Coding sheet for Elem (Dust Cave, Alabama Archaic faunal dataset)

Part of the Dust Cave Site, AL (1LU496) project

Year: 2015


This coding sheet was generated by tDAR for elem - VARCHAR 59430 column from Dust Cave, Alabama Archaic faunal dataset dataset (394390) on 11/7/15 12:22 PM

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Coding sheet for Elem (Dust Cave, Alabama Archaic faunal dataset). 2015 ( tDAR id: 400756) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8765GWF

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Ontology: Fauna Element Ontology

Category: Fauna

Subcategory: Element

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
anal spine anal spine Anal Fin
antler antler Antler
articular articular Articular
astragalus astragalus Astragalus
auditory bulla auditory bulla Bulla
calcaneus calcaneus Calcaneus
canine canine Canine
canine indet canine indet Canine
caranassial caranassial M1
carnassial carnassial Molar
carp/tars carp/tars Carpal or Tarsal
carpometa carpometa Carpometacarpus
caud vert caud vert Caudal Vertebra
caudal vert caudal vert Caudal Vertebra
ceratohyal ceratohyal Ceratohyal
cervical vert cervical vert Cervical Vertebra
cleithrum cleithrum Cleithrum
coarcoid coarcoid Coracoid
coracoid coracoid Coracoid
cuneiform cuneiform 1st Cuneiform
dentary dentary Mandible
dors spine dors spine Fin Spine
femur femur Femur
femur epi femur epi Femur
first phal first phal 1st Phalanx
furculum furculum Furculum
humerus humerus Humerus
humerus epi humerus epi Humerus
hyomandib hyomandib Hyomandibular
hypohyal hypohyal Hypohyal
incisor incisor Incisor
incisor upper incisor upper Incisor
innom innom Innominate
innominate innominate Innominate
ischium ischium Ischium
lateral malleolus lateral malleolus Lateral Malleolus
longbone longbone Long Bone Fragment
longbone f longbone f Long Bone Fragment
longobne longobne Long Bone Fragment
magnum magnum Capitate
mand/max mand/max Maxilla or Mandible
mandible mandible Mandible
manidble manidble Mandible
manubrium manubrium Sternebra 1
maxilla maxilla Maxilla
maxilla-wh maxilla-wh Maxilla
metacarp 3 metacarp 3 3rd Metacarpal
metapod metapod Metapodial
metapod ep metapod ep Metapodial
metatars metatars Metatarsal
mmandible mmandible Mandible
molar molar Molar
molar 1 lo molar 1 lo Molar
molar 1, t molar 1, t Molar
molar 2 l molar 2 l Molar
molar 3 l molar 3 l Molar
molar dec molar dec Deciduous Premolar
molar u molar u Molar
molar up molar up Molar
molar, b molar, b Molar
operculum operculum Opercular
operculum cf. operculum cf. Opercular
otolith otolith Otolith
parasphen parasphen Parasphenoid
pect gird pect gird Pectoral Girdle
pect spine pect spine Fin Spine
pelvic gir pelvic gir Pelvic Girdle
peripheral peripheral Peripheral
phal phal Phalanx
phal 1 phal 1 1st Phalanx
phal 1, d phal 1, d 1st Phalanx
phal 1-p phal 1-p Phalanx
phal 2 phal 2 2nd Phalanx
phal 2 dis phal 2 dis 2nd Phalanx
phal 3 phal 3 3rd Phalanx
phal epi phal epi Phalanx
phalans, 3 phalans, 3 3rd Phalanx
phalanx 1 phalanx 1 1st Phalanx
pharyng pharyng Pharyngeal Bone
pharyngeal pharyngeal Pharyngeal Bone
plastron plastron Plastron
pleural pleural Pleural
premax premax Premaxilla
preml 4, t preml 4, t Premolar
premol up premol up Premolar
premolar u premolar u Premolar
preoperc preoperc Preopercular
quadrate quadrate Quadrate
radius radius Radius
radius epi radius epi Radius
rib rib Rib
rib/ray rib/ray Ray
rib/spine rib/spine Fin Spine
rostrum rostrum Nasal
scale scale Scale
scaphoid scaphoid Scaphoid
scapula scapula Scapula
sesmoid sesmoid Sesamoid
shell shell Other Shell Fragment
skull skull Skull
spine spine Fin Spine
sternum sternum Sternum
suboperc suboperc Subopercular
supraeth supraeth Supraethmoid
supratemp supratemp Supratemporal
synsacrum synsacrum Synsacrum
tarsal tarsal Tarsal
tarso&spur tarso&spur Tarsometatarsus
tarsometa tarsometa Tarsometatarsus
term phal term phal 3rd Phalanx
thor vert thor vert Thoracic Vertebra
tibia tibia Tibia
tibia epiphysis tibia epiphysis Tibia
tibiotarsus tibiotarsus Tibiotarsus
tooth tooth Tooth
ulna ulna Ulna
unident unident Vertebrate Element
urohyal urohyal Urohyal
vert vert Vertebra
vert epi vert epi Vertebra
vest metap vest metap Vestigial Metapodial
zygomatic zygomatic Zygomatic
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings

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