Phase I Archaeological Resources Inventory of the Pearson Creek Area, Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland


This report summarizes the findings of the Pearson Creek Survey, the goal of which was to identify and inventory all archaeological sites within the project boundary in accordance with Section 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended. The Pearson Creek Survey took place on Naval Air Station Patuxent River (NASPAX) and is found in St. Mary’s County, within Maryland Archaeological Research Unit Number 9. The survey covered approximately 1.5 miles of creek shoreline and consisted of 1,038 shovel test pits. The survey located twelve archaeological sites; six were newly identified and six were previously-known sites. Of these twelve sites, eight are prehistoric and four are multicomponent. Two sites, 18ST706 and 18ST709, are considered ineligible for the National Register of Historic Places. The remaining sites, 18ST394, 18ST395, 18ST476, 18ST477, 18ST482, 18ST491, 18ST705, 18ST707, 18ST708, and 18ST710, are potentially eligible, although further work is needed to assess them.

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Phase I Archaeological Resources Inventory of the Pearson Creek Area, Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland. Cassandra Michaud. 2001 ( tDAR id: 393146) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8ZP4740

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Maryland Historical Trust Report #(s): ST 183

MAC Lab Lot Number(s): 18ST708/17; 18STX44/195; 18ST477/157; 18ST705/30; 18ST477/146; 18ST477/121; 18ST477/206; 18STX44/51; 18ST395/164; 18STX44/306; 18STX44/137; 18STX44/7; 18ST477/111; 18ST395/124; 18STX44/253; 18STX44/123; 18ST477/145; 18STX44/228; 18STX44/24; 18ST710/6; 18ST491/126; 18STX44/94; 18ST710/27; 18ST395/167; 18ST477/105; 18STX44/81; 18ST477/163; 18ST708/9; 18STX44/104; 18STX44/78; 18ST708/75; 18STX44/87; 18ST706/7; 18STX44/140; 18ST707/33; 18ST705/6; 18STX44/216; 18STX44/150; 18ST395/101; 18STX44/118; 18ST706/15; 18STX44/93; 18ST395/102; 18ST491/121; 18ST708/6; 18ST395/149; 18STX44/75; 18ST708/56; 18STX44/276; 18ST476/121; 18ST476/128; 18ST482/110; 18ST707/56; 18STX44/132; 18STX44/164; 18STX44/155; 18ST707/31; 18STX44/268; 18STX44/109; 18ST707/75; 18STX44/168; 18STX44/208; 18ST477/160; 18ST476/110; 18ST707/8; 18ST707/17; 18ST710/8; 18STX44/151; 18STX44/80; 18ST476/136; 18ST476/111; 18ST708/26; 18STX44/39; 18STX44/265; 18ST395/122; 18ST709/18; 18ST705/1; 18STX44/152; 18STX44/158; 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