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AAPL, Chapter 21, Analysis of Shell Materials from the AAPL (2017)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Carol Griffith.

All shell materials recovered from the AAPL project are included in this analysis. The shell assemblage consists of materials recovered from sites in four states along the pipeline path. Shell materials were recovered during both surface reconnaissance and later excavation. This is an incomplete chapter; missing pgs. 776-783.

Archaeological Investigations at the Gila Butte Site: Hohokam Irrigation and Economic Systems Along the Gila River, Arizona (1993)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Thomas N. Motsinger.

This report details the results of testing and data recovery efforts in the northern portion of the Gila Butte Site, a medium-sized Hohokam village located on the north side of the Gila River south of Phoenix, Arizona. Although the main portion of the site has not been subjected to substantial data recovery efforts, the primary occupation of the site is believed to date at least from the Estrella phase through the Sacaton phase of the Hohokam sequence (ca. A.D. 500-1100 [Dean 1991]), although...

Archaeological Investigations of Seven Prehistoric Sites Partially Within Intersection Improvement Areas Located Along State Route 87 at Center Street, North Mesa Drive, Horne Road and Gilbert Road, North of Mesa in Maricopa County, Arizona (1993)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Michael M. Gregory.

During late 1991 through mid-1992, Archaeological Research Services, Inc., performed archaeological evaluation and limited test excavation activities at seven Hohokam sites. These sites are located partially within four intersection improvement areas along State Route 87 north of Mesa in Maricopa County, Arizona (USGS Mesa, Ariz. 7.5' 1952/1982; USGS Sawik Mountain, Ariz. 7.5' 1964/1982). The Arizona Department of Transportation requested that Archaeological Research Services perform the work in...

Archaeological Mitigation Plan in Support of the Proposed Reconstruction and Extension of Runway 12L-30R at the Williams Gateway Airport, Mesa, Arizona (1997)
DOCUMENT Full-Text J. Simon Bruder. Sharon K. Bauer. Melissa Keane.

The Williams Gateway Airport Authority (WGAA) is planning to reconstruct and extend Runway 12L-30R at the Williams Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona. This report describes the proposed action and archaeological sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places that are in or near the area of potential effect. The report then outlines proposed mitigation of the anticipated adverse effect. Finally, implementation of the mitigation plan is discussed with ...

An Archaeological Survey of the Salt River Project 12kV and 22kV Distribution/Transmission Line System, Tonto Basin, Arizona (2001)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Douglas B. Craig.

A Class III cultural resources survey was conducted of the SRP 12kV and 22kV distribution/transmission line system in and around the Tonto Basin of central Arizona. The right-of-way corridor was roughly 89 miles long and 30 meters wide. An estimated 18 miles of access roads were also surveyed. The purpose of the survey was to identify, record, and assess the significance of cultural resources along the right-of-way corridor. In addition, a records search was carried out in order to identify...

Archaeological Test Excavations Along State Route 87, McDowell Road to Shea Boulevard, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, Maricopa County, Arizona (1993)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Mark R. Hackbarth. T. Kathleen Henderson.

This report presents the results of archaeological test excavations at 17 prehistoric sites located on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community in Maricopa County, Arizona. The project was conducted by Northland Research, Inc. (Northland) for the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) within the State Route 87 corridor between McDowell Road and Shea Boulevard. Among the sites are a prehistoric canal, extensive habitation sites, and smaller or more widely dispersed limited activity...

Archaeological Testing and Data Recovery at Portions of AZ U:10:2(ASM) in South Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona (2002)
DOCUMENT Full-Text John M. Lindly. Douglas R. Mitchell.

This report presents the results of an archaeological testing and data recovery program for approximately two acres of land located in Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona (Figure 1.1). The research was conducted at the request of William Olsen and Gerald Ricke of Mesa, Arizona, prior to the purchase of the land for proposed private development.The project area is located on privately owned land in the southeast quarter of Section 6, T2S, R7E, GSRB and M, Higley, Arizona 7.5'...

Arizona Public Service Company, Pinnacle Peak to Ocotillo 230 kV Project, Assessment of Cultural Resources (1984)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Richard W. Effland. Margerie Green.

Arizona Public Service Company (APS) proposes to rebuild an existing 230 kV transmission line which connects the Pinnacle Peak and Ocotillo substations. The portion of the line which currently lies within the Salt River channel north of Mesa and south of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC) needs to be relocated due to the extensive damage caused by severe flooding over the past ten years. APS proposes to move the ...

An Assessment of Cultural Resources for the Proposed APS Kyrene EHV Transmission Line Project (1980)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Richard W. Effland, Jr.. Margerie Green.

