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The 1959-1960 Transwestern Pipeline: Window Rock to Flagstaff (1964)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Alan P. Olson.

During the winter of 1959-1960, Transwestern Pipeline Inc. and Gulf Interstate Co. constructed a 30 inch transmission pipeline form Texas to the California border. The Museum of Northern Arizona, in agreement with the National Park Service, provided the personnel for archaeological salvage on a portion of the line across northern Arizona. The project was under the overall direction of Charles R. Steen and Zorro A. Bradley of the Southwestern Region Headquarters of the National Park Service in...

Apache-Sitgreaves Palynology (1976)
DOCUMENT Full-Text James Schoenwetter.

Pilot study of 13 surface and 9 archaeological-context pollen samples from 2 sites in the Black River Ranger District. Analysis suggests a local pollen chronology can be developed from such samples, but paleoecological interpretation would be difficult.

Archaeological Investigations at Rudd Creek Pueblo (AZ Q:16:63 [ASM]), a Tularosa Phase Site near Springerville, Apache County, Arizona (2002)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Tiffany Clark. Greg Schachner. Keith Kintigh.

This report summarizes the results of the 1996 season of fieldwork conducted by the Rudd Creek Archaeological Project (RCAP) as part of the Arizona State University Archaeological Field School at the Sipe White Mountain Wildlife Area. This field school derives from a long-term research project focused on prehistoric developments in the Cibola region. The 1996 excavations at Rudd Creek Pueblo (AZ Q:16:63 [ASM]) focused on two main goals. The first goal was to document the architecture and...

The Archaeology of Canyon de Chelly National Monument
PROJECT Uploaded by: Sophia Kelly

WACC reports providing an overview of excavation and survey in Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

The Archaeology of Petrified Forest National Park
PROJECT Uploaded by: Sophia Kelly

WACC reports on survey and excavation projects within the boundaries of the Petrified Forest National Park.

An Archeological Assessment of Canyon de Chelly National Monument (1976)
DOCUMENT Full-Text James A. McDonald.

This overview describes the natural environment of Canyon de Chelly National Monument and summarizes the ways in which it has been used by successive populations. A discussion of the ways in which past environmental conditions may have differed from those of the present and the implications of such differences for the inhabitants of the monument is included. A cultural sequence extending from a Basketmaker II occupation at about AD 300 to the modern Navajo occupation is described; the...

Archeological Investigations at Puerco Ruin, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona (1990)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jeffery F. Burton.

During 1988 and 1989, archeologists from the Western Archeological and Conservation Center conducted data recovery excavations at Puerco Ruin, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona. Puerco Ruin is the remains of a 100-plus-room pueblo dating to the late Pueblo III to middle Pueblo IV periods. The data recovery, conducted to mitigate the effects of proposed visitor facilities at the site, included surface collection, excavation, and analysis. In addition, over 1,000 rock art elements...

An Archeological Overview of Petrified Forest National Park (1980)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Yvonne G. Stewart.

Although Petrified Forest National Park was set aside as a natural park, it is an archeological gold mine, with over 300 sites recorded in the southern half alone. The sites exhibit an unbroken culture history sequence from the Archaic period until shortly before the arrival of Europeans in that part of the Southwest. They contain information about the change from hunting and gathering to agriculture, relationships between the environment and settlement pattern, relationships between major...

Archeological Survey and Testing at Petrified Forest National Park, 1987 (1988)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Susan J. Wells.

This volume combines reports from two projects conducted at Petrified Forest National Park in 1987. Part I deals with project PEFO 87A which is the test excavation and surface collection at AZ Q:1:101(ASM), a lithic scatter adjacent to Puerco Ruin. Part II reports on project PEFO 87B which is the third season of the park boundary survey. Part I -PEFO 87 A. From April 20 to May 1, 1987, prior to realignment of the park's Mainline Road (Pkg. No. 140, Phase IV), AZ Q:1:101(ASM) was tested...

Bean Patch Arizona Site Steward File (1991)
DOCUMENT Full-Text W. J. Beeson. R. B. Woodbury.

This is an Arizona Site Steward file for the Bean Patch site, comprised of multiple pueblos, pit houses and possible pit houses, artifact scatter, trash middens, and a great kiva, located on Archaeological Conservancy land. The file consists of 20 Arizona State Museum archaeological survey forms. The earliest dated document is from 1956.

The Canyon del Muerto Survey Project: Anasazi and Navajo Archeology in Northeastern Arizona (1981)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Patricia L. Fall. James A. McDonald. Pamela C. Magers.

From 1974 to 1977, the National Park Service conducted an archeological sampling survey in and adjacent to Canyon del Muerto, part of Canyon de Chelly National Monument in northeastern Arizona. This report documents the results of this work and places it within the context of previous research and knowledge of Southwest aboriginal occupations. After presenting a background to the survey and reviewing the known culture chronology and environmental setting, a description of the range and...

Ceramic bowl data - Chapter 8 (2019)
DATASET Sarah Oas.

Ceramic bowl data from Chapter 8. This dataset includes vessel provenience, ware, type, treatment, heat exposure, rim form, and rim diameter information for all ceramic bowl sherds and reconstructable vessels.

