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Cultural Resources Survey of a Portion of Dead Horse Ranch State Park, and a Proposed Alignment for a New Access Road in Yavapai County, Arizona (1991)
DOCUMENT Full-Text M. Zyniecki. Thomas N. Motsinger.

An archaeological survey of a portion of Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Yavapai County, Arizona, was completed for the Arizona Department of Transportation and Arizona State Parks by SWCA, Inc., Environmental Consultants, under contract to Entranco Engineers, Inc., in July 1990. The project was undertaken for a proposed new access road to the park and a bridge across the Verde River as well as for proposed improvements within the park. Sites AZ N:4:18 (ASM) and AZ N:4:31 (ASM) had been formally...

Dead Horse Ranch State Park: An Archeological Overview (1988)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Timothy J. Price.

On February 27, 1974, the Arizona State Parks Board adopted a Master Plan for Dead Horse State Ranch. The park covers some 320 acres. Though the proposed development plan has been altered on several occasions, it has included the construction of three man-made lakes for public fishing, the preservation of natural wildlife habitats and archaeological sites with appropriate interpretive programs, as well as the creation of hiking trails to afford recreational opportunities. Camping areas with...

Dugan Ranch Ruin Arizona Site Steward File (2000)
DOCUMENT Full-Text A.B. Young. C. Stephens. J. S. Carey. J. S. Wood.

This is an Arizona Site Steward file for the Dugan Ranch Site, located on Tonto National Forest land. The site is comprised of a Classic Period Hohokam compound or caserón with 43 rooms, as well as roasting pits, field houses, checkdams, terraces, artifact scatter, and burials. The file consists of a heritage inventory form, site map, two pages of field notes, an Arizona State University Site Survey Form, and a map of the site location. The earliest dated document is from 1968.

Report on the Recovery of Human Skeletal Material from the Picacho Pass Battle Marker, Arizona (1975)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Walter H. Birkby, Ph.D..

On or about May 19, 1975, the Arizona State Museum was informed by Mr. Alan Gross of the State Parks System that the monument commemorating the Union dead at the Battle of Picacho Pass had been moved from its original location. Further, that while excavations for this removal were being conducted (either by the Parks personnel or the Tucson firm employed for the removal), allegedly human skeletal remains were uncovered beneath the monument. The ASM was requested to investigate and to remove the...

Rye Creek Ruin Arizona Site Steward File (1981)
DOCUMENT Full-Text J. S. Wood. Emil W. Haury. W. Kaemlein, Jr.. F. Olson. A. Olson.

This contains the Arizona Site Steward file for the Rye Creek Ruin site, located on Tonto National Forest land. The site is comprised of a masonry pueblo or compound with room and courtyard burials, as well as trash middens and a possible watchtower. The file consists of a cultural resources inventory form, Bureau of American Ethnology catalogue of manuscripts card, a copy of "A Report on Excavations at the Rye Creek Ruin," two hand drawn site maps, four maps of the site location, two Arizona...