HARP Fauna

Creator(s): J. Homer Thiel

Year: 1996


Heshotauthla Archaeological Research Project faunal database. All project fauna analyzed. Ca. 2100 elements recorded.

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HARP Fauna. J. Homer Thiel. 1996 ( tDAR id: 1630) ; doi:10.6067/XCV86W98D0

Data Set Structure

Measurement Column
Count Column
Coded Column
Filename Column
Integration Column (has Ontology)

Table Information: HARP_Fauna_w_Prov

Column Name Data Type Type Category Coding Sheet Ontology Search
Project Project name
VARCHAR  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Project none none true
Site Site Identifier
VARCHAR  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Site none none true
Species Taxon
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Taxon HARP Fauna Species Coding Sheet Fauna Taxon Ontology - Southwest US true
ProxDist Proximal or distal portion of element
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Portion/Proximal/Distal HARP Fauna Proximal/Distal Coding Sheet Fauna Proximal-Distal/Portion Ontology true
DorsVent Dorsal or ventral portion
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Dorsal/Ventral HARP Fauna Dorsal/Ventral Coding Sheet Fauna Dorsal-Ventral Ontology true
Modific Bone artifact class
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Modification HARP Fauna Modification Coding Sheet Fauna Worked Bone Ontology true
SpecNo Specimen Number
BIGINT  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Lot none none true
Burning Degree of burning of element
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Burning HARP Fauna Burning Coding Sheet Fauna Burning Intensity Ontology true
Weight Weight in grams
DOUBLE  Measurement (gram) Fauna : Weight none none true
Butcher Evidence of butchering
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Butchering HARP Fauna Butchering Coding Sheet Fauna Butchering Ontology true
PROV_KEY Full provenience key
VARCHAR  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Horizontal Location none none true
Side Side: left or right
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Side HARP Fauna Side Coding Sheet Fauna Side Ontology true
Condit Completeness of element
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Completeness HARP Fauna Condition Coding Sheet Fauna Completeness Ontology true
PostDep Postdepositional damage
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Natural Modification HARP Fauna Post-depositional Processes Coding Sheet Fauna Origin of Fragmentation Ontology true
Context Type of Unit room, kiva, midden, extramural, unknown
VARCHAR  Coded Value Provenience and Context : Context CPP Excavation Intrasite Context Coding Sheet Context - Intrasite Context - Draft Context Ontology true
Element BIGINT  Coded Value uncategorized HARP Fauna Element Coding Sheet Fauna Element Ontology true
Fusion BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Fusion HARP Fauna Fusion Coding Sheet Fauna Fusion Ontology true
LOCUS BIGINT  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Locus none none true
UNIT VARCHAR  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Unit none none true
YEAR BIGINT  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Date none none true
LEVEL BIGINT  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Level none none true
End Date BIGINT  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Date none none true
Start Date BIGINT  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Date none none true

Temporal Coverage

Calendar Date: 1250 to 1400

Spatial Coverage

min long: -108.658; min lat: 35.113 ; max long: -108.628; max lat: 35.139 ;

Individual & Institutional Roles

Landowner(s): Pueblo of Zuni

Sponsor(s): Arizona State University (ASU)


General Note: Notes 5/9/14: Work 5/9-5/12/14 used spec numbers to add full provenience information, and rough context and date were added to the file previously in tDAR. There was an error on previous tDAR versions of this dataset, only corrected today, that made all spec numbers with fewer than 4 digits wrong. The observations themselves are unchanged, i.e. species counts and the like should be correct. I rediscovered that it appears that modification and burning columns are in the opposite order from the key (nbased on codes actually present). The Key from Homer Thiel says modification is not in the database but it evidently is. There are spec nos not in the spec log that which are almost certainly coding errors. 2255 is the only one with more than 1 bone. These could be corrected by going back to the original bags in the collection. 1192 2078 2171 2255 2282 3206 Spec 3514 and 3520 are legit spec numbers but from survey sites with animal bone. 11 Feb 2015 Revised dates based on Peeples and Schachner (2012) Journal of Archaeological Science article.

Source Collections

Arizona State University, School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Archaeologcial Collections, Heshotauthla Archaeological Research Project.

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