Coding sheet for Element (Kramer Mound, IN (12Sp7) Faunal Dataset)

Part of the Kramer Mound Site, IN (12Sp7) project

Year: 2016


This coding sheet was generated by tDAR for col_element - VARCHAR 59630 column from Kramer Mound, IN (12Sp7) Faunal Dataset dataset (394425) on 7/30/16 2:23 PM

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Coding sheet for Element (Kramer Mound, IN (12Sp7) Faunal Dataset). 2016 ( tDAR id: 406713) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8JW8GRD

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Ontology: Fauna Element Ontology

Category: Fauna

Subcategory: Element

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
Antler tips Antler tips Antler
Bone point/tip Bone point/tip Long Bone Fragment
Indet. Frag Indet. Frag Unidentified Fragment
Indet. Frag. Indet. Frag. Unidentified Fragment
M1, maxillary M1, maxillary Upper M1
M1-2, mandibular M1-2, mandibular Molar Lower
M2, mandibular M2, mandibular Lower M2
M2, maxillary M2, maxillary Upper M2
M2, with mandibular bone M2, with mandibular bone Mandible w/ Teeth
M3, mandibular M3, mandibular Lower M3
M3, maxillary M3, maxillary Upper M3
M3, maxillary and maxillary fragment M3, maxillary and maxillary fragment Maxilla w/ Teeth
M4, maxillary M4, maxillary Upper M3
PM1, maxillary PM1, maxillary Upper P1
Phalanx Phalanx Phalanx
Phalanx, #1 Phalanx, #1 1st Phalanx
Phalanx, #2 Phalanx, #2 2nd Phalanx
Phalanx, 1st Phalanx, 1st 1st Phalanx
Phalanx, distal Phalanx, distal Phalanx
acetabulum acetabulum Acetabulum
anal spine, fragment anal spine, fragment Anal Fin
anter anter Antler
antler antler Antler
antler beam antler beam Antler
antler frag antler frag Antler
antler fragment antler fragment Antler
antler fragments antler fragments Antler
antler frags antler frags Antler
antler pedicle antler pedicle Frontal w/ Pedicel
antler peidcle and beam fragment antler peidcle and beam fragment Frontal w/ Antler
antler tine antler tine Antler
antler tine fragments antler tine fragments Antler
antler tip antler tip Antler
articular articular Articular
articular fragment articular fragment Articular
ascending ramus ascending ramus Mandible
ascending ramus-mandible ascending ramus-mandible Mandible
astragalus astragalus Astragalus
astragalus, fragment astragalus, fragment Astragalus
astragalus, nearly complete astragalus, nearly complete Astragalus
astragalus, partial astragalus, partial Astragalus
atlas atlas Atlas
atlas vert. atlas vert. Atlas
auditory bulla auditory bulla Bulla
axial notch axial notch Axial
axis vertebra axis vertebra Axis
axis vertebra fragment axis vertebra fragment Axis
basioccipital basioccipital Basiooccipital
basisphenoid basisphenoid Basisphenoid
body whorl body whorl Body Whorl
bone bone Unidentified Fragment
bone fl bone fl Long Bone Fragment
bone flake bone flake Long Bone Fragment
bone flake, splinter bone flake, splinter Long Bone Fragment
bone flakes bone flakes Long Bone Fragment
bone fragm bone fragm Unidentified Fragment
bone shaft bone shaft Long Bone Fragment
bone splint bone splint Long Bone Fragment
bone splinter bone splinter Long Bone Fragment
bone split bone split Long Bone Fragment
calcaneous, incomplete calcaneous, incomplete Calcaneus
calcaneus calcaneus Calcaneus
calcaneus fragment calcaneus fragment Calcaneus
calcaneus, complete calcaneus, complete Calcaneus
calcaneus, fragment calcaneus, fragment Calcaneus
calcaneus, incomplete calcaneus, incomplete Calcaneus
calcaneus, partial calcaneus, partial Calcaneus
canine canine Canine
canine frag canine frag Canine
canine fragment canine fragment Canine
canine, incomplete canine, incomplete Canine
canine, maxillary canine, maxillary Upper C
canines canines Canine
