Archaeological Field Reconnaissance Quakertown Recreation Area 1980

Part of: US Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District VCP

In 1980, an archaeological field reconnaissance was conducted by Dr. Ronald Hicks of Ball State University on the area affected by the proposed improvements to the Quakertown Recreational Area in Liberty Township, Union County, near Dunlapsville, Indiana. Since vegetation obscured ground surface visibility, the entire area was shovel probed at 30-foot intervals. The survey and shovel probe testing revealed no cultural material. Neither the owner of a nearby farm nor an employee at the Quakertown Recreation Area was aware of any prehistoric or historic artifacts that were found within the project area or within the general vicinity. It was, therefore, recommended that the project be allowed to proceed as planned without further archaeological assessment (Buehrig 1980).

The digital materials in this collection were processed by the Veterans Curation Program (VCP), and include the finding aid, investigation report, investigation reports for E-26B and E3-604A, oversized material database, and a scanned asset key. Additional digital materials held by the VCP include correspondence, field notes, folder listings, interdepartmental communication, invoices, maps, a progress report and site forms. For additional information on these materials, refer to the Finding Aid.