Artifact Images, Harper's Creek Survey, Naval Air Station Patuxent River


This resource contains artifact photographs from the Phase I excavations at Harper's Creek, St. Mary's County, Maryland.

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Artifact Images, Harper's Creek Survey, Naval Air Station Patuxent River. 2000. Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory ( tDAR id: 393203) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8N29XZF

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min long: -76.423; min lat: 38.289 ; max long: -76.398; max lat: 38.307 ;

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MAC Lab Lot Number(s): 18ST749/71; 18ST474/12; 18ST759/41; 18ST747/6; 18ST475/36; 18ST475/14; 18ST758/37; 18ST474/6; 18ST659/107; 18ST748/6; 18ST751/79; 18ST751/117; 18ST757/27; 18ST747/4; 18ST747/97; 18ST396/50; 18ST396/38; 18ST747/56; 18ST659/47; 18ST755/37; 18ST756/93; 18ST659/55; 18ST751/28; 18ST392/2; 18ST396/132; 18ST750/12; 18ST756/38; 18ST751/81; 18ST659/38; 18ST751/105; 18ST759/28; 18ST755/18; 18ST659/90; 18ST753/31; 18ST751/35; 18ST753/48; 18ST474/54; 18ST475/60; 18ST747/45; 18ST475/46; 18ST751/116; 18ST474/92; 18ST747/108; 18ST747/48; 18ST758/28; 18ST756/50; 18ST659/72; 18ST756/8; 18ST759/24; 18ST749/17; 18ST747/121; 18ST396/80; 18ST758/19; 18ST749/97; 18ST758/51; 18ST749/22; 18ST755/32; 18ST759/11; 18ST747/107; 18ST472/37; 18ST751/69; 18ST472/16; 18ST760/7; 18ST750/10; 18ST751/96; 18ST751/85; 18ST475/55; 18ST475/32; 18ST747/31; 18ST756/20; 18ST472/17; 18ST751/34; 18ST751/8; 18ST659/117; 18ST396/82; 18ST758/55; 18ST756/88; 18ST751/92; 18ST749/27; 18ST758/40; 18ST659/84; 18ST474/99; 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18ST756/22; 18ST751/29; 18ST659/115; 18ST756/81; 18ST757/24; 18ST753/50; 18ST757/4; 18ST396/86; 18ST475/54; 18ST475/2; 18ST747/152; 18ST758/5; 18ST392/4; 18ST659/75; 18ST659/124; 18ST755/48; 18ST396/60; 18ST747/100; 18ST749/99; 18ST475/10; 18ST475/7; 18ST392/8; 18ST757/30; 18ST760/21; 18ST759/33; 18ST396/70; 18ST747/64; 18ST751/18; 18ST750/5; 18ST659/127; 18ST756/92; 18ST756/85; 18ST659/100; 18ST396/66; 18ST659/51; 18ST751/14; 18ST397/35; 18ST758/52; 18ST747/15; 18ST750/13; 18ST753/28; 18ST758/8; 18ST659/71; 18ST751/76; 18ST747/161; 18ST474/75; 18ST755/20; 18ST749/90; 18ST756/41; 18ST751/98; 18ST753/35; 18ST659/41; 18ST396/98; 18ST659/21; 18ST751/17; 18ST659/53; 18ST747/173; 18ST760/13; 18ST397/24; 18ST396/77; 18ST756/16; 18ST749/52; 18ST747/53; 18ST753/30; 18ST751/64; 18ST754/15; 18ST751/74; 18ST659/36; 18ST756/10; 18ST747/10; 18ST752/6; 18ST474/19; 18ST751/90; 18ST756/4; 18ST747/80; 18ST659/110; 18ST749/66; 18ST751/33; 18ST760/37; 18ST751/104; 18ST474/59; 18ST749/96; 18ST751/102; 18ST472/12; 18ST748/9; 18ST396/113; 18ST747/122; 18ST396/109; 18ST747/74; 18ST751/46; 18ST759/3; 18ST747/113; 18ST474/90; 18ST760/36; 18ST756/28; 18ST659/10; 18ST474/55; 18ST756/23; 18ST474/50; 18ST747/132; 18ST747/70; 18ST475/15; 18ST475/4; 18ST758/32; 18ST753/43; 18ST747/177; 18ST659/120; 18ST759/5; 18ST747/104; 18ST659/118; 18ST757/36; 18ST759/42; 18ST759/29; 18ST747/119; 18ST474/98; 18ST472/32; 18ST752/5; 18ST747/141; 18ST755/10; 18ST747/162; 18ST747/32; 18ST747/136; 18ST659/59; 18ST760/20; 18ST751/27; 18ST758/6; 18ST754/24; 18ST472/67; 18ST474/2; 18ST759/15; 18ST760/24; 18ST396/135; 18ST755/6; 18ST397/28; 18ST751/40; 18ST659/42; 18ST749/54; 18ST475/48; 18ST747/52; 18ST749/101; 18ST475/31; 18ST396/49; 18ST472/86; 18ST472/31; 18ST747/9; 18ST749/1; 18ST474/1; 18ST396/131; 18ST472/33; 18ST472/2; 18ST747/135; 18ST659/14; 18ST758/59; 18ST757/37; 18ST749/51; 18ST749/32; 18ST758/1; 18ST397/25; 18ST747/61; 18ST749/19; 18ST473/6; 18ST473/8; 18ST758/34; 18ST474/18; 18ST747/114; 18ST397/37; 18ST747/164; 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18ST474/47; 18ST475/39; 18ST475/50; 18ST756/24; 18ST474/85; 18ST747/171; 18ST747/2; 18ST753/11; 18ST756/1; 18ST759/51; 18ST747/181; 18ST659/109; 18ST474/51; 18ST747/67; 18ST751/65; 18ST753/36; 18ST472/15; 18ST753/17; 18ST760/4; 18ST747/165; 18ST747/170; 18ST397/22; 18ST751/101; 18ST751/82; 18ST751/22; 18ST747/73; 18ST472/41; 18ST472/70; 18ST756/32; 18ST473/4; 18ST659/30; 18ST751/72; 18ST759/38; 18ST396/126; 18ST472/22; 18ST756/35; 18ST474/56; 18ST396/99; 18ST472/25; 18ST747/154; 18ST747/156; 18ST760/28; 18ST751/23; 18ST474/97; 18ST754/25; 18ST753/49; 18ST747/127; 18ST760/17; 18ST747/106; 18ST396/63; 18ST756/86; 18ST758/10; 18ST659/85; 18ST750/17; 18ST748/12; 18ST396/79; 18ST396/52; 18ST755/34; 18ST474/38; 18ST757/14; 18ST760/11; 18ST750/8; 18ST751/3; 18ST474/32; 18ST475/44; 18ST747/146; 18ST751/120; 18ST749/26; 18ST659/81; 18ST472/3; 18ST757/22; 18ST474/67; 18ST760/22; 18ST756/26; 18ST760/3; 18ST755/45; 18ST474/10; 18ST474/14; 18ST392/1; 18ST747/58; 18ST474/35; 18ST755/27; 18ST747/166; 18ST475/20; 18ST474/57; 18ST475/9; 18ST755/38; 18ST759/56; 18ST759/8; 18ST754/2; 18ST760/33; 18ST475/40; 18ST396/105; 18ST754/22; 18ST747/111; 18ST474/93; 18ST659/35; 18ST755/40; 18ST474/77; 18ST749/60; 18ST756/33; 18ST759/43; 18ST756/49; 18ST747/133; 18ST753/40; 18ST396/48; 18ST751/6; 18ST747/117; 18ST751/107; 18ST396/88; 18ST474/28; 18ST472/27; 18ST751/119; 18ST757/16; 18ST747/115; 18ST749/106; 18ST749/34; 18ST747/138; 18ST397/27; 18ST752/7; 18ST756/45; 18ST475/42; 18ST397/31; 18ST751/48; 18ST749/108; 18ST759/16; 18ST759/2; 18ST659/106; 18ST749/50; 18ST747/27; 18ST755/17; 18ST749/65; 18ST751/10; 18ST472/60; 18ST396/56; 18ST474/79; 18ST747/158; 18ST756/43; 18ST752/1; 18ST760/40; 18ST659/97; 18ST474/26; 18ST749/81; 18ST751/78; 18ST472/39; 18ST474/27; 18ST747/79; 18ST759/49; 18ST751/67; 18ST759/60; 18ST756/58; 18ST472/84; 18ST659/52; 18ST760/42; 18ST755/1; 18ST472/48; 18ST757/31; 18ST475/41; 18ST392/10; 18ST749/72; 18ST758/18; 18ST659/43

