Archaeological Field Reconnaissance at Dora-New Holland Recreation Area 1979

Part of: US Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District VCP

This collection is referred to as “Archaeological Field Reconnaissance at Dora-New Holland Recreation Area 1979.” This name is consistent throughout the finding aid, the file folders, and the box labels. The extent of this collection is one quarter (0.25) of a linear inch. The collection consists of one brochure labeled “Salamonie Lake, Indiana,” which was found in good condition within an artifact box for the project State Recreation Areas Arbitrary Investigation 1979 1985. One side of the brochure contains a map of Salamonie Lake with handwritten notes interspersed throughout. These notes refer to various landmarks and may possibly indicate artifact provenience. The other side of the brochure contains miscellaneous information about the role of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers involvement with Salamonie Lake. Due to the record’s original location within the artifact project and its focus on Salamonie Lake, it was determined that it could be associated with the Department of Natural Resource’s project E15-702F.

The survey at Dora-New Holland (E-15-702F) is referenced in the report entitled “Archaeological Field Reconnaissance of the State Recreation Areas Facilities Improvements.” Thus, this project may be cross-referenced with the Archaeological Field Reconnaissance and Intensive Assessment at State Recreation Areas 1979 and Archaeological Field Reconnaissance at Miami County Recreation Area 1979 projects. Although the brochure has no associated date, the project date was established at 1979 due to its association with these projects.

The digital materials in this collection were processed by the Veterans Curation Program (VCP), and include the finding aid, oversized material database, and scanned asset key. Additional digital materials held by the VCP include a brochure and other documents pertaining to the curation of the collection. For additional information on these materials, refer to the Finding Aid.

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