Ecological Studies of the Flora and Fauna in Glen Canyon


The Glen Canyon Reservoir, a part of the Colorado River Storage Project authorized by federal Public Law 485, 84th Congress, 2nd Session, represents a step in the development of the water resources of the Colorado River Basin which is planned to transform a flooding public menace into a national water conservation resources. The flora and fauna of the Glen Canyon region are only partly known. The canyon has been traversed by scientific explorers and adventuring boat men; its geological formations have been prospected for minerals and oil; parts of the drainage basins of its tributaries have been grazed by livestock; and its archeological sites are being investigated; but no thorough analysis of its biota has ever been made.

The transformation of a partly undisturbed wilderness into a reservoir will no doubt cause drastic changes in the flora and fauna, especially those that will be covered by water of the reservoir. What these change~ will be is not well known and cannot be predicted well from previous studies. In the history of use of our natural resources, few if any careful studies or analyses of the vegetation and wildlife before they have been disturbed or obliterated have ever been made. Most such biological studies have been made in retrospect, thus revealing an irrecoverable deficiency in ecological knowledge that leaves a defective and insecure foundation for the management of natural biological resources.

The region to be affected by the Glen Canyon Reservoir is one of the few remaining relatively less disturbed wilderness areas of the country where careful study may yield information about the relatively primitive biota. This may serve in assessing the impact of modern human civilization, especially of the great storage reservoirs, upon the native biota.

Presented herein is a preliminary statement outlining the problems to be encountered in such a pioneer study, describing approaches that may be used in studying the problems and suggesting specifications and methods of study. This is submitted at this time for assessment by the National Park Service before further work i s undertaken. It is contemplated that the work of the University will be coordinated and integrated with the objectives of the National Park Service, the Bureau of Reclamation, the Bureau of Land Management, the Fish and Wildlife Service River Basin Studies , the Forest Service, the Utah Water and Power Board, the Utah State Engineering Office (including sanitation), the Utah Fish and Game Department, t he Utah State Parks Commission and the Navajo Indian Tribal Council, and other local agencies, all of which are expected to have interest in the ecology of this area.

Originally the information in this record was migrated into tDAR from the National Archaeological Database Reports Module (NADB-R) and updated. In 2014, as part of its effort to improve tDAR content, the Center for Digital Antiquity uploaded a copy of the document and further improved the record metadata.

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Ecological Studies of the Flora and Fauna in Glen Canyon. Angus M. Woodbury, Seville Flowers, Delbert W. Lindsay, Stephen D. Durrant, Nowlan K. Dean, Albert W. Grundmann, James R. Crook, William H. Behle, Harold G. Higgins, Gerald R. Smith, Guy G. Musser, Donald B. McDonald. Anthropological Papers (Glen Canyon Series Number 7) ,40. Salt Lake City, Ut: University of Utah Press. 1959 ( tDAR id: 92630) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8639QPW

