Coding sheet for Element, Section (White Bend Site, IL (11HA938) Faunal Database REVISED 2)

Part of the White Bend Site, IL (11HA938) project

Year: 2016


This coding sheet was generated by tDAR for element__section - VARCHAR 80623 column from White Bend Site, IL (11HA938) Faunal Database REVISED 2 dataset (402086) on 7/29/16 2:09 PM

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Coding sheet for Element, Section (White Bend Site, IL (11HA938) Faunal Database REVISED 2). 2016 ( tDAR id: 406691) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8BC41DP

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Ontology: Fauna Element Ontology

Category: Fauna

Subcategory: Element

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
accessory phalanx, complete accessory phalanx, complete Vestigial Phalanx
antler, base fragment antler, base fragment Antler
antler, fragment antler, fragment Antler
antler, tine fragment antler, tine fragment Antler
antler, tine tip fragment antler, tine tip fragment Antler
antler, tip fragment antler, tip fragment Antler
canine, fragment canine, fragment Canine
carapace, fragment carapace, fragment Carapace
carapace/plastron, fragment carapace/plastron, fragment Carapace or Plastron
cheek tooth, crown fragment cheek tooth, crown fragment Tooth
cheek tooth, fragment cheek tooth, fragment Tooth
costal, fragment costal, fragment Costal
cranial, fragment cranial, fragment Skull
entoplastron, complete entoplastron, complete Entoplastron
humerus, distal fragment humerus, distal fragment Humerus
incisor, fragment incisor, fragment Incisor
incisor, fragment (mandibular) incisor, fragment (mandibular) Incisor Lower
incisor, fragment (maxillary) incisor, fragment (maxillary) Incisor Upper
indeterminate, fragment indeterminate, fragment Unidentified Fragment
jaw, fragment jaw, fragment Mandible
left astragalus, complete left astragalus, complete Astragalus
left astragalus, fragment left astragalus, fragment Astragalus
left calcaneus, complete left calcaneus, complete Calcaneus
left calcaneus, fragment left calcaneus, fragment Calcaneus
left femur, proximal fragment left femur, proximal fragment Femur
left humerus, distal fragment left humerus, distal fragment Humerus
left humerus, distal shaft fragment left humerus, distal shaft fragment Humerus
left mandible, fragment left mandible, fragment Mandible
left maxilla, fragment left maxilla, fragment Maxilla
left metatarsus 4, proximal-shaft fragment left metatarsus 4, proximal-shaft fragment 4th Metatarsal
left metatarsus, proximal fragment left metatarsus, proximal fragment Metatarsal
left molar 1 or 2, fragment (maxillary) left molar 1 or 2, fragment (maxillary) Molar Upper
left molar 1, complete (maxillary) left molar 1, complete (maxillary) Upper M1
left scapula, distal fragment left scapula, distal fragment Scapula
left scapula, fragment left scapula, fragment Scapula
left suprapharyngeal, fragment left suprapharyngeal, fragment Pharyngeal Bone
long bone, shaft fragment long bone, shaft fragment Long Bone Fragment
lumbar vertebra, fragment lumbar vertebra, fragment Lumbar Vertebra
metapodial, complete metapodial, complete Metapodial
metapodial, distal epiphysis fragment metapodial, distal epiphysis fragment Metapodial
metapodial, distal fragment metapodial, distal fragment Metapodial
metapodial, distal-shaft fragment metapodial, distal-shaft fragment Metapodial
metapodial, proximal diaphysis fragment metapodial, proximal diaphysis fragment Metapodial
metapodial, proximal fragment metapodial, proximal fragment Metapodial
metapodial, shaft fragment metapodial, shaft fragment Metapodial
neural, fragment neural, fragment Neural
peripheral, fragment peripheral, fragment Peripheral
petrosal, fragment petrosal, fragment Petrous
phalanx 1, proximal fragment phalanx 1, proximal fragment 1st Phalanx
phalanx 2, distal fragment phalanx 2, distal fragment 2nd Phalanx
phalanx 2, proximal fragment phalanx 2, proximal fragment 2nd Phalanx
phalanx, complete phalanx, complete Phalanx
phalanx, distal fragment phalanx, distal fragment Phalanx
phalanx, distal-shaft fragment phalanx, distal-shaft fragment Phalanx
phalanx, proximal epiphysis fragment phalanx, proximal epiphysis fragment Phalanx
phalanx2, distal fragment phalanx2, distal fragment Phalanx
plastron, fragment plastron, fragment Plastron
preopercular, fragment preopercular, fragment Preopercular
right antler, fragment right antler, fragment Antler
right astragalus, complete right astragalus, complete Astragalus
right astragalus, fragment right astragalus, fragment Astragalus
right canine, complete (mandibular) right canine, complete (mandibular) Lower C
right fibula, complete right fibula, complete Fibula
right humerus, distal fragment right humerus, distal fragment Humerus
right mandible, fragment right mandible, fragment Mandible
right metacarpus, proximal-shaft fragment right metacarpus, proximal-shaft fragment Metacarpal
right molar 1, complete (maxillary) right molar 1, complete (maxillary) Upper M1
right molar 2, complete (maxillary) right molar 2, complete (maxillary) Upper M2
right molar 3, complete (maxillary) right molar 3, complete (maxillary) Upper M3
right pubis, acetabulum fragment right pubis, acetabulum fragment Pubis w/ Acetabulum
right radius, distal diaphysis fragment right radius, distal diaphysis fragment Radius
right radius, proximal fragment right radius, proximal fragment Radius
right scapula, distal fragment right scapula, distal fragment Scapula
right tibia, proximal epiphysis fragment right tibia, proximal epiphysis fragment Tibia
right ulna, proximal fragment right ulna, proximal fragment Ulna
right unciform, fragment right unciform, fragment Hamate
sesamoid, complete sesamoid, complete Sesamoid
sesamoid, fragment sesamoid, fragment Sesamoid
shell, fragment shell, fragment Valve
terminal phalanx, complete terminal phalanx, complete 3rd Phalanx
terminal phalanx, proximal fragment terminal phalanx, proximal fragment 3rd Phalanx
tooth, fragment tooth, fragment Tooth
tooth, root fragment tooth, root fragment Tooth
trunk vertebra, complete trunk vertebra, complete Vertebra
trunk vertebra, fragment trunk vertebra, fragment Vertebra
vertebra, centrum fragment vertebra, centrum fragment Vertebra
vertebra, fragment vertebra, fragment Vertebra
vertebra, zygopophysis fragment vertebra, zygopophysis fragment Vertebra
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings

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