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Indian Burial Mounds in the Missouri River Basin (1960)
DOCUMENT Full-Text R. W. Neuman.

Since its inauguration in 1946, the Missouri Basin Project of the Smithsonian Institution, along with other cooperating Federal, State and local agencies, has concentrated its efforts toward the salvage of archeological materials that will be lost by the construction of dams and the flooding of reservoirs along the Missouri River and its tributaries. The surveys and excavations have been conducted at historic military forts, trading posts, pioneer settlements and Indian villages; however, most...

Phase II Archaeological Site Evaluation at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, Burlington and Ocean Counties, New Jersey, Volume 1 (2016)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Kristin E Swanton.

In accordance with Section 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), the Air Force must institute a program to identify, locate, evaluate, nominate cultural resources eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), and then protect them from adverse effects in accordance with Section 106 of the NHPA. The Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JBMDL) has partnered with US Forest Service (USFS) TEAMS Enterprise Unit for a Phase II evaluation of 15 archaeological...

Studies Along the Lower Agua Fria River: The Eastwing Site and the Marinette Canal (1987)
DOCUMENT Full-Text James B. Rodgers.

Two sites, one prehistoric and one historic, situated northwest of Phoenix and in the south-central part of Arizona, are discussed. Limited field excavation and archival research reveal that the historic site, the Marinette Canal (NA18,267), built in 1910, may have been fed by well water, local runoff, and the seasonal flow of the Agua Fria River. It heads along Calderwood Butte and extends almost 10 km southward toward the present community of Sun City, Arizona. The prehistoric site, the...

Supplementary Appraisal of the Archeological Resources of Dickinson Reservoir Stark County, North Dakota (1949)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Richard P. Wheeler.

This document is a report on the Dickinson Dam and Reservoir, an irrigation, flood control and municipal water supply project of the Bureau of Reclamation that took place during the late 1940s. The concluding recommendations state that no further work is needed for the Dickinson reservoir.