Articulating Caribbean Stories from Documentary Sources and Archaeology

Part of: Society for Historical Archaeology 2018

Documentary archeology has proposed a myriad of sources which can be used to reconstruct aspects of colonial societies in the Americas. This symposium will focus on the incorporation of methodologies and data from auxiliary disciplines, the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating archival data, and current lines of research in Caribbean historical archaeology. Through case studies, the presenters will explore the use of documentary sources for proposing potential research projects, interpreting archaeological sites, and reconstructing narratives of daily life within the colonial period.

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  • Cattle management, Archives, and Geoarchaeology: Using Documentary Data to Understand the Role of Cattle Management in Transforming Puerto Rican Environments (2018)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Lara M. Sánchez-Morales.

    Livestock have been an important component of Puerto Rican subsistence since European colonization to the present. Raising cattle to produce hides, meat, dairy, and other products was envisioned and exploited as an alternative source of income during periods of economic instability in the island, particularly during the period between 1660 and 1750. While in many parts of the Americas grazing caused significant changes to the local ecosystems through soil erosion and fertility loss, the role of...

  • Females in Arecibo, Puerto Rico in 1910. (2018)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Mariana Madera Soto.

    This research concentrates on reconstructing the identity and roles of females living in the city of Arecibo, Puerto Rico in the early 20th century. Using data from the 1910’s Puerto Rico census as primary source, I intend to identify the jobs and professions reported for the arecibeñas (female from Arecibo) living in urban blocks close to the main city square. The documentation consulted also provides information on their age, marital status, and family role. The objective of this investigation...

  • Introduction (2018)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Karen Hutchison.

    Introduction to the session.

  • Women’s Occupations in Early 20th Century San Juan, Puerto Rico, and its Relevance to Archaeological Research (2018)
    DOCUMENT Citation Only Jan Pérez.

    Women are one of the many groups which had been traditionally excluded from social science studies. Because of this, when retelling historical events many of them have become invisible and/or silenced even though they played an important role in society. My investigation concentrates on women living in San Juan, Puerto Rico as reported in the 1910 census, in two distinct areas: urban blocks from within, and outside the walled city. Through primary documents, this research will present...