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A Biography of Place: Thinking Between Texts and Objects at the Saint Joseph Mission (Senegal) (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Johanna A. Pacyga.

Mission archaeology benefits from a rich documentary archive produced by missionaries themselves, church and government officials, sponsors and charitable organizations, and—ideally—converts. Biography emerges as a potent method of organization and mode of analysis, allowing the archaeologist to name, follow, and order traces in the archives and the archaeological record. Thinking about archaeology as crafting a compelling biography of place allows for the articulation of intimacies and...

Burial and Remembrance: The Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Patricia B. Richards. Brooke L. Drew.

Fieldwork in 1992 and 1993 on the grounds of the Milwaukee County Regional Medical Center, Milwaukee Wisconsin, resulted in recovery of some 1600 individuals originally buried in the institutional or "poor farm" cemetery. This paper argues that the conflict inherent in a public policy intended to provide a decent burial while simultaneously discouraging utilization of the service can only be understood within a broader historical context. Milwaukee’s population increased from 20,000 in 1850 to...

Culture, Ship Construction, and Ecological Change: The Sailing Vessels of Pensacola’s Fishing Industry (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Nicole R Bucchino.

Dubbed the "Gloucester of the Gulf," Pensacola and Northwest Florida experienced a tremendous growth in the popularity and success of local commercial fishing in the years following the Civil War.  Entrepreneurial fishermen arriving in Pensacola from New England fueled a massive market for Gulf of Mexico fish, constructing what would become the last all sail-powered commercial fleet in the country.  The connection between  the region’s Reconstruction-era industry and the natural environment in...

Investigating the Intersection of Chinese and Euro-American Healthcare Practices in Nevada from 1860-1930 (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Sarah Heffner.

This paper discusses the exchange of healthcare practices between Overseas Chinese and Euro-Americans in Nevada from 1860-1930. Analysis of medicinal artifacts from seven archaeological sites in Nevada yielded evidence of Chinese consumption of Euro-American patent medicines and Euro-American use of Chinese medicines. A number of different factors may have influenced the decision of Chinese individuals to purchase and consume Euro-American medicines. These include discrimination from public...

The Luxury Of Cold: The Natural Ice Industry In Boca, California: 1868-1927 (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Leo A. Demski.

Before the invention of refrigeration and artificial ice, naturally harvested ice was an important seasonal commodity for food storage and heat regulation.  In 1852, Boston ice was shipped to San Francisco and sold as a luxury.  Shortly thereafter, high demand led entrepreneurs to create ice companies in the Sierra Nevada Mountains along the newly-completed transcontinental railroad.  The railroad could transport ice to customers, and utilized it to ship perishable food items over long distances...

Structure Documentation and Data Recovery Excavations at the Keeton Site (3PP1316), Pope County, Arkansas (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only C. Andrew Buchner. Eric Albertson.

The Keeton Site is a 50-x-50 m mid-nineteenth to mid-twentieth century farmstead site located near Russellville in the Arkansas Valley Hills ecoregion.  During 2014, the site was the subject of  a Phase III data recovery project, with work includng documenting a partly collapsed frame residence, and the hand excavation of 270.5 m2 of site deposits. This paper will discuss the results of this multi-disciplinary study at the ca. 1860 farmstead of  Zachariah Keeton (1816–1908), a Tennessean who...