Archaeological Fauna: US Southwest

This collection includes the faunal data sets and coding keys that were entered into tDAR as part of the NSF-funded (BCS--1153115) Resource Depression and Turkey Intensification project. Some of the datasets and all of the coding keys are currently publicly available. The remainder will become public at the end of the project in May 2015.

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  • Crow Canyon Archaeological Center fauna through 2008
    PROJECT Jonathan Driver. Department of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University.

    Faunal data collected by Jonathan Driver and graduate students from excavation projects conducted by Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, through 2008. Nineteen Ancestral Puebloan sites in the Mesa Verde region yielded fauna and other remains, primarily from the Pueblo II and Pueblo III time periods. Items archived on tDAR include the faunal datasets, coding sheets, coding guides and related manuals, and PhD dissertations based on the fauna from these projects. Archaeological information and...

  • Homol'ovi Research Program
    PROJECT Uploaded by: Tiffany Clark

    The Homol'ovi Research Program of the Arizona State Museum is a multidisciplinary venture that studies the prehistoric occupation of a portion of the middle Little Colorado River Valley in northeastern Arizona.

  • Pena Blanca faunal remains
    PROJECT Uploaded by: Nancy Akins

    Faunal data from a data recovery excavation at six sites located along NM 22 near Pena Blanca. The excavations were done by the Office of Archaeological Studies and the Office of Contract Archaeology. Sites with faunal data range from Early Developmental to Classic.

  • Salinas Glaze A Pueblos
    PROJECT Uploaded by: Tiffany Clark

    This project includes faunal data from three early Pueblo IV sites in the Salinas region of central New Mexico. This includes LA 199 (Kite Pueblo), LA 2091 (Pueblo de las Mesa), and LA 9032 (Frank's Pueblo).