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septentrionalium Anas discors discors Anas platyrhynchus platyrhynchus Anatophnia Anax walsinghami Andropogon barbinodis (Bluestem) Andropogon gerardi (Big bluestem) Andropogon hallii (Sand bluestem) Andropogon scoparius Anopheles franciscanus Aphelocoma coerulescens woodhousei Aplopappus scopulorum Apocynum cannabinum Aquila chrysaetos canadensis Aquilegia micrantha Arabis (rock cress) Archilestes grandis Archilochus alexandri Ardea herodia treganzai Arenaria fendleri (Sandwort) Argemone intermedia (Prickly poppy) Argia emma Argia sedula Argia vivida Aristida fendleriana Aristida longiseta arrowweed Artemisia dracuculoides (False tarragon) Artemisia filifolia Artemisia frigida (Mountain sagebrush) Artemisia ludoviciana Artemisia ludoviciana gnaphalodes (Sagebrush) Asclepias cryptoceras (Milkweed) Asclepias latifolia (Milkweed) Asclepias speciosa (Milkweed) Aster brachyactis Aster cichoriaceus (Aster) Aster commutatus Aster leucelene Astragalus arctus (Locoweed) Astragalus diphysus (Locoweed) Astragalus preussii (Locoweed) Astragalus subcinereus (Locoweed) Atriplex canescens Atriplex confertifolia Atriplex garrettii Atriplex hastata (Hastate saltbrush) Aythya affinis Aythya valisineria Baccharis emyori Baetis Barbula Bescherellei Barbula cruegeri Barbula fallax Barbula vinealis Bassariscus astutus bassia Bassia hyssopifolia Beard grass Berberis fremontii (Fremont barberry Berosus maculosus Berosus punctatissimus Berosus styliferus Biatorella simplex Bidessus Big rabbitbrush Bison bison bison Blackbrush Blue Grama Grass Bluestem Grass Bottlestopper Bouteloua barbata (Six-weeks grama) Bouteloua curtipendula Bouteloua eriopoda (Black grama) Bouteloua gracilis Brachycentrus Brachydeutera branta canadensis Brickellia longifolia (Brickellia) Bromus rubens Bromus tectorum bryum Bryum cappillare Bryum gemmiparum Bryum pendulum Bryum pseudotriquetrum Bubo virginianus pallescens Bucephala clangula americana Bufo punctatus Bufo woodhousei woodhousei Buteo jamaicensis calurus Callibaetis Calochortus flexuosus (Mariposa lily) Calochortus nuttallii (Sego lilly) Caloplaca elegens Calopsectra exigua Candelariella vitellina Canis latrans mearnsi Carex Carex lanuginosa (Sedge) Carpodacus mexicanus frontalis Castilleja linariaefolia (Paint brush) Castor canadensis repentinus Cathartes aura teter Catherpes mexicanus conspersus Catostomus latipinnis Celtis douglasii Celtis reticulata (Hackberry) Cenchrus pauciflorus Cercis occidentalis (Redbud) Chaenactis stevioides Chaetochloa viridis charadrius vociferus vociferus Chenopodium album Chenopodium fremontii Chenopodium fremontii (Freemont goosefoot) Chenopodium leptophyllum (goosefoot) Chimarra Chloris virgata (Feather fingergrass) Chondestes grammacus strigatus Chordeiles minor henryi Chrysemys picta belli Chrysops Chrysopsis villosus (Golden aster) Chrysothamnus nauseosus Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus Cinclus mexicanus unicolor Circium pulchellum (Thistle) Circium rydbergii Citellus leucurus Citellus variegatus Clematis ligusticifolia (Western virgin-bower) Cleome lutea (Yellow beeflower) Clevia hyalina Climbing milkweed Cnemidophorus sacki innotatus Cnemidophorus tigris septentrionalis Colaptes cafer collaris Coldenia hispidissima Coldenia hispidissima (Coldenia) Coleogyne ramosissima Coleogyne ramosissium Comandra pallida Comandra pallida (False toadflax) Contopus sordidulus veliei Corcus corax sinuatus Cordgrass Cordylanthus parviflorus (Cordylanthus) Corisella tarsalis Corydalus Cowania stansburyana (Cliff rose) Cressa truxillesnsis (Alkali weed) Crossidium griseum Crotalus viridis Crotaphytus collaris Crotaphytus wislizeni wislizeni Cryptanthe Cryptanthe fendleri Cryptanthe flava Culex tarsalis Culiseta incidens Cymopteris fendleri (Cymopteris) Cymopteris globosus Cymopteris newberryi Cyprinus carpio Cyprus Dalea fremontii Dalea thompsonae (Thompson indigo bush) Dalea thompsoni Datura meteloides (Jimson weed) Delphinium scaposum (Larkspur) Dendroica petechia morcomi Deronectes Descurainia pinnata (Tansy mustard) Descurania pinnata Desmatodon convulotus Desmatodon obtusifolius Dictya Didymodon tophaceus Didymodon trifarius Dipodomys ordii cupideneus Dipodomys ordii longipes Dipodomys ordii nexilis Dipodomys ordii sanrafaeli Distichlis stricta Dogbane Dumetella carolinensis Dyssodia acerose (Dyssodia) Dyssodia pentachaeta (Dyssoda) Dyssodia thurberi (False