Coding sheet for Element (Riverton Site, IL (11CW170) 1961 vertebrate fauna)

Part of the Riverton Site, IL (11CW170) project

Year: 2017


This coding sheet was generated by tDAR for col_element - VARCHAR 106264 column from Riverton Site, IL (11CW170) 1961 vertebrate fauna dataset (436186) on 6/9/17 1:55 PM

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Coding sheet for Element (Riverton Site, IL (11CW170) 1961 vertebrate fauna). 2017 ( tDAR id: 436199) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8HQ423J

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Ontology: Fauna Element Ontology

Category: Fauna

Subcategory: Element

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
Carapace Carapace Carapace
Skull Skull Skull
Tarsometatarsus Tarsometatarsus Tarsometatarsus
Turtle shell Turtle shell Carapace or Plastron
anal fin spine anal fin spine Anal Fin
antler antler Antler
astragalus astragalus Astragalus
calcaneum calcaneum Calcaneus
canine teeth canine teeth Canine
canine upper canine upper Canine
carapace carapace Carapace
carnassial carnassial Premolar Upper
carpal carpal Carpal
carpals carpals Carpal
clam shell clam shell Valve
coracoid coracoid Coracoid
ext. anal fin spine ext. anal fin spine Anal Fin
femur femur Femur
fin spine fin spine Fin Spine
frontal frontal Frontal
humerus humerus Humerus
hyoid hyoid Hyoid
hyomandibular hyomandibular Hyomandibular
incisor incisor Incisor
internal anal fin spine internal anal fin spine Anal Fin
jaw jaw Maxilla or Mandible
jaw & skull section jaw & skull section Maxilla
jaw right jaw right Maxilla or Mandible
lower canine lower canine Lower C
lower incisor lower incisor Incisor Lower
mandible mandible Mandible
metacarpal metacarpal Metacarpal
metacarpal & metatarsal metacarpal & metatarsal Metapodial
metacarpal & metatarsals metacarpal & metatarsals Metapodial
metacarpals & metatarsals metacarpals & metatarsals Metapodial
metapodial metapodial Metapodial
metatarsal metatarsal Metatarsal
no element listed no element listed Unidentified Element
opercle opercle Opercular
otolith otolith Otolith
patella patella Patella
pectoral fin spine pectoral fin spine Pectoral Fin
pectoral girdle pectoral girdle Pectoral Girdle
pectoral spine pectoral spine Pectoral Fin
pelvis pelvis Pelvic Girdle
phalange phalange Phalanx
phalanges phalanges Phalanx
pharyngeal arch pharyngeal arch Pharyngeal Bone
plastron plastron Plastron
precoracoid-coracoid precoracoid-coracoid Coracoid
premaxilla premaxilla Premaxilla
preopercle preopercle Preopercular
radius radius Radius
rib rib Rib
scapula scapula Scapula
scapulae scapulae Scapula
see comments see comments Not Recorded
skull skull Skull
skull & jaw skull & jaw Skull
sternum sternum Sternum
tarsal tarsal Tarsal
tarsometatarsus tarsometatarsus Tarsometatarsus
tarsometatarsus (awl) tarsometatarsus (awl) Tarsometatarsus
tarsometatasus tarsometatasus Tarsometatarsus
teeth teeth Tooth
tibia tibia Tibia
tibiae tibiae Tibia
tibiotarsus tibiotarsus Tibiotarsus
toe bones toe bones Phalanx
tooth tooth Tooth
turtle shell turtle shell Carapace or Plastron
ulna ulna Ulna
ulnae ulnae Ulna
unid frag unid frag Unidentified Fragment
vertebra vertebra Vertebra
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings

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