US Army National Guard Cultural Resources Planning Level Survey - Utah

Author(s): Lara S. Anderson

Editor(s): Michael K. Trimble; Christopher B. Pulliam

Year: 1998


In September 1997, St. Louis District personnel visited the Utah Army National Guard (UTARNG) Headquarters and the Utah Division of State History in Salt Lake City to research archaeological and historic buildings survey work conducted on National Guard facilities in the state. This document reports the history of cultural investigations on federally owned or federally supported UTARNG facilities, lists archaeological sites and historic buildings recorded within facility boundaries, discusses historic contexts and predictive models, and provides a list of Native American tribes that may be potentially culturally affiliated to archaeological collections recovered from UTARNG facilities. To date, 233 historic properties, including archaeological sites, historic buildings, and isolated artifact finds have been recorded on Camp W. G. Williams, the UTARNG major training area. The Camp Williams Hostess House (Officers’ Club) has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The extent, nature and location of archaeological collections recovered from work conducted on the facility will be determined in the second phase of this project, to be completed during Fiscal Year 1999.

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US Army National Guard Cultural Resources Planning Level Survey - Utah. Lara S. Anderson, Michael K. Trimble, Christopher B. Pulliam. St. Louis, MO: US Army Corps of Engineers Mandatory Center of Expertise for the Curation and Management of Archaeological Collections, St. Louis District. 1998 ( tDAR id: 413733) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8W37ZGV


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