Coding sheet for Element (Sachsen Cave Shelter)

Part of the Sachsen Cave project

Year: 2015


This coding sheet was generated by tDAR for col_element - VARCHAR 79387 column from Sachsen Cave Shelter dataset (400924) on 11/27/15 2:36 PM

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Coding sheet for Element (Sachsen Cave Shelter). 2015 ( tDAR id: 400926) ; doi:10.6067/XCV82B90M3

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Ontology: Fauna Element Ontology

Category: Fauna

Subcategory: Element

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
acetabulum acetabulum Acetabulum
astragalus astragalus Astragalus
calcaneus calcaneus Calcaneus
carapace carapace Carapace
carpal carpal Carpal
carpometacarpus carpometacarpus Carpometacarpus
coracoid coracoid Coracoid
humerus humerus Humerus
indet indet Unidentified Element
innominate innominate Innominate
longbone longbone Long Bone Fragment
lunate lunate Lunate
mandible mandible Mandible
metacarpal metacarpal Metacarpal
metapodial metapodial Metapodial
metatarsal metatarsal Metatarsal
molar molar Molar
molar 1, upper molar 1, upper Molar
molar 2, upper molar 2, upper Molar
molar, upper molar, upper Molar
naviculocuboid naviculocuboid Cuboid
petrous portion petrous portion Petrous
phalanx 1 phalanx 1 Phalanx
phalanx 2 phalanx 2 Phalanx
phalanx 3 phalanx 3 Phalanx
phalanx, 1 phalanx, 1 Phalanx
premolar 2 upper premolar 2 upper Premolar
premolar 2, lower premolar 2, lower Premolar
premolar 2, upper premolar 2, upper Premolar
premolar, upper premolar, upper Premolar
radius radius Radius
rib rib Rib
scapula scapula Scapula
shell shell Other Shell Fragment
skull skull Skull
tarsometarsus tarsometarsus Tarsometatarsus
tibia tibia Tibia
tooth tooth Tooth
unident unident Unidentified Element
vertebra vertebra Vertebra
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings

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