Generated identity coding sheet for Element

Year: 2014


This identity coding sheet was generated by tDAR for col_element - VARCHAR 55292 column from Arroyo Hondo Fauna dataset (392089) on 9/10/14 8:25 AM

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Generated identity coding sheet for Element. 2014 ( tDAR id: 393790) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8930V4N

Ontology: Fauna Element Ontology

Category: Fauna

Subcategory: Element

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
1st phalanx 1st phalanx 1st Phalanx
1st phalanx f/r 1st phalanx f/r 1st Phalanx
1st phalanx, 2nd digit, wing 1st phalanx, 2nd digit, wing
1st phalanx, H digit 1 1st phalanx, H digit 1 1st Phalanx
1st wing phalanx 1st wing phalanx Wing Phalanges
2nd phalanx 2nd phalanx 2nd Phalanx
2nd wing phalanx 2nd wing phalanx 2nd Phalanx
3rd metatarsal 3rd metatarsal 3rd Metatarsal
3rd phalanx 3rd phalanx 3rd Phalanx
?antler ?antler Antler
?astragalus ?astragalus Astragalus
?carpometacarpus ?carpometacarpus Carpometacarpus
?caudal vert ?caudal vert Caudal Vertebra
?clavicle ?clavicle Clavicle
?dentary ?dentary
?femur ?femur Femur
?fibula ?fibula Fibula
?humerus ?humerus Humerus
?innominate ?innominate
?long bone ?long bone
?metapod. ?metapod. Metapodial
?metapodial ?metapodial Metapodial
?palatine ?palatine
?phalanx ?phalanx Phalanx
?podial ?podial Metapodial
?radius ?radius Radius or Radioulna
?rib ?rib Rib
?scapula ?scapula Scapula
?splint ?splint Ossified Tendon
?sternum ?sternum Sternum
?tarsometatarsus ?tarsometatarsus Metatarsal
?tendon splint ?tendon splint Ossified Tendon
?tibiofibula ?tibiofibula
?tibiotarsus ?tibiotarsus
?tooth ?tooth Tooth
?ulna ?ulna Ulna
?vert. ?vert. Vertebra
?verte. ?verte. Vertebra
Cheektooth Cheektooth Tooth
I I I1
M2 M2 M2
M3 M3 M3
P3 P3 P3
PM PM Premolar
Skull Skull Skull
antler antler Antler
articular articular Articular
astragalus astragalus Astragalus
astragalus (talus) astragalus (talus) Astragalus
atlas atlas Atlas
aud. Bulla aud. Bulla Bulla
aud. bulla aud. bulla Bulla
axis axis Axis
axis verte. axis verte. Axis
axs axs Axis
basioccipital basioccipital Basiooccipital
basisphenoid basisphenoid Sphenoid
beak beak Beak
blade blade Scapula
calcaneum calcaneum Calcaneus
calcaneus calcaneus Calcaneus
cancellous bone cancellous bone
carpometacarpus carpometacarpus Carpometacarpus
caudal vert caudal vert Caudal Vertebra
cervical vert cervical vert Cervical Vertebra
cf. antler cf. antler Antler
cf. aud. bulla cf. aud. bulla Bulla
cf. dentary cf. dentary
cf. femur cf. femur Femur
cf. fibula cf. fibula Fibula
cf. humerus cf. humerus Humerus
cf. long bone cf. long bone
cf. metapodial cf. metapodial Metapodial
cf. metatarsals cf. metatarsals Metatarsal
cf. radius cf. radius Radius or Radioulna
cf. rib cf. rib Rib
cf. scapula cf. scapula Scapula
cf. skull fragment cf. skull fragment Skull
cf. squamosal cf. squamosal
cf. sternum cf. sternum Sternum
cf. tendon splint cf. tendon splint Ossified Tendon
cf. tibiofib. cf. tibiofib.
cf. tibiotarsus cf. tibiotarsus
cf. ulna cf. ulna Ulna
cf. uncinate cf. uncinate Vertebra
cf. verte. cf. verte. Vertebra
cheekteeth cheekteeth Molar or Premolar
cheektooth cheektooth Molar or Premolar
clavicle clavicle Clavicle
coracoid coracoid Coracoid
costal cartilage costal cartilage Costal Cartilage
cranium cranium Skull
cribiform plate cribiform plate Ethmoid
dentary dentary
dentary, condyloid proc. dentary, condyloid proc.
ear area ear area Sphenoid
eggshell eggshell Eggshell
epiphysis epiphysis Unidentified Element
exoccipital exoccipital Occipital
femur femur Femur
fibula fibula Fibula
fibula ca. fibula ca. Fibula
flat bone flat bone Unidentified Element
flat bone or rib flat bone or rib Unidentified Element
frag. prox. end, w/ frag's missing frag. prox. end, w/ frag's missing Unidentified Element
frag.'s skull, dentary, & innom. frag.'s skull, dentary, & innom. Skull
frontal frontal Frontal
frontals frontals Frontal
furcula furcula Furculum
furculum (wishbone) furculum (wishbone) Furculum
humerus humerus Humerus
hyoid hyoid Hyoid
ilium ilium Ilium
incisor incisor Incisor
innominate innominate
ischium ischium Ischium
lM3 lM3 Lower M3
long bone long bone
long bone (awl) long bone (awl)
long bone (whistle) long bone (whistle)
long bone or ?tibia long bone or ?tibia
long bone or antler long bone or antler Unidentified Element
long bone or rib long bone or rib Rib
long bone or verte. long bone or verte. Unidentified Element
