Chaves-Hummingbird (LA 578) Fauna

Part of the Chaves-Hummingbird Archaeological project

Creator(s): Tiffany Clark

Year: 1998


This dataset includes information on the faunal remains excavated in 1998 from kiva, room, and midden contexts at the Chaves-Hummingbird Pueblo (LA578).

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Chaves-Hummingbird (LA 578) Fauna. Tiffany Clark. 1998 ( tDAR id: 376125) ; doi:10.6067/XCV85M64Z9

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Data Set Structure

Measurement Column
Count Column
Coded Column
Filename Column
Integration Column (has Ontology)

Table Information: all

Column Name Data Type Type Category Coding Sheet Ontology Search
LEV Chaves-Hummingbird Level Number
BIGINT  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Level none none true
UNIT Chaves-Hummingbird Unit Number
VARCHAR  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Unit none none true
SITE Chaves-Hummingbird Site Number
BIGINT  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Site none none true
LOCUS Chaves-Hummingbird Locus Number
BIGINT  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Locus none none true
ACT# Actual Number of Bones
BIGINT  Count Fauna : Count none none true
ARTIFACT Chaves-Hummingbird Bone Artifacts
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Bone Artifact Form CARP Fauna Bone Artifacts Fauna Worked Bone Ontology true
SPECIES Chaves-Hummingbird Taxonomic Identification
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Taxon Chaves-Hummingbird Taxonomic Identification Fauna Taxon Ontology - Southwest US true
DOR Chaves-Hummingbird Dorsal Ventral Portion
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Dorsal/Ventral Chaves-Hummingbird Dorsal Ventral Portion Fauna Dorsal-Ventral Ontology true
PROX Chaves-Hummingbird Proximal-Distal Portion
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Portion/Proximal/Distal Chaves-Hummingbird Proximal Distal Portion Fauna Proximal-Distal/Portion Ontology true
BUTCH Chaves-Hummingbird Butchering
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Butchering Chaves-Hummingbird Butchering Fauna Butchering Ontology true
BURN Chaves-Hummingbird Fauna Burning
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Burning Chaves-Hummingbird Faunal Burning Fauna Burning Intensity Ontology true
SIDE Chaves-Hummingbird Side Identification
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Side Chaves-Hummingbird Side Identification Fauna Side Ontology true
MIN# Minimum Number of Bones with Refits
BIGINT  Count Fauna : Count none none true
WEIGHT Weight of Specimen
DOUBLE  Measurement (gram) Fauna : Weight none none true
GNAW Chaves-Hummingbird Gnawing
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Gnawing/Animal Modification Chaves-Hummingbird Gnawing Fauna Gnawing Ontology true
FRAG Chaves-Hummingbird Faunal Fragmentation
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Breakage Chaves-Hummingbird Faunal Fragmentation Fauna Origin of Fragmentation Ontology true
CONTEXT Chavez-Hummingbird Context
VARCHAR  Uncoded Value Provenience and Context : Context none none true
COND Chaves-Hummingbird Fauna Condition
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Condition Chaves-Hummingbird Fauna Condition Fauna Completeness Ontology true
FUSION Chaves-Hummingbird Bone Fusion
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Fusion Chaves-Hummingbird Bone Fusion Fauna Fusion Ontology true
COMMENTS Comments about specimen
BIGINT  Uncoded Value Fauna : Other none none true
ELEMENT Chaves-Hummingbird Element Identification
BIGINT  Coded Value Fauna : Element Chaves-Hummingbird Element Identification Fauna Element Ontology true
TIME Chaves-Hummingbird Time Phases
BIGINT  Coded Value Provenience and Context : Date Chaves-Hummingbird Time Phases none true


Investigation Types
Data Recovery / Excavation

Faunal Data

Geographic Keywords
Rio Puerco Valley

Temporal Keywords
Pueblo IV period

Temporal Coverage

Calendar Date: 1275 to 1450

Spatial Coverage

min long: -106.875; min lat: 35.061 ; max long: -106.815; max lat: 35.123 ;

Individual & Institutional Roles

Contributor(s): L. S. Cordell

Field Director(s): Suzanne Eckert

Project Director(s): Michael A. Adler

Source Collections

Texas A&M, Department of Anthropology

Related Comparative Collections

Arizona State University, Comparative Faunal Collection

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