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General Note: Date Collected:JULY 1997

File Information

  Name Size Creation Date Date Uploaded Access
18ST492-townsend-ceramic.jpg 333.97kb Jun 27, 2014 11:56:42 AM Confidential
18ST492, Townsend Ceramic Vessel Fragments (Late Woodland), Naval Air Station Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland
18ST492debitage.jpg 538.04kb Jun 27, 2014 11:56:42 AM Confidential
18ST492, Lithic Debitage, Naval Air Station Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland
18ST659-points.jpg 563.39kb Jun 27, 2014 11:56:42 AM Confidential
18ST659, Quartz, Quartzite, and Rhyolite Projectile Points (Middle Archaic-Early Woodland), Naval Air Station Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland
18ST659-rhyolite-point.jpg 110.66kb Jun 27, 2014 11:56:42 AM Confidential
18ST659, Close-up of Rhyolite Point, Naval Air Station Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland
18ST659-utilized-debitage.jpg 524.98kb Jun 27, 2014 11:56:42 AM Confidential
18ST659, Quartz and Quartzite Utilized Debitage, Naval Air Station Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland
18ST751-pipe-with-scale.tif 5.50mb Jun 27, 2014 11:56:42 AM Confidential
18ST751, Tobacco Pipe Bowl Fragments, Naval Air Station Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland
18ST751-0040-pipe.tif 3.26mb Jun 27, 2014 11:56:42 AM Confidential
18ST751, Tobacco Pipe Bowl Fragment Close-up, Naval Air Station Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland
18ST753-scraper.jpg 366.89kb Jun 27, 2014 11:56:42 AM Confidential
18ST753/32, Quartzite Scraper, Naval Air Station Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland
Harper-s-Creek-Points.jpg 591.45kb Jun 27, 2014 11:56:42 AM Confidential
Harper's Creek, Quartz and Quartzite Projectile Points, Naval Air Station Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland

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