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Alexandria fauna dataset (2009)
DATASET Uploaded by: Katherine Spielmann

Alexandria fauna database.

Alexandria, Virginia Historic Period Fauna
PROJECT City of Alexandria.

These databases are from on-going archaeological research in the city of Alexandria, Virginia on eighteenth and nineteenth century occupations, directed by Dr. Pamela Cressey, City Archaeologist.

Archaeological Data Recovery at Archaeological Sites 38DR60/81 and 38DR192: The Appian Way Development Tract (2003)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Joshua N. Fletcher. Kristrina Shuler. Ralph Bailey.

Archaeological data recovery investigations were conducted at 38DR60/81 between 9 November and 10 December 1999. Archaeological data recovery investigations were conducted at 38DR192 between 19 November 1999 and 14 January 2000. These investigations were conducted as per the Treatment Plan and Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between Sailford Land Company, L.L.C., the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO), and the South Carolina Bureau of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM). The...

Archaeological Data Recovery at River Club (38BU880), Hilton Head Island, Beaufort County, South Carolina: A Study in Late Eighteenth/Early Nineteenth Century African American Lifeways (1993)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Christopher T. Espenshade. Linda Kennedy. Marian Roberts.

Archaeological data recovery investigations were carried out by Brockington and Associates, Inc., at both the historic and prehistoric components of 38BU880, during July and August 1992. This work was conducted in compliance with Federal, State, and the Town of Hilton Head legislation regarding the impact to cultural resources as a result of development in the coastal zone of South Carolina. 38BU880 is located in the River Club development tract, adjacent to Broad Creek, on Hilton Head Island,...

Context information for Faunal Data (Alexandria Project)
DATASET Uploaded by: Katherine Spielmann

This dataset includes context information for faunal data for the Alexandria, Virginia Historic Period Faunal Project.

Data Recovery At 38CH940 Historic Locus, Charleston County, South Carolina (1989)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Paul E. Brockington, Jr.. Lawrence E. Abbott, Jr..

Beginning November 28, 1988, archaeologists from Brockington and Associates in Atlanta, Georgia, began the fieldwork phase for data recovery at the historic locus of 38CH940, Charleston County, South Carolina. This work was initiated to partially fulfill the terms of a Memorandum of Agreement between Charleston National Golf Club and the South Carolina State Historic Preservation Office, under the direction of the South Carolina Coastal Zone Management Program. The site was initially recorded...

Faunal Coding Key (2010)
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Letter from Barbara Magid with background on faunal databases (2010)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Barbara Magid.

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Period Fauna; Feature information for Faunal Data (Alexandria Project)
DATASET Uploaded by: Katherine Spielmann

Alexandria, Virginia Historic Project: Period Fauna Feature information Dataset.

Smoking Hams and Pumping Hickory: The Armstrong-Rogers Site in New Castle County, Delaware (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only D. Brad Hatch. Danae Peckler. Joe Blondino.

From the beginning, initial studies at the Armstrong-Rogers site left more questions than answers. Located within the floodplain of Drawyers Creek just north of Middletown, Delaware, survey and testing efforts uncovered the partial remains of a stone foundation and many eighteenth- and nineteenth-century artifacts. Was this the home built by the Armstrong family in the 1730s? An 1820s building occupied by James Rogers? Or something entirely different? The answer, in the end, is a little of all...