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Eaton Macrobotanical Remains (2018)
DOCUMENT Full-Text William Engelbrecht.

Macrobotanical Remains from Eaton prepared by Rudy Fecteau

Eaton Site
PROJECT Uploaded by: William Engelbrecht

This project contains data from 17 seasons of excavation from the Eaton Site in West Seneca, NY just south of the city of Buffalo. It is a multi-component site that was occupied intermittently from late Paleo-Indian times through the early 19th century when it contained a cabin on what was then the Buffalo Creek Reservation. The bulk of material recovered from the site is from an Iroquoian village dating to the mid-sixteenth century. The major portions of three longhouses and a palisade...

Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of South Carolina Site Survey Record 38BK1707 (1994)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Rachel Fernandez

This document is a site form for site 38BK1707 recorded by the University of South Carolina.

Leafy Legacies: The Ecofactual Value of Surface Vegetation and a Critique of its Documentation (2017)
DOCUMENT Full-Text John S Harris.

This landscape archaeology-oriented presentation concerns on-going thesis research that seeks to change the way archaeologists perform site surveys, as the prevailing method of recording site surface vegetation is of little research value. This presentation seeks to draw attention to the under-appreciated value of surface vegetation at sites as ecofacts, offering a critique of how it is presently documented on site forms, and suggesting some procedural solutions to increase their usefulness to...

Little Rock Air Force Base Project Metadata
PROJECT Uploaded by: Rachel Fernandez

Project metadata for resources within the Little Rock Air Force Base cultural heritage resources collection.

Prehistoric Plant Utilization in Southeastern New Mexico: A unique publication merging academic and public interests (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only William Whitehead.

The investigation of plant use, in southeastern New Mexico, in prehistory has been widely covered, this project continues this tradition by synthesizing and compiling all of the information to date in the region. The Carlsbad Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management, administrators of the Permian Basin Mitigation Program, is sponsoring the publication of a reference book on prehistoric plant use in Southeastern New Mexico. This free text will bring together recent work in radiocarbon...

Site Form for 3PU0447 (1995)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Rolando L. Garza.

Site form for 3PU0447. Site 3PU0447 is a historic site dating from the 1940s to 1950s. The site area appears to have been clear cut, which may have promoted erosion and thus explaining the lack of soils at the site. The site consists of a rock-lined pathway, a badly collapsed depression, and a surface scatter of artifacts. Overall site integrity is estimated to be 2 to 5 percent. In view of the lack of contextual integrity and the late period of the site, it is considered to be ineligible for...

Site Information, Cedar Point, 2000.027_0254 (1980)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Ray Roudebush. Henry J. Bertels. Laurie C. Steponaitis. Richard Crouse, Jr.. Douglas Murtland. George H. Mastrogianis. Wayne E. Clark. Barbara Couchenour. Tyler Bastian.

Background information for Cedar Point, Nanjamoy Creek, and Port Tobacco areas from the mid to late 1800's. Includes letters about the Ballast House and maps of Cedar Point. In addition, there also includes a 106 Case Report and Mitigation Plan, for Ballast House, Blossom Point Testing Facility, Charles County, Maryland.