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In Search Of....The Lost Kilns Of St. Elizabeths Hospital (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Paul P. Kreisa. Nancy Powell. Geri Knight-Iske.

St. Elizabeths Hospital was championed by Dorthea Dix during the 1840s-50s as a model hospital for the treatment of the mentally ill. Starting in 2005, Stantec has conducted archaeological investigations at the Department of Homeland Security’s new home on the Hospital’s West Campus. One of the persistent questions we are asked is: "Where were the kilns?" Annual progress reports to Congress mention the presence of "kilns" but give no clue as to their number, location, or nature.  Various field...

Mission Santa Ana del Quiquib Arizona Site Steward File (1974)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Tracy J. Andrews.

This is an Arizona Site Steward file for the Mission Santa Ana del Quiquib, comprised of a mission and village in use by the Spanish and Papago between the 1790s and 1850, located on Bureau of Land Management land. The file consists of an antiquities site inventory form. The earliest dated document is from 1974.

Mythology, Battlefields, Shipwrecks, and Forts: The U.S. Army and the settlement of the Oregon Territory (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Mark A. Tveskov.

United States colonialism in the  Oregon Territory was a maelstrom of hostility, ambiguity, and conflicting agendas among Native Americans, Gold miners, pioneer families, citizen militias, Indian agents, and Army personnel.  The U.S. Army's role in this drama was particularly ambiguous; many of the pro-states rights pioneers in this pre-Civil War era of the 1850s resented the soldiers—to the point of armed conflict--for defending the treaty rights of Native American people, while the Army was...

The Oatman Massacre Site Arizona Site Steward File (2001)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Cheryl Blanchard.

This is an Arizona Site Steward file for The Oatman Massacre Site, comprised of prehistoric petroglyphs in addition to the site of the 1851 Oatman family massacre, located on Bureau of Land Management land. The file consists of a site data form and map of the site location.

The Real Value of an 1853 Dollar: A Foundation Rite Date Coin from the Levi Jordan Plantation House in Brazoria County, Texas (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Douglas Boyd.

The Levi Jordan plantation house in Brazoria County, Texas, is a two-story, antebellum house made of cut lumber on a pier-and-beam foundation. It is currently a state historical park run by the Texas Historical Commission. The house underwent a full structural restoration between 2010 and 2012. It was raised above ground on steel beams and cribs to allow for repairs to the fireplace and wall foundations. Prewitt and Associates, Inc. archeologists investigated the original brick chimney bases and...

Reef Beacons; Unlit and Forgotten: Interpreting History for the Future (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Brenda Altmeier.

 Navigational markers are prominent reminders of our country’s maritime heritage. In 1789 the Lighthouse Act was one of several laws the first congress passed to regulate and encourage trade and commerce of the new world. Shipping routes today are much like the historical routes used during discovery and colonization of the new world. Many maritime heritage resources in the Florida Keys Sanctuary are a result of complications along these historical shipping routes. Shipwrecks in the Florida Keys...

A Report Concerning Archaeological Monitoring of a Utilities Trench Undertaken at Tubac Presidio State Historic Park (ARIZ:DD:8:33) March, 1992 (1992)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jack S. Williams.

During March of 1992 a small scale investigation involving archaeological monitoring was undertaken in connection with the creation of a utility trench in an area located between the Captain 's House and the post chapel at the Presidio of Tubac site. The work conducted included monitoring of the excavation of the trench and the creation of a series of profile drawings of the stratigraphy exposed. Because of rainy conditions a collection of artifacts was made from the soils disturbed by earth...