An Archaeological Survey of the Buttes Reservoir, Vol. 2


This report presents the analysis of the cultural remains recorded during the archaeological survey of the Buttes Reservoir area; it also contains a statement of the assessed impact of the proposed Buttes Reservoir on the cultural resources and their related environment. The Buttes Reservoir represents one phase of the Bureau of Reclamation's Central Arizona Project which would impound water from the Colorado River and distribute it to central and southern Arizona. The proposed reservoir, located on the Gila River approximately 18 km east of Florence, Arizona, is expected to disturb about 20,000 acres through flooding and development. Between 1920 and 1966, a few studies had been undertaken which indicated that the proposed dam and reservoir would affect a number of important cultural resources. Consequently, the Bureau of Reclamation contracted with the Arizona State Museum to undertake an intensive survey of the cultural resources within the project boundaries. The study consisted of three major phases. Phase I consisted of the survey of the southern side of the Gila River and a portion of the railroad relocation zone. During Phase II, the northern side of the river was studied as well as 13,2 km of railroad relocation and the area slated for the canal right-of-way. Phase III resulted in the completion of this report.

This report is volume 2 of 2 and includes the appendices. The appendices discuss the Buttes Reservoir site descriptions and isolated activity loci summaries.

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An Archaeological Survey of the Buttes Reservoir, Vol. 2. Sharon S. Debowski, Anique George, Richard Goddard, Deborah Mullon. 1976 ( tDAR id: 427913) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8427913

