Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Arizona

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WACC documents associated with archaeological work at the park.

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  • The Archeology of Lake Mead National Recreation Area: An Assessment (1980)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Carole McClellan. David A. Phillips, Jr.. Mike Belshaw.

    This assessment of the archeology of Lake Mead was written to aid federal planners who are responsible for managing cultural resources on public lands. We hope that it will also serve as a guide for archeologists working in the Lake Mead area and provide information for interested visitors. The introduction to this report (Chapter 2) gives a brief account of the establishment of the recreation area, a summary of federal regulations that affect the management of cultural resources on public...

  • Lake Mead Developed Area Surveys: The LAME 86A Archeological Investigations and Related Projects, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada and Arizona (1986)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Richard G. Ervin.

    In early 1986, archeologists from the Western Archeological and Conservation Center (WACC), National Park Service (NPS), surveyed developed areas and other high-use areas within Lake Mead National Recreation Area (NRA). The 1986 Archeological Survey of Developed Areas was designated project LAME 86A. This report describes the results of the LAME 86A project and two earlier developed areas surveys, and so provides a complete record of such surveys at Lake Mead. One of the previous surveys was...

  • Lake Mead National Recreation Area: An Ethnographic Overview (1976)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text David E. Ruppert.

    This ethnographic overview of Lake Mead National Recreation Area, which will serve as companion to a forthcoming archeological overview of the area, provides an ethnographic context for future archeological research and for current interpretation. The Recreation Area, which includes land in both Nevada and Arizona, overlaps early Native American ethnic boundaries, as well as modern state borders. Groups whose territories touched upon or fell within current park boundaries include the...

  • The Shivwits Plateau Survey (1991)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Susan J. Wells.

    Archeological inventory survey was conducted in the Shivwits Plateau unit of Lake Mead National Recreation Area by archeologists from the Western Archeological and Conservation Center. The survey was designed to examine areas subject to impact from park service and visitor activities and areas with the potential for high site density. Fieldwork was conducted from May 24 to July 21, 1990. A total of 1,469 acres was surveyed along road corridors, adjacent to the Shivwits Fire Camp and at canyon...