carapace carapace Carapace
carapace fragments carapace fragments Carapace
carapace/plastron carapace/plastron Carapace or Plastron
carapaceplastron fragment carapaceplastron fragment Carapace or Plastron
carapcae carapcae Carapace
cardinal tooth cardinal tooth Cardinal Tooth/Teeth
carpal/tarsal carpal/tarsal Carpal or Tarsal
carpometacarpus carpometacarpus Carpometacarpus
carpometacarpus, fragment carpometacarpus, fragment Carpometacarpus
carpometacarpus, incomplete carpometacarpus, incomplete Carpometacarpus
ceratohyal ? ceratohyal ? Ceratohyal
cervical vertebra cervical vertebra Cervical Vertebra
cf. antler cf. antler Antler
cf. ulna cf. ulna Ulna
cleithrum cleithrum Cleithrum
complete complete Unidentified Fragment
complete gastropod complete gastropod
complete snail complete snail
complete valve complete valve
constal fragments constal fragments Costal
coracoid coracoid Coracoid
coracoid fragment coracoid fragment Coracoid
coracoid, distal coracoid, distal Coracoid
coracoid, lateral coracoid, lateral Coracoid
coracoid, nearly complete coracoid, nearly complete Coracoid
coracoid, posterior/proximal coracoid, posterior/proximal Coracoid
costak costak Costal
costal costal Costal
costal frag costal frag Costal
costal fragment costal fragment Costal
costal fragments costal fragments Costal
costal, fragment costal, fragment Costal
costal, incomplete costal, incomplete Costal
costal/marginal costal/marginal Carapace
costal/neural costal/neural Carapace
costal/neural, fused costal/neural, fused Carapace
costals costals Carapace
cranial cranial Skull
cranial frag cranial frag Skull
cranial fragment cranial fragment Skull
cranial, fragment cranial, fragment Skull
cranium cranium Skull
cuneiform cuneiform Tarsal
dentary dentary Dentary
dentary fragment dentary fragment Dentary
diaphysis diaphysis Unidentified Diaphysis
diaphysis frag diaphysis frag Unidentified Diaphysis
diaphysis fragment diaphysis fragment Unidentified Diaphysis
diaphysis fragments diaphysis fragments Unidentified Diaphysis
diaphysis, distal diaphysis, distal Unidentified Diaphysis
diaphysis, fragment diaphysis, fragment Unidentified Diaphysis
dorsal dorsal Unidentified Fragment
dorsal spine dorsal spine Dorsal Ray/Spine
dorsal spine, fragment dorsal spine, fragment Dorsal Ray/Spine
entoplastron entoplastron Entoplastron
epiphysis epiphysis Unidentified Epiphysis
epiphysis fragments epiphysis fragments Unidentified Epiphysis
epiphysis? Frags epiphysis? Frags Unidentified Epiphysis
eye socket eye socket Circumorbital
femoral head femoral head Femur Proximal Epiphysis
femur femur Femur
femur, distal femur, distal Femur
femur, distal epiphysis femur, distal epiphysis Femur Distal Epiphysis
femur, fragment femur, fragment Femur
femur, proximal femur, proximal Femur
femur/humerus femur/humerus Femur
fibula fibula Fibula
fibula, proximal fibula, proximal Fibula
fragment fragment Unidentified Fragment
fragments fragments Unidentified Fragment
furculum furculum Furculum
hinge hinge Umbo
hinge fragment hinge fragment Umbo
hinge frags hinge frags Umbo
hinge tooth hinge tooth Umbo
hinge tooth fragment hinge tooth fragment Umbo
hinge tooth, lateral hinge tooth, lateral Umbo
hinge tooth, umbo hinge tooth, umbo Umbo
hinge tooth/umbo hinge tooth/umbo Umbo
hinge, fragment hinge, fragment Umbo
hinge, hinge tooth hinge, hinge tooth Umbo
hinge, umbo hinge, umbo Umbo
hinge/hinge tooth hinge/hinge tooth Umbo
hinge/hinge tooth/umbo hinge/hinge tooth/umbo Umbo
hinge/umbo hinge/umbo Umbo
hinges hinges Umbo
hinget tooth, umbo hinget tooth, umbo Umbo
humer humer Humerus
humerus humerus Humerus
humerus diaphysis humerus diaphysis Humerus
humerus distal humerus distal
humerus, complete humerus, complete Humerus
