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The Lower Verde Archaeological Project
PROJECT Jeffrey A. Homburg. Richard Ciolek-Torello. Jeffrey Altschul. Stephanie M. Whittlesey. Steven D. Shelley. USDI Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office.

The Lower Verde Archaeological Project (LVAP) was a four-year data recovery project conducted by Statistical Research, Inc. (SRI) in the lower Verde River region of central Arizona. The project was designed to mitigate any adverse effects to cultural resources from modifications to Horseshoe and Bartlett Dams. The Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, Arizona Project’s Office sponsored the research program in compliance with historic preservation legislation. The LVAP’s...

Vanishing River Volume 2: Agricultural, Subsistence, and Environmental Studies: Part 3: Chapters 8-11 (1997)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Karen R. Adams. Steven Bozarth. Suzanne K Fish. Paul R. Fish. Steven D. Shelley. Kellie M. Cairns.

Chapter 8 discusses data from macrofossil and flotation samples from village, hamlet, farmstead, and field house settings along the lower Verde River. Chapter 9 treats the pollen and phytoliths that were isolated from sediment samples collected in a variety of agricultural features including rock piles and alignments, terraces, and field houses, in addition to habitation features such as hearths, living floors, middens, and roasting pits in the LVAP area. The overall goal of these analyses...

Vanishing River Volume 3: Material Culture and Physical Anthropology: Part 1: Chapters 1-6 (1997)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Stephanie M. Whittlesey. Barbara K. Montgomery. Robert A. Heckman.

Volume 3 of the Lower Verde Archaeological Project (LVAP) treats the material culture recovered during data recovery efforts at the Pre-Classic and Classic period sites in the project area. Volume 3, Part 1 describes the ceramic assemblages collected during LVAP field work, and provides results of stylistic and technological analysis performed on the colllections. Chapter 1 provides an overview of the analytic methods used for ceramics and the characteristics of LVAP ceramic collections. It...

Vanishing River Volume 3: Material Culture and Physical Anthropology: Part 2: Chapter 7 (1997)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Stephanie M. Whittlesey. Barbara Montgomery.

This chapter presents the analysis of flaked and ground stone artifacts from LVAP. It is divided into three sections. First, the analytic methods are presented. Second, an overview of lithic sourcing, technology, and typology is presented. Third, descriptions of the lithic collections from the project sites are provided. The chapter closes with discussion and conclusions. Detailed analytic methods are provided in appendixes. Specific attributes and definitions are provided in Appendix M....

Vanishing River: Attached Report: Petroglyphs in the Horseshoe Reservoir Area of the Lower Verde Valley, Central Arizona (1997)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Henry D. Wallace.

This report is focused on the rock art present at a small ridge top agricultural locality in the lower Verde Valley near Horseshoe Dam known as the Crash Landing site, AZ U:2:78/01-278. Four boulders that exhibited over 24 petroglyph design elements were found at this site, as well as numerous other cultural features including a two-room isolated masonry field house and a large agricultural complex with rock piles, contour terraces, and boundary walls. The research design for the Lower...