Alamo Lake State Park Reports and Documentation

Part of: Arizona State Parks Reports and Documentation

This collection contains reports pertinent to Alamo Lake State Park. Document types may include site stabilization reports, site evaluation or survey reports, expert consultations, ground disturbance monitoring, excavation reports, architectural documentation or survey, heritage management plans and evaluations, historic background research, and inventory and records searches.

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  • The Archaeology of Alamo Lake, Arizona: A Cultural Resources Sample Survey (1988)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text David A. Gregory.

    During July and August of 1987, Statistical Research conducted a cultural resources survey of approximately 2400, acres, located in and around Alamo Dam and Reservoir and within the property administered by the Los Angeles District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. During the survey.,44 archaeological sites and eight isolated, non-site occurrences of cultural materials were discovered and recorded. Other environmental data relevant to the interpretation of cultural resources within the study area...