humerus, diaphysis humerus, diaphysis Humerus
humerus, distal humerus, distal Humerus
humerus, epiphysis humerus, epiphysis Humerus
humerus, fragment humerus, fragment Humerus
humerus, incomplete humerus, incomplete Humerus
humerus, missing distal end humerus, missing distal end Humerus
humerus/femur humerus/femur Long Bone Fragment
hyo/hypoplastron hyo/hypoplastron Plastron
hyomandibular, cf. hyomandibular, cf. Hyomandibular
hyoplastron hyoplastron Hyoplastron
hyoplastron, fragment hyoplastron, fragment Hyoplastron
hyoplastron, incomplete hyoplastron, incomplete Hyoplastron
hypoplastron hypoplastron Hypoplastron
hypoplastron and axial notch hypoplastron and axial notch Hyoplastron
hypoplastron fragment hypoplastron fragment Hyoplastron
illium illium Ilium
in in Incisor
incisor incisor Incisor
incisor fragment incisor fragment Incisor
incisor fragments incisor fragments Incisor
incisor, fragment incisor, fragment Incisor
incisor, incomplete incisor, incomplete Incisor
incisor, mandibular incisor, mandibular Incisor Lower
incisor, maxillary incisor, maxillary Incisor Upper
incomplete incomplete Unidentified Fragment
indet element indet element Unidentified Element
indet frags indet frags Unidentified Fragment
indet. frag indet. frag Unidentified Fragment
indet. frags indet. frags Unidentified Fragment
indeterminate fragments indeterminate fragments Unidentified Fragment
innominate innominate Innominate
innominate ? innominate ? Innominate
innominate fragment innominate fragment Innominate
inominate inominate Innominate
ischium and illium ischium and illium Innominate
lateral hinge fragment lateral hinge fragment Valve
lateral hinge teeth lateral hinge teeth Lateral Tooth/Teeth
lateral hinge tooth lateral hinge tooth Lateral Tooth/Teeth
lateral hinge tooth, umbo lateral hinge tooth, umbo Umbo
lateral hinge tooth/hinge tooth/umbo lateral hinge tooth/hinge tooth/umbo Umbo
lateral hinge tooth/umbo lateral hinge tooth/umbo Umbo
lateral tooth/hinge tooth/umbo lateral tooth/hinge tooth/umbo Umbo
long bone long bone Long Bone Fragment
long bone diaphysis long bone diaphysis Long Bone Fragment
long bone frag long bone frag Long Bone Fragment
long bone shaft long bone shaft Long Bone Fragment
long bones long bones Long Bone Fragment
longbone longbone Long Bone Fragment
longbone diaphysis longbone diaphysis Long Bone Fragment
longbone frag longbone frag Long Bone Fragment
longbone fragment longbone fragment Long Bone Fragment
longbone shaft longbone shaft Long Bone Fragment
longbone shafts longbone shafts Long Bone Fragment
longbones longbones Long Bone Fragment
mandible mandible Mandible
mandible frag mandible frag Mandible
mandible fragment mandible fragment Mandible
mandible fragment with M2-3 mandible fragment with M2-3 Mandible w/ Teeth
mandible fragment with PM2-4 and M1 mandible fragment with PM2-4 and M1 Mandible w/ Teeth
mandible fragment with PM3, M3-4 mandible fragment with PM3, M3-4 Mandible w/ Teeth
mandible fragment, with PM2-3, M1 mandible fragment, with PM2-3, M1 Mandible w/ Teeth
mandible no teeth mandible no teeth Mandible w/o Teeth
mandible w/teeth mandible w/teeth Mandible w/ Teeth
mandible with M#1 mandible with M#1 Mandible w/ Teeth
mandible with M1, PM2-3 mandible with M1, PM2-3 Mandible w/ Teeth
mandible with M1-3 mandible with M1-3 Mandible w/ Teeth
mandible with M3 mandible with M3 Mandible w/ Teeth
mandible with canine and partial M3 mandible with canine and partial M3 Mandible w/ Teeth
mandible with incisor mandible with incisor Mandible w/ Teeth
mandible with maxillary PM3, M2-3 mandible with maxillary PM3, M2-3 Mandible w/ Teeth
mandible with three teeth mandible with three teeth Mandible w/ Teeth