lower cheektooth lower cheektooth Molar or Premolar
lower incisor lower incisor I1
lower jaw lower jaw Mandible
lower mandible lower mandible Mandible
lumbar vert lumbar vert Lumbar Vertebra
m3 m3 M3
mandible mandible Mandible
mastiod process & aud. Bulla mastiod process & aud. Bulla Temporal
mastoid area mastoid area Temporal
mastoid/pretrosal mastoid/pretrosal Petrous
max. max.
maxilla maxilla Maxilla
maxilla and premaxilla maxilla and premaxilla Maxilla
maxilla base zygo. maxilla base zygo. Maxilla
maxilla w/teeth maxilla w/teeth Maxilla
meta. meta. Metapodial
metacarpal metacarpal Carpometacarpus
metacarpal III? metacarpal III? 3rd Metacarpal
metacarpal V metacarpal V 4th Metacarpal
metapod. metapod. Metapodial
metapodial metapodial Metapodial
metapodial, cf. metatarsal metapodial, cf. metatarsal Metapodial
metatarsal metatarsal Metatarsal
metatarsal II metatarsal II 2nd Metatarsal
metatarsal III metatarsal III 3rd Metacarpal
molar molar Molar
much skele. much skele. Articulated Skeleton Nearly Complete
nasal nasal Nasal
naviculo-cuboid naviculo-cuboid Navicular & Cuboid
nearly complete skeleton nearly complete skeleton Articulated Skeleton Nearly Complete
no id no id Unidentified Element
no id. no id. Unidentified Element
no recorded data no recorded data Not Recorded
occipital occipital Occipital
occiput occiput Occipital
p2 p2 P2
p2 or p3 p2 or p3 Premolar
p3 p3 P3
p4 p4 P4
palatal element palatal element
palate palate
palatine palatine
parietal parietal Parietal
parietals parietals Parietal
patella patella Patella
pelvic girdle pelvic girdle
petrosal petrosal Petrous
petrosal area petrosal area Petrous
phalanx phalanx Phalanx
pleural pleural Unidentified Element
podial podial Metapodial
port. Temporal, zygomatic proc. & surrounding area port. Temporal, zygomatic proc. & surrounding area Temporal
port. cranium port. cranium Unidentified Element
pr. maxillae pr. maxillae Maxilla
premax & maxallae premax & maxallae Maxilla
premax. premax. Premaxilla
premaxilla premaxilla Premaxilla
premaxilla & maxilla premaxilla & maxilla Maxilla
premaxilla & maxillae premaxilla & maxillae Maxilla
premaxilla w/teeth premaxilla w/teeth Premaxilla
premaxillae premaxillae Premaxilla
premolar premolar Premolar
pterygoid pterygoid Pterygoid
quadrate quadrate
radius radius Radius or Radioulna
radius or ulna radius or ulna Radius or Ulna
radus radus Radius or Radioulna
rib rib Rib
rib or long bone rib or long bone Unidentified Element
rib or verte. rib or verte. Axial
right aud. bulla right aud. bulla Bulla
sacral vert. sacral vert. Sacrum
sacrum sacrum Sacrum
sacrum & ilium sacrum & ilium
scapula scapula Scapula
sesamoid sesamoid Sesamoid
skeleton skeleton Articulated Skeleton Nearly Complete
skull skull Skull
skull & part skeleton skull & part skeleton Articulated Skeleton Partial
skull & tib., innom. skull & tib., innom. Articulated Skeleton Partial
skull + misc. skull + misc. Articulated Skeleton Partial
skull bone skull bone Skull
skull fragment skull fragment Skull
skull, much of skeleton skull, much of skeleton Articulated Skeleton Nearly Complete
squamosal squamosal
squamosal area squamosal area
sternal element sternal element Sternum
sternal frag. sternal frag. Sternum
sternebra sternebra Sternum
sternum sternum Sternum
supraoccipital supraoccipital Supraoccipital
synsacrum synsacrum Synsacrum
tarsal tarsal Tarsal
tarsometatarsus tarsometatarsus Metatarsal
temporal temporal Temporal
temporal zygomatic temporal zygomatic
terminal phalanx terminal phalanx 3rd Phalanx
terminal wing phalanx terminal wing phalanx Wing Phalanges
thoracic vert thoracic vert Thoracic Vertebra
tibia tibia
tibiofibula tibiofibula
tibiotarsus tibiotarsus
tooth tooth Tooth
tooth frags. tooth frags. Tooth
tooth root tooth root Tooth
tracheal ring tracheal ring
trapezoid trapezoid Trapezoid
ulna ulna Ulna
ulna frag. ulna frag. Ulna
ungual phalanx ungual phalanx Phalanx
upper bill upper bill Beak
upper cheekteeth upper cheekteeth Molar or Premolar
upper cheektooth upper cheektooth Molar or Premolar
upper incisor upper incisor Incisor
upper mandible upper mandible Mandible
verte verte Vertebra
verte. verte. Vertebra
verte. or rib verte. or rib Rib
vertebra vertebra Vertebra
vertebrae vertebrae Vertebra
vertebrate centrum and arch portion vertebrate centrum and arch portion Vertebra
wing phalanx wing phalanx Wing Phalanges
zygomatic zygomatic
zygomatic plate zygomatic plate
zygomatic process zygomatic process
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