dog fennel) Echinocereus aggregatus Echinocerus fendleri Echinochloa crus-galli (Barnyard grass) Eliocharis macrostachya (Spike-rush) Eliocharis montevidensis elymus canadensis (Canadian wild-rye) Elymus glaucus Empidonax difficilis hellmayri Empidonax traillii extimus Enallagma Encalypta vulgaris mutica Encelia frutescens (Encelia) Endocarpon wilmsoidea Enochrus obtusiusculus Ephedra torreyana Ephedra viridis Epilobium adenocaulon (Willow-weed) Epipactis gigantea (Giant helleborine) Epipactis gigantea (Stream orchid) Equisetum hiemale (horsetail) Equisetum hyemale (Western horsetail) Equisetum kansanum Equisetum laevigatum (horestail) Equisetum praealtum Eremophila alpestris occidentalis Erethizon dorsatum Erigeron argentatus (Fleabane) Erigeron canadensis (Canadian fleabane) Erigeron divergens (Fleabane) Erigeron engelmanni Eriogonum Eriogonum alatum Eriogonum aureum Eriogonum deflexum Eriogonum inflatum Eriogonum jonesii (Buckwheat) Eriogonum simpsoni Eriogonum subreniforme (Buckwheat) Eriogonum wetherillii Erodium cicutarium Eucladium verticillatum Eukiefferiella Euparyphus Euphagus cyanocephalus Euphorbia parryi (Parry spurge) Euphoribia fendleri (Fender spurge) Euploca convolvulacea (euploca) Eutamias quadrivitattus Eutamias quadrivittatus hopiensis Falco columbarius Falco peregrinus anatum Falco sparverius sparverius Fallugia paradoxa (Apache plume) False toadflax Fauna Fendler hedgehog cactus Festuca octoflora Fissidens grandifrons Fissidens obtusifolius Flora fluff grass Forestiera neomexicana (Adelia) Fossombronia foveolata Four-winged saltbush Franseria acanthicarpa (Bur-sage) Frasera utahensis (Frasera) Fremont cottonwood Fremont indigo bush Fulica americana americana Funaria hygrometrica Funaria microstoma Funaria muhlenbergii Funastrum cynachoides Funastrum cynanchoides (Climbing milkweed) Funastrum heterophyllum (Climbing milkweed) fundulus zebrinus Gaillardia pinnatifida (Gaillardia) Galium stellatum (Stellate bedstraw) Galleta grass Gambel oak Gambusia affinis affinis Garrett saltbush Gelastocoris oculatus Geothlypis trichas occidentalis Gerris remigis Gila atraria Gila robusta robusta Gilia Gilia aggregata (Scarlet gilia) Gilia aggregata arizonica Gilia congesta Gilia gunnisoni Gilia leptomeria Gilia sinuata Glycyrrhiza lepidota (Licorice) Gnaphalium palustre (Cudweed) Gomphus intricatus Goodding willow goosefoots Graptocorixa abdominalis Greaseweed Green foxtail Grimmia anodon Grimmia orbicularis Grimmia plagiopodia Grimmia raui Grindelia fastigiata (Grindelia) Guiraca caerulea Gutierrezia microcephala Gutierrezia sarothrae Gymnostomum aeruginosum Gymnostomum recurvirostrum Gyrinus plicifer hackberry Haliaeetus leucocephalus Harriman yucca Hedgehog cactus Helianthus annuus Helianthus anomalus (Sunflower) Helichus suturalis Helicopsyche Heliotropium convolvulaceum (Heliotrope) Hemerodromia Heptagenia elegantula Hesperophylax Heteroxynema cucullatum Hilaria jamesii Holbrookia maculata approximana Holorusia Homoeoneuria Hordeum jubatum (Foxtail barley) Hydrochara lineata Hydrophilus triangularis Hydropsyche hygroamblystegium irriguum Hygrotus Hyla arenicolor Hymenopappus eriopodus Hymenopappus lugens (Hymenopappus) Hymenouxys acaulis Hymenoxys leptoclada Hypsiglena torguata loreala Ictalurus melas melas Ictalurus punctatus Icterus bullockii bullockii Indian hemp Indian rice grass Junco oreganus Juncus balticus Juncus longistylis Juncus mertensianus (Rush) Juncus mexicanus Juncus saximontanus Juniperus osteosperma (Utah juniper) Kansas horsetail Knotweed Kochia scoparia (Molly) Laccobius ellipticus Laccophilus decipiens Lachlania powelli Lactuca serriola (Wild Lettuce) Lampropeltis getalus californiae Larus californicus Larus delawarensis Larus pipixcan Lecanora melanapsis Lecanora muralis Lecanora utahensis Lecidea amylacea Lecidea auriculata Lecidea cyanea Lecidea lithophila Lecidea paupercula Lecidea vulgata Lepidium apetalum Lepidium densiflorum (peppergrass) Lepidium montanum (Montana peppergrass) Lepomis cyanellus