mandible, fragment mandible, fragment Mandible
mandible, fragment, w/M2-3 mandible, fragment, w/M2-3 Mandible w/ Teeth
mandible, incomplete mandible, incomplete Mandible
mandible, incomplete with M3 mandible, incomplete with M3 Mandible w/ Teeth
mandible, incomplete with PM mandible, incomplete with PM Mandible w/ Teeth
mandible, no teeth present mandible, no teeth present Mandible w/o Teeth
mandible, with M1-3, PM3 mandible, with M1-3, PM3 Mandible w/ Teeth
marginal marginal Peripheral
marginal and costal marginal and costal Carapace
marginal fragment marginal fragment Peripheral
marginal fragments marginal fragments Peripheral
marginal, fragment marginal, fragment Peripheral
marginal, frament marginal, frament Peripheral
marginal, fused marginal, fused Peripheral
marginal, incomplete marginal, incomplete Peripheral
marginal/costal marginal/costal Carapace
marginal/costal fused marginal/costal fused Carapace
marginal/costal, fused marginal/costal, fused Carapace
marginals marginals Peripheral
marginals, fused marginals, fused Peripheral
marginals, incomplete marginals, incomplete Peripheral
maxilla maxilla Maxilla
maxilla fragment maxilla fragment Maxilla
maxillary fragment with M2 maxillary fragment with M2 Maxilla w/ Teeth
maxillary fragment with PM2-3 maxillary fragment with PM2-3 Maxilla w/ Teeth
metacarpal metacarpal Metacarpal
metacarpal, proximal metacarpal, proximal Metacarpal
metacarpal, proximal fragment metacarpal, proximal fragment Metacarpal
metacarpal/tarsal metacarpal/tarsal Metapodial
metapodial metapodial Metapodial
metapodial diaphysis metapodial diaphysis Metapodial
metapodial fragment metapodial fragment Metapodial
metapodial, bone flake metapodial, bone flake Metapodial
metapodial, diaphysis metapodial, diaphysis Metapodial
metapodial, distal metapodial, distal Metapodial
metapodial, distal diaphysis metapodial, distal diaphysis Metapodial
metapodial, distal epiphysis metapodial, distal epiphysis Metapodial
metapodial, epiphysis fragment metapodial, epiphysis fragment Metapodial
metapodial, proximal metapodial, proximal Metapodial
metatarsal metatarsal Metatarsal
metatarsal epiphysis metatarsal epiphysis Metatarsal
metatarsal, distal metatarsal, distal Metatarsal
metatarsal, proximal metatarsal, proximal Metatarsal
metatarsal, proximal frag. metatarsal, proximal frag. Metatarsal
metatarsal/carpal metatarsal/carpal Metapodial
molar molar Molar
molar 2-3, mandibular frag molar 2-3, mandibular frag Mandible w/ Teeth
molar fragment molar fragment Molar
molar fragments molar fragments Molar
molar, #1, mandibular molar, #1, mandibular Lower M1
molar, #1, maxillary molar, #1, maxillary Upper M1
molar, #2, mandibular molar, #2, mandibular Lower M2
molar, #3, mandibular molar, #3, mandibular Lower M3
molar, 1, maxillary molar, 1, maxillary Upper M1
molar, 1, with mandibular fragment molar, 1, with mandibular fragment Molar Lower
molar, complete molar, complete Molar
molar, deciduous molar, deciduous Deciduous Premolar
molar, incomplete molar, incomplete Molar
molar, mandibular molar, mandibular Molar Lower
molar, maxillary molar, maxillary Molar Upper
molariform teeth molariform teeth Molar
molariform tooth molariform tooth Molar
molars molars Molar
naviculo-cuboid naviculo-cuboid Navicular & Cuboid
neural neural Neural
neural and costal neural and costal Carapace
neural fragments neural fragments Neural
neural, complete neural, complete Neural
neural, fragment neural, fragment Neural
neural, fused neural, fused Neural
neural/fused costal neural/fused costal Carapace
neurals neurals Neural
neurals, fused neurals, fused Neural
nuchal nuchal Nuchal
nuchal, incomplete nuchal, incomplete Nuchal
nuchals, partial nuchals, partial Nuchal
