Coding sheet for Taxon (Modoc Rock Shelter, IL (11R5)-1980 Fauna dataset-West Shelter 1/16 inch waterscreen )


This coding sheet was generated by tDAR for taxon - VARCHAR 77131 column from Modoc Rock Shelter, IL (11R5)-1980 Fauna dataset-West Shelter 1/16 inch waterscreen dataset (398954) on 8/21/15 12:12 PM

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Coding sheet for Taxon (Modoc Rock Shelter, IL (11R5)-1980 Fauna dataset-West Shelter 1/16 inch waterscreen ). 2015 ( tDAR id: 399150) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8FF3TPF

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Ontology: Fauna Taxon Ontology - Eastern US

Category: Fauna

Subcategory: Taxon

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
Amia calva Amia calva Amia calva
Amphibia Amphibia Amphibia
Aplodinotus grunniens Aplodinotus grunniens Aplodinotus grunniens
Aves Aves Aves
Blarina brevicauda Blarina brevicauda Blarina brevicauda
Carnivora, medium Carnivora, medium Carnivora medium
Carpiodes sp. Carpiodes sp. Carpiodes
Catostomidae Catostomidae Catostomidae
Centrarchidae Centrarchidae Centrarchidae
Coleoptera Coleoptera Invertebrata
Cricetidae, small Cricetidae, small Cricetidae
Cryptotis parva Cryptotis parva Cryptotis parva
Cyprinidae Cyprinidae Cyprinidae
Decapoda Decapoda Decapoda
Didelphis virginianus Didelphis virginianus Didelphis virginiana
Eptesicus fuscus Eptesicus fuscus Eptesicus fuscus
Glaucomys volans Glaucomys volans Glaucomys volans
Ictaluridae Ictaluridae Ictaluridae
Ictalurus cf. melas Ictalurus cf. melas Ameiurus melas
Ictalurus cf. natalis Ictalurus cf. natalis Ameiurus natalis
Ictalurus cf. punctatus Ictalurus cf. punctatus Ictalurus punctatus
Ictalurus cf. punctatus/furcatus Ictalurus cf. punctatus/furcatus Ictalurus furcatus or punctatus
Ictalurus melas/natalis/nebulosus Ictalurus melas/natalis/nebulosus Ameiurus
Ictalurus melas/neb/nat Ictalurus melas/neb/nat Ameiurus
Ictiobus bubalus/niger Ictiobus bubalus/niger Ictiobus
Ictiobus cf. cyprinellus Ictiobus cf. cyprinellus Ictiobus cyprinellus
Ictiobus cf. niger or bubalus Ictiobus cf. niger or bubalus Ictiobus
Ictiobus or Carpiodes Ictiobus or Carpiodes Catostomidae
Ictiobus sp. Ictiobus sp. Ictiobus
Lepisosteus Lepisosteus Lepisosteus
Lepisosteus sp Lepisosteus sp Lepisosteus
Lepisosteus sp. Lepisosteus sp. Lepisosteus
Lepistosteus sp. Lepistosteus sp. Lepisosteus
Lepomis sp. Lepomis sp. Lepomis
Mammalia Mammalia Mammalia
Marmota monax Marmota monax Marmota monax
Micropterus sp. Micropterus sp. Micropterus
Microtus ochrogaster/Pitymys pinetorum Microtus ochrogaster/Pitymys pinetorum Microtus
Odocoileus virginianus Odocoileus virginianus Odocoileus virginianus
Ondatra zibethicus Ondatra zibethicus Ondatra zibethicus
Oryzomys palustris Oryzomys palustris Oryzomys palustris
Osteichthyes Osteichthyes Osteichthyes
Pelecypoda Pelecypoda Bivalvia
Peromyscus sp. Peromyscus sp. Peromyscus
Reptilia Reptilia Reptilia
Scalopus aquaticus Scalopus aquaticus Scalopus aquaticus
Sciurus cf. carolinensis Sciurus cf. carolinensis Sciurus carolinensis
Sciurus cf. niger Sciurus cf. niger Sciurus niger
Sciurus sp. Sciurus sp. Sciurus
Spermophilus Tridecemlineatus Spermophilus Tridecemlineatus Ictidomys tridecemlineatus
Spermophilus franklini Spermophilus franklini Poliocitellus franklinii
Squamata Squamata Squamata
Sylvilagus floridanus Sylvilagus floridanus Sylvilagus floridanus
Synaptomys cooperi Synaptomys cooperi Synaptomys cooperi
Tamias striatus Tamias striatus Tamias striatus
Testudines Testudines Testudines
Vertebrata Vertebrata Vertebrata
Zapus hudsonicus Zapus hudsonicus Zapus hudsonius
cf. Ambloplites rupestris cf. Ambloplites rupestris Ambloplites rupestris
cf. Amia calva cf. Amia calva Amia calva
cf. Eptesicus fuscus cf. Eptesicus fuscus Eptesicus fuscus
cf. Esox cf. Esox Esox
cf. Glaucomys volans cf. Glaucomys volans Glaucomys volans
cf. Lepomis sp. cf. Lepomis sp. Lepomis
cf. Micropterus sp. cf. Micropterus sp. Micropterus
cf. Odocoileus virginianus cf. Odocoileus virginianus Odocoileus virginianus
cf. Peromyscus sp. cf. Peromyscus sp. Peromyscus
cf. Pomoxis sp. cf. Pomoxis sp. Pomoxis
cf. Sciurus carolinensis cf. Sciurus carolinensis Sciurus carolinensis
cf. Sigmodon hispidus cf. Sigmodon hispidus Sigmodon hispidus
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings

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