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Year: 2014


This identity coding sheet was generated by tDAR for element - VARCHAR 40534 column from Grasshopper Pueblo Fauna dataset (392153) on Mon Mar 17 20:40:44 MST 2014

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Generated identity coding sheet for Element. 2014 ( tDAR id: 392158) ; doi:10.6067/XCV89887Z1

Ontology: Fauna Element Ontology

Category: Fauna

Subcategory: Element

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
Humerus Humerus Humerus
Phalanx Phalanx Phalanx
Rib Rib Rib
antler antler Antler
appendicular long bone appendicular long bone
astragalus astragalus Astragalus
atlas atlas Atlas
auditory bulla auditory bulla Bulla
baculum baculum Baculum
calcaneus calcaneus Calcaneus
carpal carpal Carpal
carpal or tarsal carpal or tarsal Carpal or Tarsal
carpals carpals Carpal
caudal vertebra caudal vertebra Caudal Vertebra
caudal vertebrae caudal vertebrae Caudal Vertebra
cervical vertebra cervical vertebra Cervical Vertebra
cervical vertebra and thoracic vertebra cervical vertebra and thoracic vertebra Cervical Vertebra
cervical vertebra and thoracic vertebra, lumbar vertebra cervical vertebra and thoracic vertebra, lumbar vertebra Cervical Vertebra
cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae Cervical Vertebra
cervical vertebrae cervical vertebrae Cervical Vertebra
clavicle clavicle Clavicle
complete complete Unidentified Element
complete skeleton complete skeleton Articulated Skeleton Complete
cranial cranial Skull
cranial fragment cranial fragment Skull
cranium cranium Skull
cuboid cuboid Cuboid
cuboids cuboids Cuboid
cuneiform cuneiform 1st Cuneiform
deciduous premolar deciduous premolar Deciduous Premolar
dentary dentary
digit digit Phalanx
femora femora Femur
femur femur Femur
fibula fibula Fibula
frontal frontal Frontal
humerus humerus Humerus
hyoid hyoid Hyoid
ilium ilium Ilium
illium illium Ilium
incisor incisor Incisor
indeterminate indeterminate Unidentified Element
initial rib initial rib Rib
initial bone initial bone Unidentified Element
initial rib initial rib Rib
innominate innominate
inomminate inomminate
ischium ischium Ischium
limb bone limb bone
limb shaft limb shaft
limb shaft fragment limb shaft fragment
limbbone limbbone
long bone long bone
longbone longbone
longbone shaft longbone shaft
lumbar vertebra lumbar vertebra Lumbar Vertebra
lumbar vertebrae lumbar vertebrae Lumbar Vertebra
lumbar vertebrae and thoracic vertebra lumbar vertebrae and thoracic vertebra Lumbar Vertebra
lunate lunate Lunate
mandible mandible Mandible
manible manible Mandible
manus manus
maxilla maxilla Maxilla
maxilla premaxilla maxilla premaxilla Maxilla
maxilla with alveoli, premaxilla maxilla with alveoli, premaxilla Maxilla
maxilla with dentition maxilla with dentition Maxilla
metacarpal metacarpal Carpometacarpus
metacarpal and metatarsal metacarpal and metatarsal Metapodial
metaphysis metaphysis
metapodial metapodial Metapodial
metapodial or metacarpal metapodial or metacarpal Metapodial
metapodials metapodials Metapodial
metatarsal metatarsal Metatarsal
metatarsal 3 or 4 metatarsal 3 or 4 Metatarsal
metatarsals metatarsals Metatarsal
metatarsals 2,3,4,5 metatarsals 2,3,4,5 Metatarsal
metshaft metshaft
miscellaneous miscellaneous Unidentified Element
missing left ascending ramus missing left ascending ramus Mandible
molar molar Molar
navicular navicular Navicular
naviculars naviculars Navicular
naviculo-cuboid naviculo-cuboid Cuboid
naviculo-cuboid and tarsal, fused naviculo-cuboid and tarsal, fused Cuboid
occipitals occipitals Occipital
parietal parietal Parietal
part of distal shaft part of distal shaft
partial skeleton partial skeleton Articulated Skeleton Partial
partial skeletons partial skeletons Articulated Skeleton Partial
parts of heads and shafts parts of heads and shafts
patella patella Patella
petrous process petrous process Petrous
phalange phalange Phalanx
phalanges phalanges Phalanx
phalanges 1,2&3, digits 2&5 phalanges 1,2&3, digits 2&5 Phalanx
phalanx phalanx Phalanx
phalanx 1, digit 3 phalanx 1, digit 3 1st Phalanx
phalanx 1, digit 4 phalanx 1, digit 4 1st Phalanx
phalanx 1, digit 5 phalanx 1, digit 5 1st Phalanx