nuchel nuchel Nuchal
occipital occipital Occipital
occipital condyle occipital condyle Occipital Condyle
occipital condyle, fragment occipital condyle, fragment Occipital Condyle
operculum operculum Opercular
patella patella Patella
patella, incomplete patella, incomplete Patella
pectoral spine pectoral spine Pectoral Fin
pectoral spine, incomplete pectoral spine, incomplete Pectoral Fin
phalange phalange Phalanx
phalange, #2 phalange, #2 2nd Phalanx
phalanges phalanges Phalanx
phalanx phalanx Phalanx
phalanx #1 complete phalanx #1 complete 1st Phalanx
phalanx #1, complete phalanx #1, complete 1st Phalanx
phalanx #2, incomplete phalanx #2, incomplete 2nd Phalanx
phalanx #2, proximal phalanx #2, proximal 2nd Phalanx
phalanx, #1 phalanx, #1 1st Phalanx
phalanx, #1, nearly complete phalanx, #1, nearly complete 1st Phalanx
phalanx, #1, partial phalanx, #1, partial 1st Phalanx
phalanx, #1, proximal phalanx, #1, proximal 1st Phalanx
phalanx, #2 phalanx, #2 2nd Phalanx
phalanx, #2, incomplete phalanx, #2, incomplete 2nd Phalanx
phalanx, #2, proximal phalanx, #2, proximal 2nd Phalanx
phalanx, #3 phalanx, #3 3rd Phalanx
phalanx, #3, complete phalanx, #3, complete 3rd Phalanx
phalanx, #3, nearly complete phalanx, #3, nearly complete 3rd Phalanx
phalanx, distal phalanx, distal Phalanx
phalanx, distal fragment phalanx, distal fragment Phalanx
phalanx, distal, fragment phalanx, distal, fragment Phalanx
phalanx, fragment phalanx, fragment Phalanx
phalanx, incomplete phalanx, incomplete Phalanx
phalanx, proximal phalanx, proximal Phalanx
phalanx, proxmial phalanx, proxmial Phalanx
phalanx, terminal phalanx, terminal Phalanx
pharyngeal grinder pharyngeal grinder Pharyngeal Bone
pharyngeal grinder, complete pharyngeal grinder, complete Pharyngeal Bone
pisiform pisiform Pisiform
plastron plastron Plastron
plastron fragment plastron fragment Plastron
plastron, fragment plastron, fragment Plastron
post-cranial post-cranial Unidentified Element
postcranial frag postcranial frag Unidentified Element
premaxilla premaxilla Premaxilla
premaxilla, fragment premaxilla, fragment Premaxilla
premolar premolar Premolar
premolar fragment premolar fragment Premolar
premolar, #1, mandibular premolar, #1, mandibular Lower P1
premolar, #1, maxillary premolar, #1, maxillary Upper P1
premolar, #2, mandibular premolar, #2, mandibular Lower P2
premolar, #3, mandibular premolar, #3, mandibular Lower P3
premolar, #3, maxillary premolar, #3, maxillary Upper P3
premolar, mandibular premolar, mandibular Premolar Lower
premolar, maxillary premolar, maxillary Premolar Upper
premolars premolars Premolar
pterygoid pterygoid Pterygoid
pygal pygal Pygal
quadrate quadrate Quadrate
quadrate fragment quadrate fragment Quadrate
radio-ulna radio-ulna Radioulna
radius radius Radius
radius, diaphysis radius, diaphysis Radius
radius, distal radius, distal Radius
radius, distal epiphysis radius, distal epiphysis Radius Distal Epiphysis
radius, epiphysis radius, epiphysis Radius
radius, fragment radius, fragment Radius
radius, proximal radius, proximal Radius
radius? fragment radius? fragment Radius
ray ray Ray
rib rib Rib
rib frag rib frag Rib
rib fragment rib fragment Rib
ribs? spines? ribs? spines? Rib, Ray, or Spine
sacrum sacrum Sacrum
scale scale Scale
scale frag scale frag Scale
scapula scapula Scapula
scapula fragment scapula fragment Scapula
scapula, fragment scapula, fragment Scapula
shaft shaft Unidentified Diaphysis
shaft flakes shaft flakes Unidentified Diaphysis
shaft frag shaft frag Unidentified Diaphysis
shaft frags shaft frags Unidentified Diaphysis
shell fragment shell fragment Other Shell Fragment
spinal spinal Rib, Ray, or Spine
spine spine Rib, Ray, or Spine
spine (anal?) spine (anal?)