At the request of Judith Imhoff of the Environmental Management Department of Arizona Public Service Company, Archaeological Consulting Services (ACS) initiated a cultural resource survey for the proposed 230 kV transmission line extension in the vicinity of the Kyrene Steam Power Plant. Dr. Richard W. Effland and Margerie Green of ACS served as co-principal investigators and field directors for the project. Johna Hutira and Shereen Lerner assisted in the field investigation. The purpose of...

The Cemetery and Architectural Features of the Stadium Locus of Tempe Plaza (AZ U:9:72 ASU) (1991)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Tammy Stone.

In January of 1988, during construction activities in the parking lot of the Arizona State University football stadium, a number of prehistoric features (cultural surfaces and cremations) were encountered. Construction activities were temporarily halted, and salvage excavation was undertaken by the Office of Cultural Resource Management of Arizona State University under the direction of Glen Rice and Paul Minnis (Laurene Montero and Philip Weiss, crew chiefs). Excavation was carried out...

A Cultural Resource Survey for the Proposed Southwest Valley 500kV Transmission Line Project, Maricopa County, Arizona (2002)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Kris Dobschuetz. Glenn Darrington.

The proposed project consists of approximately 37 miles of 500 kilovolt (kV) transmission line to interconnect electric generation resources in the west valley with the existing 230kV system in the metropolitan Phoenix area. Also, the proposed 500kV transmission line will be double circuited with a 230kV transmission line for approximately 10 miles. The double­ circuit 500/230kV transmission line will extend between the proposed Southwest Valley Substation to the existing Liberty ...

Cultural Resources Report for the All American Pipeline Project: Santa Barbara, California to McCamey, Texas and Additional Areas to the East Along the Central Pipeline Route in Texas (1989)
DOCUMENT Full-Text New Mexico State University.

Chapter 22 of the report titled "Cultural Resource Report for the All American Pipeline Project: Santa Barbara, California to McCamey, Texas and Additional Areas to the East Along the Central Pipeline Route in Texas." Includes a site sampler for historic and prehistoric sites along the Central Pipeline route.

A Cultural Resources Survey of a 10.92 Mile Long by 200 Feet Wide Segment of State Route 87 Right-of-Way North of Mesa in Maricopa County, Arizona (1991)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Michael M. Gregory.

During July 28 through August 2, 1991, Archaeological Research Services, Inc., performed a cultural resources survey within the State Route 87 right-of-way between mileposts 177.86 and 188.78. This 10.92 mile long by 200 ft wide survey corridor crosses Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community land between McDowell Road and Shea Boulevard north of Mesa in Maricopa County, Arizona (U.S.G.S. Mesa, Ariz. 7.5' 1967/1972/1973; U.S.G.S. Sawik Mountain, Ariz. 7.5' 1964/1982; U.S.G.S. Granite Reef Dam,...

Cultural Resources Survey of the Salt River Project Mesa Highlands and 46E 1S Substations, Maricopa and Pinal Counties, Arizona (1991)
DOCUMENT Full-Text David H. Greenwald. Sarah L. Horton.

A cultural resources survey of two proposed substations was conducted for Salt River Project by archaeologists from SWCA, Inc. Environmental Consultants, on January 30, 1991. The project involved the survey of approximately 3.5 acres of State of Arizona Lands for the Mesa Highlands substation located in Maricopa County west of Apache Junction, Arizona, and approximately 4.0 acres of State of Arizona Lands for the 46E 1S substation located in Pinal County south of Apache Junction on the Queen...

The Eastern Mining Area Transmission Line Survey: Archaeological Resources in the Salt-Gila Uplands of Central Arizona (1994)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Thomas N. Motsinger. Heidi Roberts. Richard V. N. Ahlstrom.

SWCA, Inc., Environmental Consultants (SWCA), of Tucson, Arizona, conducted the Eastern Mining Area (EMA) survey project under contract to Salt River Project (SRP) between October, 1993, and February, 1994. One central purpose of the project was to create an inventory of archaeological resources to assist in the planning of future improvements and other modifications to existing SRP transmission lines. The project included 107 person-field days of Class III archaeological survey along...

Historical, Archaeological, and Traditional Cultural Places Technical Report for the Proposed Sky Harbor International Airport Development Program, Phoenix, Arizona (2005)
DOCUMENT Full-Text A.E. (Gene) Rogge. Kirsten Erickson.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) to evaluate potential impacts of a proposed Airport Development Program and its reasonable alternatives at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (Airport). The FAA is responsible for complying with NEPA and FAA Orders 1050. 1E, Environmental Impacts: Policies and Procedures (U.S. Department of Transportation, FAA 2004), and 5050.4A,...