phalanx 2, digit 2, phalanx 2, digit 2, 2nd Phalanx
phalanx 2, digit 3 phalanx 2, digit 3 2nd Phalanx
phalanx 2, digit 4 phalanx 2, digit 4 2nd Phalanx
phalanx 2, digit 5 phalanx 2, digit 5 2nd Phalanx
phalanx 3, digit 3 phalanx 3, digit 3 3rd Phalanx
phalanx 3, digit 4 phalanx 3, digit 4 3rd Phalanx
phalanx 3, digits 3&4 phalanx 3, digits 3&4 3rd Phalanx
post cranial skeleton post cranial skeleton Articulated Skeleton Partial
post cranium skeleton post cranium skeleton Articulated Skeleton Partial
premaxilla premaxilla Premaxilla
premolar premolar Premolar
proximal phalanx proximal phalanx Phalanx
pubis pubis Pubis
radius radius Radius or Radioulna
rib rib Rib
sacral rib sacral rib Rib
sacrum sacrum Sacrum
scapula scapula Scapula
second cuneiform second cuneiform 2nd Cuneiform
sesamoid sesamoid Sesamoid
sesamoid for 4th digit sesamoid for 4th digit Sesamoid
sesamoids sesamoids Sesamoid
skeleton skeleton Articulated Skeleton
skeletons skeletons Articulated Skeleton
skull skull Skull
sphenoid sphenoid Sphenoid
sphenoid and temporal; fragment sphenoid and temporal; fragment Skull
squamosal and part of parietal squamosal and part of parietal
sternabra sternabra Sternum
sternal rib sternal rib Rib
sternebra sternebra Sternum
sternebra segments sternebra segments Sternum
sternum sternum Sternum
talus talus Astragalus
tarsal tarsal Tarsal
tarsal and lunate tarsal and lunate Tarsal
tarsals tarsals Tarsal
terminal rib terminal rib Rib
terminal, thoracic and sacral vertebrae terminal, thoracic and sacral vertebrae Vertebra
thoracic vertebra thoracic vertebra Thoracic Vertebra
thoracic vertebrae thoracic vertebrae Thoracic Vertebra
thoracic vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae thoracic vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae Thoracic Vertebra
thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae Thoracic Vertebra
tibia tibia
tibia-fibula tibia-fibula
tibia-fibular tibia-fibular
tooth tooth Tooth
trochlea trochlea Humerus
ulna ulna Ulna
ulna and radius ulna and radius Radius or Ulna
ungual ungual
unidentifiable unidentifiable Unidentified Element
unknown unknown Unidentified Element
unknown, can't read unknown, can't read Unidentified Element
vertebra vertebra Vertebra
vertebrae vertebrae Vertebra
zygomatic zygomatic
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings
The following coding rules exist in datasets mapped to this coding sheet, but are not in the coding sheet
calcaneus and astragulus
limb bones
Zygomatic Arch
1 partial skeleton
indet frag
indet longbone
indet. Limb
Metapodial 2 or 5
2 phalanx 1 complete, phalanx fragment
fragment, dentary, part of transverse ramus
3 L femora, L dentary, @ R and @L scapulae, Metatarsal, R ribia, L radius, cranium, Vertebra
maxilla and premaxilla and rt femur
phalanx 1
phalanx 2
sacral vertebrae
metatarsal 4
navicular cuboid
zygomatic arc
Lateral Process of L-6
blade fragments
metacarpal 3-4
naviculo- cuboid (hindlimb)
navicular cubiod and 1 tarsal
carpal 4
costal cartilage
fragment, part of horizontal ramus, buccal side
thoracic centrum
radius and ulna
R femur, L innominate, R dentary
L humerus shaft, R and L dentaries, 3 L humeri shafts, L innominate, R and L tibia
cuneiform (fore limb)
ilium and pubis
occiptal condyle
upper incisor
Partial Skeleton
metatarsal 3-4
limb and ribs
astragalus and calcaneum
marjor extremeties
fragment; small piece of tine
radius, ulna, phalanx
Metatarsal V
femur and tibia
L. M
thoracic neural spine
Phalanx 3
Phalanx 2
Phalanx 1
temporal fragment
Metatarsal 2
3 partial skeletons
fragment, missing last sacral body segments and alar ridges
auditory meatus
Naviculilo- cuboid
hind limb
ancilliary metapodial
nearly complete skeleton
1 R, 2 L ribs
Femora, Tibia, Humera, Ulna, Radius, Ribs, Vertebra, Innominate, scapula, cranium
fragment, part of palatine
innominate, 10 vertebrate, Right and Left dentaries w/incisors, 6 ribs, 1 metatarsal
Metacarpal 3
2 partial skeletons
metapodials, phalanges, carpal
fragment; missing proximal articular head
cheek tooth
Navicular Cuboid
browse pad
varius, see below
(3)partial skeletons

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