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Archaeological Investigations: Salt River Project Coronado Generating Station, Private Lands, Apache County, Arizona: Final Report for Archaeological Investigations of Proposed Drill Hole Locations in T13N, R28E, Sec. 24, East of St. Johns (1975)
DOCUMENT Full-Text James E. Bradford.

At the request of Salt River Project, the Museum of Northern Arizona conducted archaeological investigations in two 200 ft. wide corridors east-northeast of St. Johns, Arizona. Archaeological survey was conducted in order to determine if any archaeological material would be negatively impacted as a result of drilling operations related to tests being conducted for construction of an evaporation pond associated with the Coronado Generating Station plant site. An extensive historic and prehistoric...

A Cultural Resources Survey for the Proposed Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Indian School Road Sewerline Project, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, Maricopa County, Arizona (2001)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Walter R. Punzmann.

At the request of Cari Kreshak Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC) Archaeologist, Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd. (ACS) conducted an intensive cultural resources survey of approximately 47.40 acres for the proposed Indian School Road Sewerline on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. The 80-ft right-of-way corridor crosses Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC) land. The survey was performed under a non-collection survey archaeological permit...

The Historical Archaeology of Dam Construction Camps in Central Arizona, Volume 2A: Sites in the Roosevelt Dam Area (1994)
DOCUMENT Full-Text James E. Ayres. A. E. Rogge. Melissa Keane. Diane L. Douglas. Cindy L. Myers. Bonnie J. Clark. Karen Turnmire. Alan Ferg.

In June 1986 the Bureau of Reclamation awarded Dames & Moore a contract to conduct historical archaeology studies as part of the mitigation program for the Regulatory Storage Division (Plan 6) of the Central Arizona Project. Final reports on these studies are being issued in three volumes under the title The Historical Archaeology o f Dam Construction Camps in Central Arizona. Volume 1 is a synthesis of the entire project. Volume 3 details laboratory methods. Volume 2 contains descriptions and...

Phase I and II Archaeological Resources Investigations Brindle Lake Dam Replacement Project, Fort Dix Military Reservation, Township of Plumsted, Ocean County, New Jersey (2007)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Tetra Tech EC, Inc..

Tetra Tech EC, Inc. (TtEC), conducted a Phase I and II archeological survey of the project area for the proposed replacement of Brindle Lake Dam, under contract to Fort Dix. The structure is a low earth dam on Brindletown Creek on the Fort Dix Military Reservation in the Township of Plumsted, Ocean County, New Jersey. The project’s area of potential effects (APE) covers an area of 5.5 acres (2.3 hectares) and includes the dam, two laydown areas, and access roads. A portion of the project area...