Letter to Dr. James George, El Paso Natural Gas Company regarding Monitoring of Emergency Salvage and Construction Activities at the Pipeline near Gillespie Dam (1993)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Barbara Macnider.

People were sent out to the pipeline near Gillespie Dam to monitor emergency salvage and construction activities in the vicinity of site AZ T:13:18 (ASM). The site is a Classic Period Hohokam village that also has both prehistoric and historic canal alignments. In all instances, the pipeline crews respected the sensitivity of the cultural resources and restricted their work to the existing El Paso Natural Gas Company (EPNG) right-of-way.

Nonriverine Hohokam Adaptation, Preliminary Results from the Tucson Aqueduct Project (1984)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Donald E. Weaver. Richard Ciolek-Torrello.

The Museum of Northern Arizona (MNA) has been conducting archaeo­logical investigations in the Picacho Mountains area of south central Arizona since late 1983. Under contract to the Bureau of Reclamation, MNA archaeologists have surveyed and partially or completely surface collected, tested and excavated more than 30 Hohokam sites scattered along a 1 mi wide and 42 mile long aqueduct right-of-way (Figure 1).It is important to note ...

Phase I Data Recovery Results for a Portion of the Southwest Germann Site, AZ U:10:2 (ASM): The SRP Rohrig Substation, Queen Creek, Maricopa County, Arizona (2004)
DOCUMENT Full-Text J. Scott Courtright. Rebecca J. Hill.

The following report summarizes the results of Phase I data recovery within a portion of AZ U:10:2 (ASM), the Southwest Germann Site, a National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)-eligible prehistoric site situated near the intersection of Sossaman and Rittenhouse Roads in the town of Queen Creek, Arizona (Figure 1). The Salt River Project (SRP) plans to construct a substation within a rectangular-shaped, 310- by 360-foot area in the SW1/4, SW1/4, SW1/4, NW1/4 of Section 8, ...

A Regional Archaeological Overview of the Montezuma Hydroelectric Pumped-Storage Project, Maricopa and Pinal Counties, Arizona (1975)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Susan S. Burton.

This report provides a regional archaeological overview prepared for the Montezuma Hydroelectric Pumped-Storage Project by the Office of Cultural Resource Management, Department of Anthropology, Arizona State University, under contract with the Salt River Project, Phoenix, Arizona. Specifically, it is designed to fulfill the archaeological data requirements for the Phase I Regional Study outlined by Wirth Associates, the consulting firm coordinating all environmental studies connected with the...

Results of Eligibility Testing and Data Recovery Plan for Two Archaeological Sites Along the Arizona Department of Transportation Red Mountain Freeway (State Route 202) Project Right-of-Way (SR 87 to Gilbert Road) (2000)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Stephen W. Yost. Margaret Glass. Karolyn Jackman. Gina Gage. Bruce G. Phillips.

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) plans to extend the Red Mountain Freeway through Mesa, Arizona from State Route (SR) 87 to US Route (US) 60. This project will result in the construction of a new limited access six-lane freeway. Construction on the right-of-way is currently confined to the area between SR 87 and Gilbert Road. The proposed route runs through an area of dense historic and prehistoric cultural resources south of McDowell Road, and passes through the northern edge of...

Return to Siphon Draw: Archaeological Investigations Along the Browning to Dinosaur 500kV/230kV Transmission Line, Pinal County, Arizona (2009)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: adam brin

The results of archaeological investigations at three prehistoric Hohokam sites within the right-of-way corridor for the Salt River Project Browning to Dinosaur Transmission Line, east of Mesa and Queen Creek, Arizona, are presented in this report. The sites include the Siphon Draw site, AZ U:10:6 (ASM), a pre-Classic period (circa A.D. 800-1000) village; AZ U:10:8 (ASM), a classic period (circa A.D. 1150-1450) wild resource-processing and habitation site; and AZ U:10:172 (ASM), a Colonial...

Tonto National Forest Cultural Resources Assessment Management Plan and Overview (1989)
DOCUMENT Full-Text J. Scott Wood. Michael A. Sullivan. Linda B. Kelley. Steve Germick.

This document contains the management direction for the cultural resources of the Tonto National Forest during the planning period FY89 through FY92. The objectives of this assessment are to provide a framework for active cultural resources management on the Forest, to schedule specific management activities, and to update, refine, and implement the cultural resources elements of the Forest Land Management Plan. The assessment summarizes the current status and management of the Forest's...