Hohokam Settlement Along the Slopes of the Picacho Mountains: Research Design


This research design focuses upon proposed archaeological studies at 34 Hohokam sites potentially subject to impact, both direct and indirect, as a consequence of the construction of Tucson Aqueduct, Reaches 1 and 2, extending from just east of Picacho Reservoir to the vicinity of Red Rock, Arizona. The sites involved include small sherd and lithic scatters, possible field houses, villages, possible canals, field areas, trash mounds a reservoir, compounds, and platform mounds. The survey data indicates occupation in both the pre-Classic and Classic periods, with the major occupation in the Classic period. The design discusses site specific and regional settlement patterns and subsistence strategies, and changes through time, as the primary foci of research. Specific field strategies, as well as laboratory procedures, are outlined and a detailed work plan is presented. Implementation of the research design will produce important contributions to our understanding of the regional Hohokam development.

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Hohokam Settlement Along the Slopes of the Picacho Mountains: Research Design, 1. Donald Weaver, Richard S. Ciolek-Torrello, J. Simon Bruder. Museum of Northern Arizona Research Paper ,35. Flagstaff, Arizona: Department of Anthropology, Museum of Northern Arizona. 1986 ( tDAR id: 377935) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8F76DFW

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