Coding sheet for Element (Napoleon Hollow, IL (11PK500)-Fauna dataset 1/4" screen)

Part of the Napoleon Hollow, IL (11PK500) project

Year: 2015


This coding sheet was generated by tDAR for col_element - VARCHAR 79413 column from Napoleon Hollow, IL (11PK500)-Fauna dataset 1/4" screen dataset (400962) on 12/1/15 1:54 PM

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Coding sheet for Element (Napoleon Hollow, IL (11PK500)-Fauna dataset 1/4" screen). 2015 ( tDAR id: 400969) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8N58NZC

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Ontology: Fauna Element Ontology

Category: Fauna

Subcategory: Element

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
2nd phalange 2nd phalange 2nd Phalanx
2nd pterygio 2nd pterygio Pterygiophore
3rd phalange 3rd phalange 3rd Phalanx
Carapace or plastron Carapace or plastron Carapace or Plastron
Rib Rib Rib
Rib, ray, spine Rib, ray, spine Rib, Ray, or Spine
Shaft Shaft Long Bone Fragment
Snail shell Snail shell Snail Shell
Trapezo-magnum Trapezo-magnum Capitate
Unknown Unknown Unidentified Fragment
Valve Valve Valve
Weberian appa Weberian appa Weberian Vertebra
alisphenoid alisphenoid Alisphenoid
antler antler Antler
antler shed antler shed Antler
antler tine antler tine Antler
antler,shed antler,shed Antler
articular articular Articular
astragalus astragalus Astragalus
atlas atlas Atlas
aud bulla aud bulla Bulla
axis axis Axis
basibrachios basibrachios Basibranchial
basioccipital basioccipital Basiooccipital
basipterygium basipterygium Basipterygium
basisphenoid basisphenoid Basisphenoid
branch ray branch ray Branchiostegal
branchial branchial Pharyngeal Bone
calcaneum calcaneum Calcaneus
carapace carapace Carapace
carpal carpal Carpal
caud verte caud verte Caudal Vertebra
caud vertebra caud vertebra Caudal Vertebra
ceratohyal ceratohyal Ceratohyal
cerv verte cerv verte Cervical Vertebra
cheek tooth cheek tooth Tooth
chela chela Claw
circumorbit circumorbit Circumorbital
cleithrum cleithrum Cleithrum
coracoid coracoid Coracoid
cuboid cuboid Cuboid
dentary dentary Mandible
do spine do spine Dorsal Ray/Spine
do/ve spine do/ve spine Fin Spine
entoplastron entoplastron Entoplastron
entopterygoid entopterygoid Endopterygoid
epihyal epihyal Epihyal
epiotic epiotic Epiotic
epiplastron epiplastron Epiplastron
exoccipital exoccipital Exoccipital
femur femur Femur
fibula fibula Fibula
first phal first phal 1st Phalanx
first verte first verte Atlas
front w/ ant front w/ ant Frontal w/ Antler
frontal frontal Frontal
ganoid scale ganoid scale Ganoid Scale
glossohyal glossohyal Interhyal
gr cuneifor gr cuneifor 1st Cuneiform
gular plate gular plate Gular Plate
humerus humerus Humerus
hyoid hyoid Hyoid
hyomandibular hyomandibular Hyomandibular
hyoplastron hyoplastron Hyoplastron
hypohyal hypohyal Hypohyal
hypoplastron hypoplastron Hypoplastron
hypural hypural Hypural
illium illium Ilium
incisor incisor Incisor
interhyal interhyal Interhyal
interopercu interopercu Interopercular
ischium ischium Ischium
jugal jugal Jugal
lacrimal lacrimal Lacrimal
lat maleolus lat maleolus Lateral Malleolus
lower I1 lower I1 Lower i1
lower c1 lower c1 Lower C
lower dm1 lower dm1 Lower M1
lower dp2 lower dp2 Lower dp2
lower dp3 lower dp3 Lower dp3
lower dp4 lower dp4 Lower dp4
lower i1 lower i1 Lower i1
lower m1 lower m1 Lower M1
lower m2 lower m2 Lower M2
lower m3 lower m3 Lower M3
lower m4 lower m4 Lower M3
lower p1 lower p1 Lower P1
lower p2 lower p2 Lower P2
lower p3 lower p3 Lower P3
lower p4 lower p4 Lower P4
lower phar arch lower phar arch Pharyngeal Bone
ls cuneifor ls cuneifor 2nd Cuneiform
lumb vert lumb vert Lumbar Vertebra
lumb verte lumb verte Lumbar Vertebra
lunate lunate Lunate
mand canine mand canine Lower C
mand incisor mand incisor Incisor Lower
mand w/ teet mand w/ teet Mandible w/ Teeth
mand w/ teeth mand w/ teeth Mandible w/ Teeth
mand w/o tee mand w/o tee Mandible w/o Teeth
mand w/o teeth mand w/o teeth Mandible w/o Teeth
manus manus Carpal
max incisor max incisor Incisor Upper