Lepoms machrochirus macrochirus Lepus californicus deserticola Leskea tactorum Lethocerus americanus Leucophoyx thula brewsteri Libellula comanche Libellula saturata little liverwort Lobelia cardinalis long tongued mutton grass Lupinus caudatus (Lupine) Lupinus pusillus (Lupine) Lupinus sparsiflorus (Lupine) Lutra canadensis sonora Lycium andersoni Lycium torreyi Lycurus phleoides (Wolftail) Lygodesmia grandiflora (Lygodesmia) Lynx rufus baileyi Mannia fragrans Marchantia polymorhpa (common liverwort) Marchantia polymorpha Mareca americana Masticophis taeniatus taeniatus Matchwee Megaceryle alcyon caurina Melilotus alba Melilotus alba (White sweet clover) Melospiza melodia montana Mentzelia albicaulis (Blazing star) Mentzelia laevicaulis (Blazing star) Mentzelia multiflora Mentzelia pumila (Blazing star) Mesa dropseed Microcylloepus similis Micropterus salmoides salmoides Microtendipes caducus Microvelia americana Mimulus eastwoodiae (Red monkey flower) Mimus polyglottos leucopterus Molothrus ater obscurus Muhlenbergia aspirifolia Muhlenbergia pungens Mustela frenata nevadensis Myiarchus cinerascens cinerascens Myotis subulatus melanorhinus Myotis yumanensis yumanensis Narrow-leaved yucca Navarretia setosissima (Navarretia) Neotoma albigula laplataensis neotoma cinera arizonae Neotoma cinerea acraia Neotoma lepida monstrabilis Neotoma lepida sanrafaeli Neotoma mexicana inoptinata Neotoma stephensi relicta Neotrichia Nevada wild onion Notonecta kirkyi Notonecta lobata Notonecta undulata Notonecta unifasciata Nuttalornis borealis Nycticorax nycticorax hoactli Odocoileus hemionus hemionus Oenothera albicaulis (Evening primrose) Oenothera caespitosa marginata (Evening primrose) Oenothera hookeri Oenothera pallida (Evening primrose) Onchomys leucogaster melanophyrs Onchomys leucogaster pallescens Optunia hystricina Oreodytes Orobanche fasciculata (Broomrape) Oryzopsis hymenoides Ovis canadensis canadensis Oxytaenia acerosa Paltothemis lineatipes Panic grass Panicum obtusum Panicum virgatum Pantala hymenaea Pantosteus delphinus delphinus Parargyractis kearfottalis Paratendipes albinamus Parmelia conspersa Parmelia sorediata Parthenocissus vitacea (Thicket creeper) Parus gambeli gambeli Parus inornatus ridgwayi Passerina amoena Pediocactus simpsoni Pelecanus erythrorhynchos Peltodytes simplex Penstemon palmeri Pentsemon ambiguus (Beardtongue) Pentstemon pachyphyllus (Pentstemon) peppergrass Perca flavescens Perognathus apache apache Perognathus apache caryi Perognathus flavus hopiensis Perognathus formosus domisaxensis Perognathus intermedius crinitus Perognathus longimembris Perognathus longimembris arcus Perognathus longimembris arizonensis Perognathus parvus trumbullensis Peromyscus boylii rowleyi Peromyscus boylii utahensis Peromyscus crinitus auripectus Peromyscus crinitus doutti Peromyscus crinitus stephensi Peromyscus maniculatus sonoriensis Peromyscus nasutus nasutus Peromyscus truei truei Petalostemon candidum (Prairie clover) Petalostemon flavescens (Prairie clover) Petrochelidon pyrrhonata pyrrhonota Petrophytum caespitosum (Rock-mat) Phacelia crenulata (Phacelia) Phacelia linearis Phalacrocorax auritus Phalaenoptilus nuttalli nuttalli Pheucticus melanocephalus melancephalus Philonotis marchica Phragmites communis Phrynosoma douglassi hernandesi Phrynosoma platyrhinos calidarium Physaria didymocarpa (Bladder pod) Pimephales promelas Pipilo erythropthalmus montanus Pipistrellus hesperus hesperus Piranga ludoviciana Pituophis catenifer deserticola Plantago purshii (Plantain) Plegadis chihi Pluchea sericea Poa fendleriana (Mutton grass) Poa longiligula (Longtongue muttongrass) Poa longiseta Poa nevadensis (Nevada blue grass) Poa secunda Poliomintha incana (Mint) Polioptila caerulea amoenissima Polycentropus Polygala acanthoclada (Polygala) Polygonum aquaticum (Water smartweed) Polygonum lapathifolium Polypedilum Polypogon monspeliensis Populus fremontii Potamyia Pottia heimii Prairie wedgegrass Primula specuicola Procyon lotor pallidus