Museum; Bureau of Land Management

Prepared By(s): Archaeological Research Services, Inc.

Submitted To(s): Arizona Department of Transportation

Record Identifiers

Bureau of Land Management Permit No.(s): AZ-000054

Arizona Department of Transportation Project No. (s): STP-952-4(1), TRACS 88 PN 195 H3275 01C

Project No.(s): N-900-965

Arizona State Museum General Permit No.(s): 93-11

Fieldwork Authorization No.(s): PDO-93-5

Contract No.(s): 90-22

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