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AZ U:15:41 (ASM) AZ U:15:42 (ASM) AZ U:15:43 (ASM) AZ U:15:44 (ASM) AZ U:15:45 (ASM) AZ U:15:46 (ASM) AZ U:15:47 (ASM) AZ U:15:48 (ASM) AZ U:16:10 (ASM) AZ U:16:100 (ASM) AZ U:16:101 (ASM) AZ U:16:102 (ASM) AZ U:16:103 (ASM) AZ U:16:104 (ASM) AZ U:16:105 (ASM) AZ U:16:106 (ASM) AZ U:16:107 (ASM) AZ U:16:108 (ASM) AZ U:16:109 (ASM) AZ U:16:11 (ASM) AZ U:16:110 (ASM) AZ U:16:111 (ASM) AZ U:16:112 (ASM) AZ U:16:113 (ASM) AZ U:16:114 (ASM) AZ U:16:115 (ASM) AZ U:16:117 (ASM) AZ U:16:118 (ASM) AZ U:16:119 (ASM) AZ U:16:12 (ASM) AZ U:16:120 (ASM) AZ U:16:121 AZ U:16:122 (ASM) AZ U:16:123 (ASM) AZ U:16:124 (ASM) AZ U:16:125 (ASM) AZ U:16:126 (ASM) AZ U:16:127 (ASM) AZ U:16:128 (ASM) AZ U:16:129 (ASM) AZ U:16:13 (ASM) AZ U:16:130 (ASM) AZ U:16:131 (ASM) AZ U:16:132 (ASM) AZ U:16:133 (ASM) AZ U:16:134 (ASM) AZ U:16:135 (ASM) AZ U:16:137 (ASM) AZ U:16:138 (ASM) AZ U:16:139 (ASM) AZ U:16:14 (ASM) AZ U:16:140 (ASM) AZ U:16:141 (ASM) AZ U:16:142 (ASM) AZ U:16:143 (ASM) AZ U:16:144 (ASM) AZ U:16:145 (ASM) AZ U:16:146 (ASM) AZ U:16:147 (ASM) AZ U:16:148 (ASM AZ U:16:149 (ASM) AZ U:16:15 (ASM) AZ U:16:150 (ASM) AZ U:16:151 (ASM) AZ U:16:152 (ASM) AZ U:16:153 (ASM) AZ U:16:154 (ASM) AZ U:16:155 (ASM) AZ U:16:156 (ASM) AZ U:16:157 (ASM) AZ U:16:158 (ASM) AZ U:16:159 (ASM) AZ U:16:16 (ASM) AZ U:16:160 (ASM) AZ U:16:161 (ASM) AZ U:16:162 (ASM) AZ U:16:163 (ASM) AZ U:16:164 (ASM) AZ U:16:165 (ASM) AZ U:16:166 (ASM) AZ U:16:167 (ASM) AZ U:16:168 (ASM) AZ U:16:169 (ASM) AZ U:16:17 (ASM) AZ U:16:170 (ASM) AZ U:16:171 (ASM) AZ U:16:172 (ASM) AZ U:16:173 (ASM) AZ U:16:174 (ASM) AZ U:16:175 (ASM) AZ U:16:176 (ASM) AZ U:16:177 (ASM) AZ U:16:178 (ASM) AZ U:16:179 (ASM) AZ U:16:18 (ASM) AZ U:16:180 (ASM) AZ U:16:183 (ASM) AZ U:16:184 (ASM) AZ U:16:185 (ASM) AZ U:16:186 (ASM) AZ U:16:187 (ASM) AZ U:16:188 (ASM) AZ U:16:189 (ASM) AZ U:16:19 (ASM) AZ U:16:190 (ASM) AZ U:16:191 (ASM) AZ U:16:192 (ASM) AZ U:16:193 (ASM) AZ U:16:194 (ASM) AZ U:16:195 (ASM) AZ U:16:196 (ASM) AZ U:16:197 (ASM) AZ U:16:198 (ASM) AZ U:16:199 (ASM) AZ U:16:2 (ASM) AZ U:16:20 (ASM) AZ U:16:200 (ASM) AZ U:16:201 (ASM) AZ U:16:202 (ASM) AZ U:16:203 (ASM) AZ U:16:204 (ASM) AZ U:16:205 (ASM) AZ U:16:206 (ASM) AZ U:16:207 (ASM) AZ U:16:208 (ASM) AZ U:16:209 (ASM) AZ U:16:21 (ASM) AZ U:16:210 (ASM) AZ U:16:211 (ASM) AZ U:16:212 (ASM) AZ U:16:213 (ASM) AZ U:16:214 (ASM) AZ U:16:215 (ASM) AZ U:16:216 (ASM) AZ U:16:217 (ASM) AZ U:16:218 (ASM) AZ U:16:219 (ASM) AZ U:16:22 (ASM) AZ U:16:220 (ASM) AZ U:16:221 (ASM) AZ U:16:222 (ASM) AZ U:16:223 (ASM) AZ U:16:224 (ASM) AZ U:16:225 (ASM) AZ U:16:226 (ASM) AZ U:16:227 (ASM) AZ U:16:228 (ASM) AZ U:16:23 (ASM) AZ U:16:24 (ASM) AZ U:16:25 (ASM) AZ U:16:26 (ASM) AZ U:16:27 (ASM) AZ U:16:28 (ASM) AZ U:16:29 (ASM) AZ U:16:3 (ASM) AZ U:16:30 (ASM) AZ U:16:31 (ASM) AZ U:16:32 (ASM) AZ U:16:33 (ASM) AZ U:16:34 (ASM) AZ U:16:35 (ASM) AZ U:16:36 (ASM) AZ U:16:37 (ASM) AZ U:16:38 (ASM) AZ U:16:39 (ASM) AZ U:16:4 (ASM) AZ U:16:40 (ASM) AZ U:16:41 (ASM) AZ U:16:42 (ASM) AZ U:16:43 (ASM) AZ U:16:44 (ASM) AZ U:16:45 (ASM) AZ U:16:46 (ASM) AZ U:16:47 (ASM) AZ U:16:48 (ASM) AZ U:16:49 (ASM) AZ U:16:50 (ASM) AZ U:16:51 (ASM) AZ U:16:52 (ASM) AZ U:16:53 (ASM) AZ U:16:54 (ASM) AZ U:16:55 (ASM) AZ U:16:56 (ASM) AZ U:16:57 (ASM) AZ U:16:58 (ASM) AZ U:16:59 (ASM) AZ U:16:6 (ASM) AZ U:16:60 (ASM) AZ U:16:61 (ASM) AZ U:16:62 (ASM) AZ U:16:63 (ASM) AZ U:16:64 (ASM) AZ U:16:65 (ASM) AZ U:16:66 (ASM) AZ U:16:67 (ASM) AZ U:16:68 (ASM) AZ U:16:69 (ASM) AZ U:16:71 (ASM) AZ U:16:72 (ASM) AZ U:16:73 (ASM) AZ U:16:74 (ASM) AZ U:16:75 (ASM) AZ U:16:76 (ASM) AZ U:16:77 (ASM) AZ U:16:78 (ASM) AZ U:16:79 (ASM) AZ U:16:80 (ASM) AZ U:16:81 (ASM) AZ U:16:82 (ASM) AZ U:16:83 (ASM) AZ U:16:84 (ASM) AZ U:16:85 (ASM) AZ U:16:86 (ASM) AZ U:16:87 (ASM) AZ U:16:88 (ASM) AZ U:16:89 (ASM) AZ U:16:90 (ASM) AZ U:16:91 (ASM) AZ U:16:92 (ASM) AZ U:16:93 (ASM) AZ U:16:94 (ASM) AZ U:16:95 (ASM) AZ U:16:96 (ASM) AZ U:16:97 (ASM) AZ U:16:98 (ASM) AZ U:16:99 (ASM) AZ V:13:16 (ASM) AZ V:13:17 (ASM) AZ V:13:23 (ASM) AZ V:13:24 (ASM) AZ V:13:25 (ASM) AZ V:13:26 (ASM) AZ V:13:27 (ASM) AZ V:13:28 (ASM) AZ V:13:29 (ASM) AZ V:13:30 (ASM) AZ V:13:31 (ASM) AZ V:13:32 (ASM) AZ V:13:34 (ASM) AZ V:13:35 (ASM) AZ V:13:36 (ASM) AZ V:13:37 (ASM) AZ V:13:38 (ASM) AZ V:13:39 (ASM) AZ V:13:40 (ASM) AZ V:13:41 (ASM) AZ V:13:42 (ASM) AZ V:13:43 (ASM) AZ V:13:44 (ASM) AZ V:13:45 (ASM) AZ V:13:46 (ASM) AZ V:13:47 (ASM) AZ V:13:48 (ASM) AZ V:13:49 (ASM) AZ V:13:50 (ASM) AZ V:13:51 (ASM) Show More

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min long: -111.256; min lat: 33.041 ; max long: -110.899; max lat: 33.205 ;

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Contact(s): Salt River Project Cultural Resource Manager

Contributor(s): James E. Ayres; Mark Grady; Timothy Kearns; Anne Rieger

Prepared By(s): Cultural Resource Management Section, Arizona State Museum

Submitted To(s): Interagency Archeological Services, National Park Service

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Archaeological Series (s): 93

SRP Library Barcode No.(s): 00030439

Contract No.(s): CX 800050012

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