Finding Aid, Archaeological Assessment of Huntington Reservoir 1982-1983


This collection is referred to as “Archaeological Assessment of Huntington Reservoir 1982-1983.” This name is consistent throughout the finding aid, the file folders, and the box labels. The extent of this collection is one and three quarters (1.75) linear inches. The documents include analysis and report records that originally resided in separate housing. The analysis material was originally found within an artifact project box. The report material was housed electronically on a CD. A copy of the file was subsequently printed on acid-free paper. Although these records are solely from 1983, the project years range from 1982 to 1983.

The collection includes correspondence and a final report for the investigation. The correspondence was originally found in an artifact box from the Archaeological Assessment of Huntington Reservoir 1982-1983 project. They were placed into an Analysis Records series folder because the records contain sketches and information about a Model T key labeled with the catalog number 12HU663-83. These records were cleaned and tears were mended with archival mending tissue.

The final report is interesting in that it outlines two phases of reconnaissance. Phase I gathered data which was combined with data from the Huntington Reservoir shoreline survey and compared previously surveyed Salamonie Reservoir to generate predictions. The predictions were tested during Phase II (Wepler and Cochran 1983). This methodology suggests that the current investigation is associated with the Archaeological Survey of Huntington Lake Shoreline 1983 archival project. The final report also points out that prehistoric artifacts were the focus of analysis. The sites analyzed include 12HU17, 12HU64, 12HU483-12HU569, 12HU571-12HU604, 12HU606-12HU619, 12HU621-12HU660, 12HU662, 12HU663, 12HU665-12HU674, 12HU676, 12HU679-12HU687, 12HU690-12HU698, 12HU700-12HU713, 12HU716, 12HU770, 12HU772, 12HU774-12HU778, 12WE46-12WE88, 12WE105, 12WE108, 12WE110-12WE111, and 12WE113-12WE119.

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Finding Aid, Archaeological Assessment of Huntington Reservoir 1982-1983. Crystal Soto. 2012 ( tDAR id: 394454) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8DN46TC

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Heritage Management

Spatial Coverage

min long: -85.574; min lat: 40.599 ; max long: -84.989; max lat: 40.928 ;


General Note: The digital materials in this project were processed by the Veterans Curation Program (VCP), and include the artifact database, select artifact photographs, artifact report, document folder listing, finding aid, investigation report and the scanned asset key. Additional digital materials held by the VCP include additional artifact photographs and correspondence (the latter includes a key from Huntington Lake Shoreline Survey). For additional information on these materials, refer to the Finding Aid.

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