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Archaeological Prospection for Ring-Midden Features in Southeastern New Mexico Using Lidar Data: An Experimental Study
PROJECT Uploaded by: Rebecca Wells

SRI conducted an archaeological survey for ring-midden features using lidar data in three localities in the foothills of the Guadalupe Mountains and Sacramento Mountains in southeastern New Mexico. The unique shape and prominence of ring middens were identified by remote sensing data and then verified in the field within the sampled areas. The result supports the use of lidar data for project scoping and landscape-level studies, but cannot substitute for Section 106 inventory due to the...

Archaeological Prospection for Ring-Midden Features in Southeastern New Mexico Using Lidar Data: An Experimental Study (2015)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Michael Heilen. Monica Murrell. Timothy Mills. Nahide Aydin. Phillip O. Leckman. Adam Byrd.

The final report presents the methodology and results of this experimental study to see if remote sensing data alone is able to identify the presence of ring-midden features. Lidar data obtained for sample areas was then verified on the ground, and found to be successful in identifying all but disturbed or low-profile ring middens. Therefore, the use of lidar data is appropriate for project scoping and landscape area studies, but not as an alternative to Section 106 survey.

Building Community In Southwest Archaeology Through Student Research (2016)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jakob W Sedig.

2016 Southwest Symposium Poster. Archaeology students face many hurdles during the completion of thesis or dissertation projects. Acquiring funding, collecting and analyzing data, conducting fieldwork, and presenting results are just some of the obstacles archaeology students must overcome. Because of the time, energy, and monetary requirements needed to complete these tasks, public engagement often is at the bottom of an archaeology student’s task list. However, it is becoming increasingly...

Decorated Ceramics from Excavated Mimbres Sites (2007)
DATASET Stephanie Kulow.

This synthesis presents counts of decorated ceramics from excavated sites in the Mimbres region.

An Experimental Project to Conduct Digital Survey for Ring-Midden Features Using Lidar Data (2015)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Michael Heilen.

This brochure explains to the public the cultural significance of ring-midden features, the prospect of using remote sensing data to locate them, and an outline of SRI's modeling study to show how digital survey data can assist archaeologists in defining the features and understanding patterns of the past.

General Resources from the Long Term Vulnerability and Transformation Project
PROJECT Margaret Nelson. National Science Foundation.

Long-Term Coupled Socioecological Change in the American Southwest and Northern Mexico: Each generation transforms an inherited social and environmental world and leaves it as a legacy to succeeding generations. Long-term interactions among social and ecological processes give rise to complex dynamics on multiple temporal and spatial scales – cycles of change followed by relative stasis, followed by change. Within the cycles are understandable patterns and irreducible uncertainties; neither...

Raw Data on Soils Collected from Prehispanic and Historic Fields on the Middle Gila River (2013)
DATASET Colleen Strawhacker.

These are the raw data from the soils collected from the middle Gila River (on the land now management by the Gila River Indian Community) for Strawhacker's dissertation research.

Sustaining Irrigation Agriculture for the Long-Term: Lessons on Maintaining Soil Quality from Ancient Agricultural Fields in the Phoenix Basin and on the North Coast of Peru (2013)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Colleen Strawhacker.

Irrigation agriculture has been heralded as the solution to feeding the world’s growing population. To this end, irrigation agriculture is both extensifying and intensifying in arid regions across the world in an effort to create highly productive agricultural systems. Over one third of modern irrigated fields, however, show signs of serious soil degradation, including salinization and waterlogging, which threaten the productivity of these fields and the world’s food supply. Surprisingly, little...