spine frag spine frag Rib, Ray, or Spine
spine fragment spine fragment Rib, Ray, or Spine
spine, fragment spine, fragment Rib, Ray, or Spine
spinous process spinous process Vertebra Spine
spins (anal?) spins (anal?) Fin Spine
sternum sternum Sternum
suprapygal suprapygal Suprapygal
surangular surangular Angular
tarsal tarsal Tarsal
tarsal/carpal tarsal/carpal Carpal or Tarsal
tarsometatarsus tarsometatarsus Tarsometatarsus
tarsometatarsus, distal tarsometatarsus, distal Tarsometatarsus
tarsometatarsus, distal, fragment tarsometatarsus, distal, fragment Tarsometatarsus
tarsometatarsus, proximal tarsometatarsus, proximal Tarsometatarsus
tarsometatarsus, proximal diaphysis tarsometatarsus, proximal diaphysis Tarsometatarsus
teeth teeth Tooth
teeth fragments teeth fragments Tooth
terminal phalanx terminal phalanx 3rd Phalanx
thoracic vertebra thoracic vertebra Thoracic Vertebra
tibia tibia Tibia
tibia diaphysis tibia diaphysis Tibia
tibia, diaphysis tibia, diaphysis Tibia
tibia, distal tibia, distal Tibia
tibia, distal epiphysis tibia, distal epiphysis Tibia Distal Epiphysis
tibia, epiphysis tibia, epiphysis Tibia
tibia, proximal epihpysis tibia, proximal epihpysis Tibia Proximal Epiphysis
tibial crest tibial crest Tibia
tibio-fibula tibio-fibula Tibiofibula
tibiofibula tibiofibula Tibiofibula
tibiotarsus tibiotarsus Tibiotarsus
tibiotarsus, diaphysis fragments tibiotarsus, diaphysis fragments Tibiotarsus
tibiotarsus, distal tibiotarsus, distal Tibiotarsus
tibiotarsus, proximal tibiotarsus, proximal Tibiotarsus
tooth tooth Tooth
tooth enamel tooth enamel Tooth
tooth fragment tooth fragment Tooth
tooth fragments tooth fragments Tooth
tooth root tooth root Tooth
trapezoid, Magnum trapezoid, Magnum Carpal
ulna ulna Ulna
ulna diaphysis ulna diaphysis Ulna
ulna fragment ulna fragment Ulna
ulna, diaphysis ulna, diaphysis Ulna
ulna, epiphysis ulna, epiphysis Ulna
ulna, incomplete ulna, incomplete Ulna
ulna, nearly complete ulna, nearly complete Ulna
ulna, proximal ulna, proximal Ulna
ulnar notch ulnar notch Ulna
ulnar notch frag ulnar notch frag Ulna
ultimate vertebra ultimate vertebra Vertebra
umbo umbo Umbo
urostlye urostlye Urostyle
urostyle ? urostyle ? Urostyle
valve valve
valve fragment valve fragment Valve
vert vert Vertebra
vert frag vert frag Vertebra
vert/basiocciptal fragment vert/basiocciptal fragment Basiooccipital
vertebra vertebra Vertebra
vertebra caudal vertebra caudal
vertebra centrum vertebra centrum Vertebra Centrum
vertebra centrum, fragment vertebra centrum, fragment Vertebra Centrum
vertebra fragment vertebra fragment Vertebra
vertebra fragments vertebra fragments Vertebra
vertebra, axis vertebra, axis Axis
vertebra, axis, fragment vertebra, axis, fragment Axis
vertebra, caudal vertebra, caudal Caudal Vertebra
vertebra, centrum vertebra, centrum Vertebra Centrum
vertebra, centrum, incomplete vertebra, centrum, incomplete Vertebra Centrum
vertebra, fragment vertebra, fragment Vertebra
vertebra, fragments vertebra, fragments Vertebra
vertebra, incomplete vertebra, incomplete Vertebra
vertebra, spinous process vertebra, spinous process Vertebra Spine
vertebrae, incomplete vertebrae, incomplete Vertebra
vertebral process vertebral process Vertebra Spine
vomer vomer Vomer
xiphiplastron xiphiplastron Xiphiplastron
xiphiplastron, complete xiphiplastron, complete Xiphiplastron
xiphiplastron, fragment xiphiplastron, fragment Xiphiplastron
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings
The following coding rules exist in datasets mapped to this coding sheet, but are not in the coding sheet
calcaneus (Note: this code has trailing spaces)
femur (Note: this code has trailing spaces)
bone flake (Note: this code has trailing spaces)
mandible fragment (Note: this code has trailing spaces)
nuchal (Note: this code has trailing spaces)
radius, distal (Note: this code has trailing spaces)
lateral hinge tooth (Note: this code has trailing spaces)
lateral hinge tooth (Note: this code has trailing spaces)
vertebra (Note: this code has trailing spaces)
dentary (Note: this code has trailing spaces)
cf. ulna (Note: this code has trailing spaces)
metatarsal, distal (Note: this code has trailing spaces)
costal (Note: this code has trailing spaces)
hinge tooth (Note: this code has trailing spaces)
humerus distal (Note: this code has trailing spaces)
neural (Note: this code has trailing spaces)

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