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A Class III Survey of the Tucson Aqueduct Phase A Corridor, Central Arizona Project: An Intensive Archaeological Survey in the Lower Santa Cruz River Basin, Picacho Reservoir to Rillito, Arizona (1984)
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The Bureau of Reclamation's mandate to protect cultural resources affected by construction of the Tucson Aqueduct is defined in 43 CFR Part 422.3a and consists of a three part research approach. The first two parts-a Class I overview and a Class IIsample survey-were completed for Phase A of the Tucson Aqueduct by the Arizona State Museum in 1979 (Westfall 1979) and 1980 (McCarthy 1982), respectively. The final part, a Class III intensive survey of the Phase A aqueduct ...

Hohokam Settlement Along the Slopes of the Picacho Mountains: Research Design (1986)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Donald Weaver. Richard S. Ciolek-Torrello. J. Simon Bruder.

This research design focuses upon proposed archaeological studies at 34 Hohokam sites potentially subject to impact, both direct and indirect, as a consequence of the construction of Tucson Aqueduct, Reaches 1 and 2, extending from just east of Picacho Reservoir to the vicinity of Red Rock, Arizona. The sites involved include small sherd and lithic scatters, possible field houses, villages, possible canals, field areas, trash mounds a reservoir, compounds, and platform mounds. The survey data...

Hohokam Settlement Along the Slopes of the Picacho Mountains: The Picacho Area Sites (1987)
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The third volume in the Tucson Aqueduct, Hohokam Studies Project presents the results of field investigations of sites in Reach 2 of the Tucson Aqueduct, Phase A project area. These investigations were directed towards both intensive and low level testing of a wide variety of sites in the area south of the Picacho Mountains and north of Red Rock, Arizona. Also reported are the results of on-call surveys of several areas outside of the aqueduct right-of-way. Investigations focused on portions of...

Tucson Aqueduct Project Phase A
PROJECT Donald E. Weaver, Jr.. Donald E. Weaver, Jr.. USDI Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office.

Reaches 1 and 2 of the Tucson Aqueduct portion of the Central Arizona Project extend from the terminus of the Salt-Gila Aqueduct just east of Picacho Reservoir (12 km southeast of Coolidge) south along the western flanks of the Picacho Mountains, east along the southern flanks of the Picacho Mountains through Picacho Pass, and then south to the vicinity of Red Rock. A Class III archaeological survey of the aqueduct corridor and associated areas was conducted by Arizona State Museum...