Coding sheet for Resource Type Taxon (40RD299, TN Faunal Data)

Year: 2017


This coding sheet was generated by tDAR for resource_type_taxon - VARCHAR 98492 column from 40RD299, TN Faunal Data dataset (427065) on 1/7/17 9:01 AM

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Coding sheet for Resource Type Taxon (40RD299, TN Faunal Data). 2017 ( tDAR id: 427069) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8N018JN

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Ontology: Eastern Archaic Resource type ontology

Category: Fauna

Subcategory: Taxon

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
Actinonaias sp. Actinonaias sp. Bivalves
Amblema plicata Amblema plicata Bivalves
Amnicola limosa Amnicola limosa Aquatic Gastropods
Amphibia Amphibia Amphibians
Aves Aves Birds
Bivalvia Bivalvia Bivalves
Campeloma decisum Campeloma decisum Aquatic Gastropods
Canis familaris, cf. Canis familaris, cf. Other Medium Mammals
Canis familiaris Canis familiaris Other Medium Mammals
Canis latrans Canis latrans Other Medium Mammals
Castor canadensis Castor canadensis Aquatic Mammal
Columbia livia, cf. Columbia livia, cf. Other Birds
Cumberlandia monodonta Cumberlandia monodonta Bivalves
Cumberlandia monodonta, cf. Cumberlandia monodonta, cf. Bivalves
Cyclonaias tuberculata Cyclonaias tuberculata Bivalves
Decopoda spp. Decopoda spp. Invertebrate
Didelphis virginiana Didelphis virginiana Other Medium Mammals
Elliptio spp. Elliptio spp. Bivalves
Emydidae Emydidae Other Turtle
Epioblasma spp. Epioblasma spp. Bivalves
Gastropoda Gastropoda Gastropods
Gastropoda, terrestial Gastropoda, terrestial Terrestrial Gastropods
Gastropoda, terrestrial Gastropoda, terrestrial Terrestrial Gastropods
Grus canadensis, cf. Grus canadensis, cf. Aquatic Birds
Helisoma anceps Helisoma anceps Aquatic Gastropods
Kinosternidae Kinosternidae Aquatic Turtles
Kinosternidae, cf. Kinosternidae, cf. Aquatic Turtles
Lampisilis spp. Lampisilis spp. Bivalves
Lepisosteus sp. Lepisosteus sp. Fish
Leptoxis spp. Leptoxis spp. Aquatic Gastropods
Lithasia armigera Lithasia armigera Aquatic Gastropods
Lithasia spp. Lithasia spp. Aquatic Gastropods
Mammalia Mammalia Mammals
Mammalia, large Mammalia, large Other Large Mammals
Mammalia, medium Mammalia, medium Other Medium Mammals
Mammalia, small Mammalia, small Other Small mammals
Mammalia/ Aves Mammalia/ Aves Vertebrate
Marmota monax Marmota monax Other Medium Mammals
Marmota monax, cf. Marmota monax, cf. Other Medium Mammals
Megalonaias nervosa Megalonaias nervosa Bivalves
Meleagris gallopavo Meleagris gallopavo Other Birds
Meleagris gallopavo, cf. Meleagris gallopavo, cf. Other Birds
Mephitis mephitis Mephitis mephitis Other Medium Mammals
Mesodon spp. Mesodon spp. Terrestrial Gastropods
Mesodon spp., cf. Mesodon spp., cf. Terrestrial Gastropods
Obliquaria reflexia Obliquaria reflexia Bivalves
Obovaria subrotunda Obovaria subrotunda Bivalves
Odocoileus virginanus Odocoileus virginanus Deer
Odocoileus virgineanus Odocoileus virgineanus Deer
Odocoileus virginianus Odocoileus virginianus Deer
Odocoileus virginianus, cf. Odocoileus virginianus, cf. Deer
Osteichthyes Osteichthyes Fish
Planorbidae spp. Planorbidae spp. Aquatic Gastropods
Pleurobema spp. Pleurobema spp. Bivalves
Pleuroblema Pleuroblema Bivalves
Pleurocera canaliculata Pleurocera canaliculata Aquatic Gastropods
Pleurocera clavaeformis Pleurocera clavaeformis Aquatic Gastropods
Pleurocera clavaeformis, cf. Pleurocera clavaeformis, cf. Aquatic Gastropods
Pleurocera claveaformis Pleurocera claveaformis Aquatic Gastropods
Pleurocera laqueata Pleurocera laqueata Aquatic Gastropods
Pleurocera simplex Pleurocera simplex Aquatic Gastropods
Pleurocera sp. Pleurocera sp. Aquatic Gastropods
Pleurocera spp. Pleurocera spp. Aquatic Gastropods
Pleurocera troostiana Pleurocera troostiana Aquatic Gastropods
Pleuroceridae Pleuroceridae Aquatic Gastropods
Polygyridae Polygyridae Terrestrial Gastropods
Procyon lotor Procyon lotor Other Medium Mammals
Procyon lotor, cf. Procyon lotor, cf. Other Medium Mammals
Quadrula cylindrica Quadrula cylindrica Bivalves
Quadrula quadrula Quadrula quadrula Bivalves
Richmondea cardinals, cf. Richmondea cardinals, cf. Other Birds
Rodentia Rodentia Other Small mammals
Sciurus carolinensis Sciurus carolinensis Tree Squirrel
Soricidae, cf. Soricidae, cf. Other Small mammals
Syvilagus floridanus Syvilagus floridanus Rabbit
Syvilagus spp. Syvilagus spp. Rabbit
Terrapene carolina Terrapene carolina Terrestrial Turtles
Terrapene carolina, cf. Terrapene carolina, cf. Terrestrial Turtles
Testudines Testudines Other Turtle
Trachemys scripta, cf. Trachemys scripta, cf. Aquatic Turtles
Trionyx ferox, cf. Trionyx ferox, cf. Aquatic Turtles
Unionidae Unionidae Bivalves
Urocyon cinereoargentus Urocyon cinereoargentus Other Medium Mammals
Vertebrata Vertebrata Vertebrate
Viviparidae Viviparidae Aquatic Gastropods
Vulpes vulpes, cf. Vulpes vulpes, cf. Other Medium Mammals
c.f. Canis familaris c.f. Canis familaris Other Medium Mammals
c.f. Columbia livia c.f. Columbia livia Other Birds
c.f. Cumberlandia monodonta c.f. Cumberlandia monodonta Bivalves
c.f. Grus canadensis c.f. Grus canadensis Aquatic Birds
c.f. Kinosternidae c.f. Kinosternidae Aquatic Turtles
c.f. Mesodon spp. c.f. Mesodon spp. Terrestrial Gastropods
c.f. Odocoileus virginianus c.f. Odocoileus virginianus Deer
c.f. Pleurocera clavaeformis c.f. Pleurocera clavaeformis Aquatic Gastropods
c.f. Procyon lotor c.f. Procyon lotor Other Medium Mammals
c.f. Richmondea cardinals c.f. Richmondea cardinals Other Birds
c.f. Soricidae c.f. Soricidae Other Small mammals
c.f. Terrapene carolina c.f. Terrapene carolina Terrestrial Turtles
c.f. Trachemys scripta c.f. Trachemys scripta Aquatic Turtles
c.f. Trionyx ferox c.f. Trionyx ferox Aquatic Turtles
c.f. Vulpes vulpes c.f. Vulpes vulpes Other Medium Mammals
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings

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