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Cultural Resource Clearance Survey: Archaeological Survey for Boat Camp Improvements at Lake Havasu and Cattail Cove State Parks, Mohave County, Arizona (1993)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Laurene G. Montero.

This report presents the results of a Class III cultural resources survey of 41 areas along the east coast of Lake Havasu in Mohave County, Arizona. The survey areas are all on land owned by the United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management (BLM), leased to the Arizona State Parks Board (ASPB). This survey was conducted to obtain cultural resources clearance for a project designed to develop new camp sites and improve existing campsites for boaters enjoying the resources of...

Land Use and Resource Exploitation of the Sonoran Desert: A Sample Survey of Cultural Resources in Mohave, La Paz, and Yavapai Counties, Arizona (1990)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Bruce A. Jones.

In April and November, 1989, Statistical Research conducted a cultural resource survey of nearly 4,000 acres of land owned by the State of Arizona in Mohave, Yavapai and La Paz counties. The field reconnaissance documented 16 archaeological sites consisting of artifact scatters, trails, rock features, rock art and stationary grinding-features. The non-random survey strategy was based on a stratified sample of 640 acre-study units in the Hualapai and Aquarius Mountains, the Big Sandy Valley and...

Letter from Garrow & Associates, Inc. to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District, End of Fieldwork Adelphi Phase I/II (1995)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Joel D. Gunn.

This letter summarizes the preliminary results of Garrow & Associates' archaeological fieldwork for the project, contract # DACW31-95-D-0028 and provides initial recommendations concerning archaeological sites. Preparing a complete report and a Phase I/II letter report of the prehistoric site will be submitted prior to September 15, 1995 as specified in the delivery order. Notice to proceed was received on August 2,1995.

Little Maggie May Arizona Site Steward File (1987)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Paul Stewart. J. S. Wood. Elaine Zamora.

This is an Arizona Site Steward file that consists of the Little Maggie May site, located on Tonto National Forest land. The site consists of multiple residential structures, sherd and lithic scatter, terracing, and possible trash deposits. The first file contains multiple copies of a site heritage inventory form, maps of the site location, hand drawn site maps, and a Forest Service archaeological and historical site inventory form. The second file contains a site data form, two maps of the...