Boon hor 11 Structure

Part of the Koster Site, IL (11GE4) project

Year: 2010


Specific bone structure independent of portion

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Boon hor 11 Structure. 2010 ( tDAR id: 394446) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8KP8377

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Category: Fauna

Subcategory: Portion/Proximal/Distal

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
00 Not Applicable
01 Antler tine
02 Antler beam fragment
03 Antler brow tine
04 Mandibular condyle
05 Occlusal surface
06 Humerus head
07 Femur lesser trochanter
10 Tooth root
11 Tooth crown
12 Tooth neck
13 Tooth indeterminate enamel fragment
15 Mandible coronoid process
16 Mandible angular process
17 Mandible alveolar process
18 Mandible horizontal ramus
19 Mandible ascending ramus
20 Frontal postorbital process
21 Frontal pedicel
22 Frontal zygomatic process
25 Sphenoid sella turcica
26 Sphenoid lesser wing
27 Sphenoid greater wing
28 Occipital condyles
29 Occipital jugular or paraoccipital process
30 Occipital nuchal crest/Cruciate eminence
32 Zygomatic maxillary process
33 Zygomatic temporal process
34 Zygomatic postorbital process
35 Temporal petrous portion
36 Temporal zygomatic process
37 Temporal squamous portion
38 Temporal mastoid
39 Temporal auditory bulla
40 Maxilla alveolar process
41 Maxilla zygomatic process
42 Maxilla palatine process
43 Maxilla nasal process
50 Vertebra spinous process
51 Vertebra centrum
52 Vertebra transverse process
53 Vertebra odontoid process
54 Vertebra ventral process
55 Vertebra zygopophysis
56 Vertebra prezygopophysis
57 Vertebra postzygopophysis
58 Vertebra neural arch
59 Vertebra centrum and neural arch
60 Rib capitulum
61 Rib tuberculum
62 Rib uncinate process
63 Sternum caudal or xiphoid process
64 Sternum keel
65 Sternum coracoidal facets
66 Sternum costal facets
67 Sternum carinal margin
68 Scapula glenoid fossa
69 Scapula acromium process
70 Scapula metacromial process
71 Scapula coracoids process
72 Scapula blade fragment
80 Innominate acetabulum
81 Innominate auricular surface
82 Innominate iliac crest
83 Innominate ala/wing
84 Innominate ischial tuberosity
85 Innominate pubic symphysis
86 Innominate ilium and ischium
87 Innominate ischium and pubis
88 Innominate ilium and pubis
89 Innominate ilium and acetabulum
90 First sacral segment
91 Metapodial, both distal condyles
92 Metapodial, right condyle
93 Metapodial, left condyle
94 Metapodial, condyle indeterminate
95 Longbone complete articular end
96 Longbone mesial condyle
97 Longbone lateral condyle
98 Ulna semilunar notch
99 Femur head
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings
The following coding rules exist in datasets mapped to this coding sheet, but are not in the coding sheet

Individual & Institutional Roles

Project Director(s): Sarah Neusius

Prepared By(s): Indiana University of Penn.


General Note: The Koster faunal databases loaded in tDAR were identified by several zooarchaeologists. Frederick C. Hill and his assistants identified much of the early material collected in test units dug in 1969 as well as materials from the excavation of Horizons 1-6. Hill's 1975 dissertation (see reference list associated with this project) is a primary source for this material. Sarah W. Neusius identified faunal remains from Horizons 8-10B as well as a small sample of materials from Horizon 11. Her 1982 dissertation as well as a 1986 article (see references) are the primary sources for this material. John Hewitt created the faunal file for Horizons 8-10B identifications in conjunction with his own 1982 dissertation (see references) Andrea L. Boon completed a MA thesis on a large sample of materials from Horizon 11 and reported on this research in her 2011 thesis (see references).

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