Ceramic ladle data (2019)
DATASET Sarah Oas.

Ceramic ladle data. This dataset includes vessel provenience, ware, type, and rim diameter information for all ceramic ladle sherds and reconstructable vessels.

Cerro Montoso Arizona Site Steward File (2004)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Don Wise. Liz Wise.

This is an Arizona Site Steward file for Cerro Montoso, located on State Trust land. The file consists of a criminal damage report.

The Changing Physical Environment of the Hopi Indians of Arizona (1942)
DOCUMENT Citation Only John Tilton Hack.

This resource is a citation record only, the Center for Digital Antiquity does not have a copy of this document. The information in this record has been migrated into tDAR from the National Archaeological Database Reports Module (NADB-R) and updated. Most NADB-R records consist of a document citation and other metadata but do not have the documents themselves uploaded. If you have a digital copy of the document and would like to have it curated in tDAR, please contact us at...

Cibola Breadstuff: Foodways and Social Transformation in the Cibola Region A.D. 1150-1400
PROJECT Uploaded by: Sarah Oas

Raw data associated with: Oas, Sarah E. (2019) Cibola Breadstuff: Foodways and Social Transformations in the Cibola Region A.D. 1150-1400. Unpublished PhD Dissertation, Arizona State University, Tempe.

Cibola Prehistory Project (Project)
PROJECT Keith Kintigh. Andrew Duff. Greg Schachner. Matthew Peeples. Todd Howell.

Project for documents and data that pertain to more than one project among the following: El Morro Valley Prehistory Project, the Heshotauthla Archaeological Research Project, the Ojo Bonito Archaeological Project, and the Upper Little Colorado Prehistory Project directed by Keith Kintigh, the Cibola Archaeological Research Project directed by Patty Jo Watson, Steve LeBlanc, and Charles Redman, and the Rudd Creek Archaeological Project directed by Todd Howell.

Cibola Prehistory Project - Summary Information on Excavated Sites (2015)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Keith Kintigh. Matthew Peeples.

Summary information on sites excavated by CARP, EMVPP, OBAP, HARP, ULCPP, RCAP. Dates based on Peeples and Schachner (2012) Journal of Archaeological Science seriation and tree ring dates. Available tree ring dates also available on tDAR.

Cibola Prehistory Project Integrated Ceramic Data (2017)
DATASET Keith Kintigh.

Integrated dataset of ceramic survey and excavation data from CARP, OBAP, HARP, ULCPP, EMVPP, and RCAP projects. Dataset has provenience, collection type, ceramic type and ceramic form. It has 45,995 entries representing 242,592 potsherds. This integrated database was created using the public integration at https://core.tdar.org/workspace/integrate/930.

Cibola Prehistory Project Tree Ring Dates (2015)
DATASET Keith Kintigh.

Tree ring dates from projects associated with the Cibola Prehistory Project

Cibola Prehistory Project Tree Ring Dates (2016)
DATASET Keith Kintigh.

Compiled tree ring samples for Cibola-area sites (American Southwest). Samples all processed by the Laboratory for Tree-Ring Research at the University of Arizona. Samples derived from Cibola Archaeological Research Project, Upper Little Colorado Prehistory Project, El Morro Valley Archaeology Project, Heshotauthla Archaeological Research Project, and Richard woodbury's 1950s excavations at Atsinna.

Contributions to the Archeology of Petrified Forest National Park, 1985-1986 (1987)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Anne Trinkle Jones.

Archeological work conducted during the summers of 1985 and 1986 produced much new data which was badly needed to update our perceptions of Petrified Forest prehistory. A total of 120 sites along the park boundaries and in the developed areas were recorded, many of them for the first time. Surveys to fulfill compliance requirements prior to installation of a new water system (NPS Package No. Ill) and developed area surveys provided data on prehistoric land use and settlement patterns in...

CPP - Correspondence of Cibola Prehistory Project Ceramic Coding Sheets (2016)
DATASET Keith Kintigh.

Correlation of different ceramic coding sheets used for the component projects

CPP Integrated Faunal Data (2019)
DATASET Keith Kintigh.

This is the integrated dataset created by the data integration https://core.tdar.org/workspace/integrate/959. It includes the combined results of the faunal analysis of all Cibola Prehistory Project projects: CARP, EMVPP, HARP, OBAP, RCAP, and ULCPP. SOme aggregation is done for burning and completeness but not for element or taxon. SOme variables were not included. The integration cited above can be copied and modified to get different aggregations or add additional variables. It includes...

Cultural Resources Survey of the Ganado Irrigation System and 40 Farm Plots, Navajo Indian Reservation, Arizona
PROJECT USDI Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office.

The Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) and Navajo Nation Department of Water Resources (NNDWR), in conjunction with other Federal and local entities prepared and evaluated alternatives for improving water management, conservation, and distribution within the Ganado Irrigation System. The resulting recommendations are termed the Ganado Irrigation Water Conservation Project (GIWCP), whose purpose is to develop a system that will enable the efficient conveyance of irrigation water to farmland and...