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DOCUMENT Full-Text Kathryn Puseman.

Charcoal samples from the base of two metallurgical furnaces at the Pulac 050 site in southern Bolivia were submitted for identification to determine if thola (Parastrephia) wood was burned in the furnace. This site appears to be a prehistoric metal working site that may date to the Middle Horizon, around 600-1000 CE. Pieces of modern reference wood were collected by a local man in Bolivia who was familiar with the vegetation. Wood was cut from a known thola shrub, and deadwood was collected...

Neutron Activation Analysis of Ceramics from Peru
PROJECT Uploaded by: Matthew Boulanger

This project contains data on 166 ceramic specimens from various sites in Peru. The data were produced at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory between the late 1960s and mid 1970s. All of the specimens were provided to the laboratory from the collections of the Lowie Museum.

Peru Ceramics: Chemical and Descriptive Data (2014)
DATASET Matthew Boulanger. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

This spreadsheet contains elemental abundances, descriptions, and archaeological contexts for the ceramic specimens analyzed by LBNL. Elemental abundances were determined using neutron activation analysis. All values are in parts per million (ppm). Zero (0) values indicate missing values. All descriptive and contextual data are derived from LBNL paper records. Coordinates of archaeological sites have been added when possible.

Peruvian Ceramics: Photographs (2011)
IMAGE Matthew Boulanger. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

These images show the individual sherds from Peru analyzed by neutron activation at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). Photographs were taken at LBNL and scanned by the Archaeometry Laboratory at MURR. Individual files were named according to the official catalog numbers of each image assigned by the Graphic Arts Department at LBNL.

Playa Vista Archaeological and Historical Project, Volume 1: Research Design (1991)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jeffrey H. Altschul. Richard S. Ciolek-Torrello. Jeffrey A. Homburg. Mark T. Swanson.

The Playa Vista Archaeological and Historical Project is a multi-step comprehensive approach designed to achieve compliance with applicable Municipal, State, and Federal laws and regulations protecting cultural resources. This document represents the first step: the completion of a project specific research design that presents current knowledge of the cultural resources in the project area and outlines future steps to mitigate potential impacts of the proposed project. To complete the research...

Population and History in the Ancient Titicaca Basin (2001)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Matthew Bandy

Matthew Bandy's doctoral dissertation, reporting the results of a settlement survey of 98 square kilometers on the Taraco Peninsula, an area of the Tiwanaku Heartland in the southern Titicaca Basin.

Taraco Pensinula Archaeological Survey
PROJECT Uploaded by: Matthew Bandy

Systematic Survey of about 98 km2 of the Taraco Peninsula in Bolivia, conducted in the late 1990s.