RCAP Fauna

Creator(s): Tiffany Clark

Year: 1998


Rudd Creek Archaeological Project faunal database. Rudd Creek Pueblo dates from A.D. 1225 and 1300. Ca. 975 elements recorded. Corrected from original with one value for Bone Artifact value 20 (unfinished bone tool) changed to 21 (awl blank [halved bone]) to correspond with CARP Coding Sheet. Note comment says "halved radius"

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RCAP Fauna. Tiffany Clark. 1998 ( tDAR id: 3513) ; doi:10.6067/XCV86Q1VPP

Data Set Structure

Measurement Column
Count Column
Coded Column
Filename Column
Integration Column (has Ontology)

Table Information: RCAPBONE

Column Name Data Type Type Category Coding Sheet Ontology
Fusion BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Fusion CARP Fauna Fusion Fauna Fusion Ontology
Comments VARCHAR  Uncoded Value uncategorized none none
Start Date BIGINT  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Date none none
End Date BIGINT  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Date none none
Condition BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Completeness CARP Fauna Completeness (Condition) Fauna Completeness Ontology
Element BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Element CARP Fauna Element Fauna Element Ontology
Level BIGINT  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Level none none
Weight DOUBLE  Measurement (gram) Fauna : Weight none none
Minimum # BIGINT  Count Fauna : Count none none
Side BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Side CARP Fauna Side or Symmetry Fauna Side Ontology
Dor/Ven BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Dorsal/Ventral CARP Fauna Dorsal-Ventral Fauna Dorsal-Ventral Ontology
Unit Rudd Creek Unit Number
BIGINT  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Unit none none
Frag BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Breakage CARP Fauna Origin of Fragmentation Fauna Origin of Fragmentation Ontology
Locus BIGINT  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Locus none none
Context VARCHAR  Coded Value Provenience and Context : Context RCAP Coding Sheet - Context none
Butchering BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Butchering CARP Fauna Butchering Fauna Butchering Ontology
Gnawing BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Gnawing/Animal Modification CARP Fauna Gnawing Fauna Gnawing Ontology
Artifacts BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Bone Artifact Form CARP Fauna Bone Artifacts Fauna Worked Bone Ontology
Burning BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Burning CARP Fauna Burning Fauna Burning Intensity Ontology
Species BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Taxon CARP Fauna Species Scientifc (Common) Fauna Taxon Ontology - Southwest US
Spec. No. BIGINT  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Lot none none
Actual # BIGINT  Count Fauna : Count none none
Natural Modification BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Natural Modification CARP Fauna Natural Modification Fauna Weathering Ontology
Prox/Dis BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Portion/Proximal/Distal CARP Fauna Proximal-Distal Fauna Proximal-Distal/Portion Ontology
Site No. VARCHAR  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Site none none



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Repository(s): Arizona State University (ASU)


General Note: 11 Feb 2015: Dates in dataset revised based on the most recent ceramic seriation assessments from the Peeples and Schachner (2012) Journal of Archaeological Science article.

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