Progomphus borealis Prunus melanocarpa (Black Chokecherry) Psora crenata Psora decipiens Psoralea juncea (Scruf-pea) Psoralea lanceolata (Scruf-pea) Psora luridella Ptiloria Ptiloria exigua (Wire lettuce) Ptiloria tenuifolia (Wire lettuce) Ptychocheilus lucius Puccinella airoides (Nuttall alkali grass) Purshia tridentata (Antelope brush) Quercus gambelii Quercus turbinella Rana pipiens brachycephala Ranunculus cymbalaria (Trailing buttercup) Reboulia hemisphaerica Reithrodontomys megalotis aztecus Reithrodontomys megalotis megalotis Rhamnus betulaefolia (Birchleaf buckthorn) Rhantus anisonychus Rhantus binotatus Rhinichthys osculus yarrowi Rhus toxicodendron (poisen sumac) Rhus trilobata Rhus utahensis Riccia frostii roripa nasturtium-aquaticum (Watercress) Rosa nutkana Rumex venosus Rush Sacrobatus vermiculatus (Greaseweed) Sagebrush Salasphorus platycercus platycercus Salix exigua Salix gooddingii Salix laevigata (Willow) Salpinctes obsoletus obsoletus Salsola kali (Russian thistle) salt grass Salvadora hexalepsis mojavensis sandbar willow Sandberg bluegrass Sandbur Sarcobatus vermiculatus Sauromalus obesus obesus Sayornis saya saya Scaphiopus hammondi Sceloporus graciosus graciosus Sceloporus magister cephaloflavus Sceloporus undulatus elongatus Scirpus acutus (Tule) Scirpus paludosus (Bulrush) Sclerocactus parviflorus Sedge seepweed Senecio Shadscale Shepherdia rotundifolia (Buffalo Berry) Sialia currocoides Side-oats grama Simulium virgatum Sisymbrium altissimum slender dropseed Smilacina stellata (False solomon seal) Solidago elongata (Goldenrod) Solidago petradoria (Goldenrod) Sonchus asper (Sowthistle) Sonchus oleraceus (Sow thistle) Spartina gracilis Spatula clypeata Spermophilus variegatus Sphaeralcea coccinea (Globe mallow) Sphaeralcea coccinea (Mallow) Sphaeralcea grossulariaefolia (Mallow) Sphaeralcea grossulariafolia (Globe mallow) Sphenopholis obtusata Sphyrapicus varius nuchalis Spilogale gracilis Spinus tristis pallidus Spizella breweri breweri Spizella passerina arizonae Sporobolus airoides Sporobolus asperifolia (Dropseed grass) Sporobolus contractus Sporobolus cryptandrus Sporobolus flexuosus squabushes Squaw thorn Stanleya pinnata (Prince's plume) Stelgidopteryx ruficollis serripennis Stellula calliope Stipa comata (Needlegrass) Stipa meomexicana (Needlegrass) Stratiomys Streptanthus longirostris (streptanthus) Strix occidentalis lucida Suaeda intermedia Suaeda occidentalis Swertia utahensis (Elkweed) Switchgrass Sylvilagus audubonii warreni Symphoricarpos longiflorue (Snowberry) Tabanus Tachycineta thalassina lepida Tall horsetail Tall inkweed tall reed Tamarix pentandra tansy-mustard Tanytarsus Targionia hypophylla Tarnetrum corruptum Taxidea taxus berlandieri Tendipes Thamnophis cyrtopsis cyrtopsis Thamnophis elegans vagrans Thelypodium intergrifolium (Thelypodium) Thermonectus marmoratus Thompson indigo bush Three-lobed squabush Tissa sparsiflora (Sandsperry) Tortula brevipes Tortula inermis Tortula mucronifolia Tortula ruralis Townsendia incana (Townsendia) Traverella albertana Tricorythodes Tridens pulchellus Tripterocalyx pedunculatus (Sand four o'clock) Tripterocalyx pedunulatus Tropisternus ellipticus tumble mustard Turdus migratorius propingus Typha angustifolia (Narrowleaf cattail) Typha domingensis (Narrow-leafed cattail) Typha latifolia (Wide-leafed cattail) Tyrannus verticalis Tyrannus vociferans vociferans Urocyon cinereoargenteus scotti Uta ornata wrighti Uta stransburiana stansburiana Varnish-leaved rabbitbrush Vermivora celata Vermivora luciae Veronica americana (Speedwell) Vicia (Vetch) Vireo solitarius cassinii Vulpus fulva macroura Water jacket White sweetclover wild rose Wild-rye Wyethia scabra (Wyethia) Xanthium pennsylvanicum (Cocklebur) Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus Xantusia virgilis utahensis Xyrauchen texanus Yucca angustissima Yucca harrimaniae Zenaidura macroura marginella Zonotrichia leucophrys oriantha Show More

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