max molar max molar Molar Upper
max w/ teeth max w/ teeth Maxilla w/ Teeth
max w/o teeth max w/o teeth Maxilla w/o Teeth
mesethmoid mesethmoid Mesethmoid
metacarpal metacarpal Metacarpal
metapodial metapodial Metapodial
metapterygoid metapterygoid Metapterygoid
metatarsal metatarsal Metatarsal
molar molar Molar
nasal nasal Nasal
neur spine neur spine Rib, Ray, or Spine
neural neural Neural
neural #1 neural #1 Neural 1
neural #2 neural #2 Neural 2
neural #3 neural #3 Neural 3
neural #4 neural #4 Neural 4
neural #5 neural #5 Neural 5
neural #6 neural #6 Neural 6
neural #7 neural #7 Neural 7
neural #8 neural #8 Neural 8
occipital occipital Occipital
opercle ser opercle ser Opercular
operculum operculum Opercular
orbitospheno orbitospheno Orbitosphenotic
otolith otolith Otolith
palatine palatine Palatine
parasphenoid parasphenoid Parasphenoid
parethmoid parethmoid Parethmoid
parietal parietal Parietal
patella patella Patella
pect ray pect ray Pectoral Fin
pect spine pect spine Pectoral Fin
pelvis pelvis Innominate
periph #1 periph #1 Peripheral 1
periph #10 periph #10 Peripheral 10
periph #11 periph #11 Peripheral 11
periph #2 periph #2 Peripheral 2
periph #3 periph #3 Peripheral 3
periph #4 periph #4 Peripheral 4
periph #5 periph #5 Peripheral 5
periph #6 periph #6 Peripheral 6
periph #7 periph #7 Peripheral 7
periph #8 periph #8 Peripheral 8
periph #9 periph #9 Peripheral 9
peripheral peripheral Peripheral
phalange phalange Phalanx
phar arch phar arch Pharyngeal Bone
phar arch lower phar arch lower Pharyngeal Bone
phar arch upper phar arch upper Pharyngeal Bone
plastron plastron Plastron
pleural pleural Pleural
pleural #1 pleural #1 Pleural 1
pleural #2 pleural #2 Pleural 2
pleural #3 pleural #3 Pleural 3
pleural #4 pleural #4 Pleural 4
pleural #5 pleural #5 Pleural 5
pleural #6 pleural #6 Pleural 6
pleural #7 pleural #7 Pleural 7
pleural #8 pleural #8 Pleural 8
postcleith postcleith Postcleithrum
postemporal postemporal Posttemporal
premaxilla premaxilla Premaxilla
preoperculum preoperculum Preopercular
proneural proneural Proneural
prootic prootic Prootic
pterotic pterotic Pterotic
pterygiophore pterygiophore Pterygiophore
pterygoid pterygoid Pterygoid
pygal pygal Pygal
quadrate quadrate Quadrate
radius radius Radius
ray ray Ray
ri,ra,spine ri,ra,spine Rib, Ray, or Spine
rib rib Rib
sacrum sacrum Sacrum
scale scale Scale
scaphoid scaphoid Scaphoid
scapula scapula Scapula
sesamoid sesamoid Sesamoid
shaft shaft Long Bone Fragment
skull frag skull frag Skull
sphenotic sphenotic Sphenotic
spine-fish spine-fish Fin Spine
squamosal squamosal Squamosal
sternum sternum Sternum
suboperculum suboperculum Subopercular
suborbital suborbital Suborbital
supracleith supracleith Supracleithrum
supraoccipit supraoccipit Supraoccipital
suprapyg #1 suprapyg #1 Suprapygal 1
suprapyg #2 suprapyg #2 Suprapygal 2
tarsal tarsal Tarsal
tarsometata tarsometata Tarsometatarsus
tarsometatar tarsometatar Tarsometatarsus
thor vert thor vert Thoracic Vertebra
thor verte thor verte Thoracic Vertebra
tibia tibia Tibia
tibiofibula tibiofibula Tibiofibula
tibiotarsus tibiotarsus Tibiotarsus
tooth tooth Tooth
tooth bearer tooth bearer Tooth
tripus tripus Tripus
triquetral triquetral Triquetrum
ulna ulna Ulna
unciform unciform Hamate
upper I1 upper I1 Upper i1
upper I2 upper I2 Upper i2
upper I3 upper I3 Upper i3
upper M1 upper M1 Upper M1
upper M2 upper M2 Upper M2
upper M3 upper M3 Upper M3
upper P2 upper P2 Upper P2
upper P3 upper P3 Upper P3
upper P4 upper P4 Upper P4
upper dm1 upper dm1 Upper M1
upper dm3 upper dm3 Upper M3
upper dp2 upper dp2 Upper dp2
upper dp3 upper dp3 Upper dp3
upper dp4 upper dp4 Upper dp4
upper m1 upper m1 Upper M1
urohyal urohyal Urohyal
valve valve Valve
vertebra vertebra Vertebra
vest 2 phal vest 2 phal Vestigial Phalanx
vest 3 meta vest 3 meta Vestigial Metapodial
vomer vomer Vomer
xiphiplastron xiphiplastron Xiphiplastron
zygomatic zygomatic Zygomatic
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings

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